The ‘moral’ of Covid


‘Tis an important day today. No – not because of the US Elections, the outcome of which will truly be decisive for the whole world. It’s because the unholy duo, SAGE’s Vallance and Whitty will be questioned by the MPs of the HoC Science and Technology Committee about their projections, models, numbers and graphs.

The curtain will rise at 2.30pm today and I will certainly watch – nothing else to do in locked-down Wales. It’s on the Parliament TV channel here. However, I do not have great expectations when I look at who sits on that committee, here. The only MP I’d trust to give Messr V & W a run for their money is Graham Stringer (Lab). If you find your MP on that list and are able to provide insight into their scientific prowess, please tell us!

Before I get to the latest Covid Government’s venture, that ‘moonshot mass testing’, there’s one article which made me want to hit my head against the nearest wall – repeatedly. It’s indicative not only for the inanity of those who ‘govern’ us, it also indicates more clearly than anything else that these MPs, ministers and government Covid ‘sources’ have simply lost all connection to us, the peasants, whom they are poised to rule, regulate, imprison and herd into covid compliance. See for yourselves:

Boris Johnson was urged by David Davis, the former Tory cabinet minister, to use the supplement [Vitamin D] as a tool to bring down infection levels. Mr Davis said: ‘[…] There have been dozens of studies over hundreds of countries which show or imply, anyway, that this could reduce the infection rates by half . . . and the case death rates by half again.” The prime minister replied: “We are indeed looking at the possible beneficial effects of vitamin D. We will be updating the House shortly.” (link, paywalled)

You really couldn’t make it up! The Nation outside the M25 has been talking about Vit D, the lack of it and how to ‘get’ it, for months! Even that ‘Sacred Covid Cow’ has been telling us that “we” should consider taking Vit D supplements. No matter – here’s why this issue has been taken up:

“On Sunday scientists led by Dr Gareth Davies, a medical physics researcher at Imperial College London, called on ministers to fortify common foods like bread and milk to increase the population’s vitamin D levels. Several studies have suggested such a move might help to fight the coronavirus.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – Imperial College London, the Ferguson stomping ground! Let’s adulterate our food because: “Covid!!”. Never mind that nobody would be able to know if they have had sufficient Vit D with their daily bread or are ‘overdosing’. But it’s good to have got this into the papers because ‘covid’ sells!

And so to that sure-fire ‘moonshot’ test being trialled in Liverpool. The Covid government and the Covid MSM are crowing about it. I cannot help but ask myself if the aim of this crowing is to herd us into accepting mass vaccination. Let’s look at the ‘moonshot test’ first:

“Liverpool is to become the first city in Britain to offer Covid testing for all in a blueprint for a nationwide mass screening programme before Christmas.From this week, everyone living and working in the city will be offered repeated tests with 2,000 armed forces personnel being deployed to set up and run new testing centres.” (link, paywalled)

Toby Young asks in this morning’s Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter “why Liverpool when the case numbers are already falling?” and observes:

“If the Government is trying to persuade us that the traffic light system isn’t working, putting Liverpool in the spotlight is unwise since it shows that placing the city in Tier 3, which happened on October 14th, has significantly reduced the R number.” (link)

That however doesn’t concern the government – the actual reason for rolling out that test becomes crystal clear when we read the following:

‘If successful the pilot will be extended across the country with the aim of distributing millions of 15-minute tests as Britain comes out of the latest lockdown in December. One senior figure involved in the programme said the aspiration was to offer all Britons a test in time for Christmas.” (link, paywalled)

I can hear the slogan already: ‘Save Christmas – Get Tested!’ – and hand over your data to government. You do want to celebrate Christmas, don’t you! The “scientific rationale” is this:

“With as many as seven in ten infections asymptomatic, ministers believe that nationwide screening is the only way of living with the virus until a vaccine is found. They are also rehiring thousands of contact tracers to cope with the additional cases expected.” (link, paywalled)

Yes – it’s the old hoary chestnut: anyone who hasn’t got covid symptoms must be a super-speading covid leper and must self-isolate for two weeks. It doesn’t matter that there’s no evidence for those with no symptoms being infectious. Even the WHO has pointed that out as Toby Young remarks (link). They might be, and one cannot be too careful! Anyway – government has already spent our money on this venture so “we” might as well use it:

