Brexit, the ‘Backstop’, and the question of a Second Referendum are the themes of today’s letters sent in by our readers and correspondents:


There is a call for a second referendum. Does this mean that Parliament does not want to do what the majority of voters want? If this is so, we are no longer a democracy, we are ruled from Westminster and there are Members of the other house who are deciding what is good for us.

This may have come about by the spiteful attitude of the European Union who are attempting to make sure Britain leaving the EU does not take place or it looks painful to other countries considering the same act. I assert that the EU is not a democratic organisation and they are thinking of themselves, as are the Members of the other house. This accusation has been placed at the feet of Members of Parliament before, but this would be a pretty good example that it is true.

Now there is a movement for another referendum, so that the votes could ‘get it right’ this time. If this ends in another leave vote, then all is well, but a remain vote would mean there are two conflicting and equally valid decisions made, requiring a third referendum to decide. Best out of three? Then there may be Members of both houses that disagree with the three votes, and so on. Do we re-vote national elections if the liberal elite, for example are unhappy with the decision?

What happens in a democracy is the losing parties congratulate the winners and await further chances of winning future elections. This is called democracy.

The referendum was about leaving the EU, not leaving the EU only if the consequences were to the advantage of the UK. That would be another issue entirely, with the estimates either way entirely a guess.

Respectfully, Martin Macrae

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Here is a message for the 544 (84%) MPs who voted for a referendum, those in the 408 (63%) constituencies which voted to leave the E.U. and the circa 600 MPs who undertook to respect the result of the referendum: If you still don’t understand what leave means, then it is time for you to leave.

Let’s make it very simple. Obeying the E.U. rule book, for as long as Brussels decides, is NOT leaving the EU. You have NO MANDATE to do that and you cannot spin it away. The only mandate you have is to REMOVE us from all forms of EU jurisdiction. We don’t need a back stop – we need back bone. So please do not procrastinate any longer. GO WTO – or in the words of Cromwell, in the name of God GO.”

Respectfully, Mr King

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When watching Mr Blair demand another referendum, it is worth reviewing his own history with such plebiscites. He held a referendum on whether there should be a Welsh Assembly and 50.3/49.7% voted in favour, with a low turnout. That result was not contested and a Welsh Assembly was formed. If that was enough for Mr Blair then, why is 52/48% in favour of Brexit, with a high turnout, not enough for him now? In fact, 408 out of 650 constituencies voted to leave the EU, with a 72% turnout. No Prime Minister or Government ever received as big a mandate. So there is no case to frustrate the will of 408 (62.8%) constituencies, because the other 242 did not vote to leave – and because Blair wants to be EU President.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

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Mrs May keeps trying to persuade us that the backstop is temporary under all circumstances when that plainly is not true. No amount of long speeches and tireless working are going to change this unless the actual agreement is rewritten to include unilateral withdrawal by the UK.

Mere words are cheap. Any views or assurances from the Council of Ministers have no legal effect, despite Mrs May’s views to the contrary. HOWEVER, it is not just the backstop that is the problem. The deal itself binds us more firmly into the EU than we were before. Mrs May’s comments on the security provisions of the deal make this clear. The agreement also allows the EU to send us a plethora of new charges that we will be contracted to pay immediately on receipt without right of review or question. Would any person with any common sense sign up to such obligations?

The country voted to get OUT of the EU and not to be bound further in and certainly not by any document that has no exit clause. It is astonishing that with a straight face Mrs May continues to tell us she is delivering BREXIT when she is delivering REMAIN.

We must rely on MPs not being suborned by Mrs May’s threats and the media’s wild comments and to continue to commit to voting this awful deal down. If not, then we, the electorate, will show our anger including through the ballot box at the next general election. I have written many letters to my MP and others and every BREXITEER should be doing so to their MP.

Respectfully, Tim Pope

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