Today’s letters are Brexit Letters. We would like too raw your attention to the first one, by Septum’s Octavius, who makes clear what can and should be done to achieve the WTO Brexit. You might like to use his arguments when you write to your MP:


The PM can return to the Commons with a revised plan for exiting the EU which ticks all the boxes.  First, it already has the express support of Parliament. Second, it is 100% in accordance with UK law, and third, it is likewise 100% in accordance with EU law.  She needs to enter the chamber armed with two documents: a copy of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017, and a copy of Article 50 as referred to in that statute.

She will then need to explain how the two documents work together.  The first expressly authorises her to give Notification under the second, which expressly stipulates that the UK will be released from the Treaties of the EU from the date of entry into force of a withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the Notification. Accordingly, having ensured on Tuesday by an overwhelming majority that there will be no withdrawal agreement, the UK Parliament has expressly, and indeed statutorily, authorised the so called “no deal Brexit”.  QED, as it were.

Next, she will have to explain the significance of all this.  The statutory authority satisfies the requirements of UK law, but Article 50 is EU law, which trumps UK law until the UK is so released from the Treaties, which means that unless the UK Government revokes the Notification, which it has no intention whatsoever of doing, there is NOTHING the UK Government can do to stop this process.  Moreover, EVEN IF the Notification were revoked, the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 effectively removes the UK from the EU anyway in much the same way.

Finally, she should point out the advantages of leaving the EU in this fashion.  It means there will be no “divorce bill”, so the UK immediately saves £39 billion.  The ECA 1972 will be repealed at the same instant that the UK is released from the Treaties, which neatly avoids a trap inserted into the said 2018 statute.  The UK will leave on WTO terms, which only need a few technical tweaks to implement. There will never be a hard border in Ireland as nobody is going to build one.  And, once released from the Treaties, the UK will be entirely free to negotiate whatever it wants with whomever it wants, and it can start to do that on a provisional basis straight away!

This last factor is immensely important.  The UK can open talks with the EU without delay, seeking their views on how they would like things to be as from 11.00 p.m. (UK time) on 29 March in relation to the newly independent UK.  We don’t mind; it would be entirely up to them. We could simply continue the extant free trade and cooperation arrangements indefinitely, or provisionally for a while under Article XXIV of GATT.

No deal is therefore a perfect way forward, with no downsides.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


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The EU seems increasingly rattled at the prospect of a Brexit on WTO rules (see this).

But how should the UK take best advantage of that?  Clearly NOT by excluding the possibility of no-deal, which is what the likes of Hammond and Boles seem to be trying to do.

One wouldn’t go into a car showroom assuring the salesman that you will not leave without buying a car. So we must wonder where Hammond got his negotiation experience from.

Is he really incompetent, or is he deliberately working against the express will of the the 408 (63%) constituencies which voted to leave the EU?

Respectfully, Mr King


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Something must be seriously wrong when the Labour leader wants the same thing as big business – and Hammond. (Reference).

Instead of stating the fact that no deal is part of existing legislation, and pointing out that the Bills referred to are against Government policy, Hammond commends them.

The proposal that Parliament should “take charge” will likely cause chaos, paralysing government and frustrating Brexit.

No deal is the only viable way to deliver Brexit, but they want to take it off the table. That tells you all you need to know.

What a bunch of devious traitors we have!

But No Deal is the legal guarantee of Brexit if all else fails. It is Brexit’s backstop. Which is why such desperate efforts are being made to kill it.

The flak will become even more intense as we approach the no-deal default. So don’t worry about them – let them worry about us – but never be complacent.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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Chloe Westley has written an excellent pro-BREXIT article under the title “Brexit presents an opportunity to reinvigorate relations with the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth”. It can be read at BrexitCentral here.

If that source is not available to duplicate, note it is in fact an extract from a much longer article, being part of a 26 page document by the Freedom Association’s Better Off Out campaign here. I have yet to find a 26-page slot in my day to read it, but I expect the effort will be worth while.

I particularly liked Westley’s article because it promotes the Commonwealth, being something I have long been in favour of as a “World view” counter-balance to the EU. Also it makes a positive argument in favour of something instead of the prevailing “anti” viewpoints dominating Parliament and the MSM.

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley


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