“The government has already bought millions of the tests and in the past week published air charter contracts worth more than £2 million to ship in supplies from China and South Korea.” (link, paywalled)

While the unnamed ‘senior’ covid commentators in the Covid MSM have been praising different countries for their ‘success’ in fighting ‘teh virus’ – NZ for example – but never ever mention Sweden, here is a covid government ‘source’,  again showing the PR-driven inanity:

“One source said that the UK was hoping to emulate Slovakia, which began testing its entire population last weekend. “It is impossible to imagine how people are going to have Christmas if they don’t do a massive test,” the source said.” (link, paywalled)

Slovakia has a population of 5.45 million … but never mind that!  “We” can certainly test the whole of the UK before Christmas! If we cannot then ‘we can’t have Christmas’, simple as that. We’ve seen that hints have already been made about this Lockdown being extended beyond December 2nd. We’ve noted that the latest crowing of unnamed sources – always ‘senior’ – that “we” will have beaten ‘teh virus’ by March next year can mean one thing only: mass vaccination. Our compliance in accepting this mass ‘moonshot’ test, a test which can be repeated again and again, will not only provide Covid government with our private data, it will give them empirical evidence for how to get us all vaccinated.

The compliance in regard to muzzle-wearing has already shown government that, thanks to scare numbers, horror models based on false data and fear-graphs broadcast by the friendly BC will reduce a sufficiently large number of the population to fear-quivering jelly. The SAGE Covidians already rely on those fearful people to enforce whatever lockdown rule they come up with. Acceptance of mass testing – nicely driving up the ‘case numbers’ for a rolling Lockdown – will inform them how best to run the ‘get the jab’ campaign once the vaccines are available. The Covid MSM will certainly help them out.

And finally – news of a truly hi-tech app which will diagnose covid better than any PCR test or ‘spit’ test. I checked the date, it’s not April 1st:

“Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) system which they claim can detect coronavirus by analysing the sound of people coughing.” (paywalled link)

The rationale behind this research is that covid leads to tiny, temporary muscle impairments in the lungs which makes the cough of covid patients different from other coughs. I don’t know how valid this is – not being a medic nor a ‘medical engineer’, I’d only suggest with all due respect that such impairments might also be present in people with asthma, but what to I know … Here’s more:

“Tests performed on 4,000 recordings of people forcing themselves to cough showed that the system was able to reliably detect coronavirus, the researchers wrote in paper published the IEEE Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology. When given new cough recordings, the AI was able to identify coughs from people who were confirmed to have Covid-19 98.5 percent of the time. It was also able to identify coronavirus in those who were asymptomatic 100 percent of the time.” (paywalled link)

I am utterly speechless. I don’t even want to know how this app will ‘force’ people to cough into their smartphones to ‘detect’ asymptomatic people who, being asymptomatic, won’t have covid affecting their lungs. As for a test giving a 100% correct result … omigawd. I’m just waiting for PHE and Hancock to demand this app be installed on all our smartphones.

This app would be even better at keeping us in permanent covid hysteria and rolling lockdowns. Cough, and you either have the virus, so: quarantine for you – or you have the virus because you’re asymptomatic, so: quarantine for you. This app was developed to detect Alzheimer by making people cough … no, I’m not going to joke about that, although I’m itching to.

Are the Covid MSM’s ‘covid science’ editors so desperate that they report on any ‘scientific paper’ they can find, as long as there’s ‘covid’ in the title? The papers they report on are ‘peer reviewed’ and published in a scientific journal, so it’s proper science. There’s a report about a study showing that T-cell immunity might last for at least six-month (paywalled link).

Welcome as it is, this study was based on 100 people only – a starting point but sadly not a mass study. That an important study from Denmark, on the use and value of wearing masks, has been ‘rejected’ by such scientific journals as the Lancet because the results are, at the moment, inconvenient: that scandal is unimportant. Lockdown Sceptics reported this a short while ago.

I leave you with news that ‘Wales will have the hardest border for centuries’ when the Welsh lockdown, a.k.a. ‘firebreak’ will come to an end on Nov 9th while England will go into lockdown (paywalled link). But don’t be afraid – I have it on good authority that, alas, there are no Welsh longbowmen nor ‘Men of Harlech’ ready to repel the leprous Saesneg.

The sad news is that all of us, regardless of where we live, are governed by an unholy cabal of covidiots. Civic disobedience is the only weapon we have.




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