Ed: One of our contributors is also a stellar writer of letters on many issues which pique his fancy. He mainly sends them to the DT but the PM also gets a letter.

Here is a selection from those he forwarded to us, written during the last ten days.


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The DT report 6th July (‘FO in LBGT apology’) highlights again the importance of selecting staff according to ability.

On that basis you might want to question why all UK Ambassadors are women. 

Surely there must be some outstanding people – however defined – who are not women but are eminently capable of doing the job. Why have they been sidelined?

Roger J. Arthur


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Recalling her criticism of an English flag flyer one wonders how Emily Thornbury (see here) will view your Editorial of 10th July (‘The Spirit of England’).

At least she can rest assured that no statue of her will ever be pulled down – or defaced.

Roger J. Arthur


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Charles Moore (DT 10-07-21) rightly criticises the disastrous attempts by governments to second guess, if no pre-empt, innovation in technology.

Since 2004, our industrial electricity costs have increased by more than 160% and are becoming increasingly un-competitive. The Electric Vehicle (EV) and heat pump roll out programme over the next 9 years, will only make that worse. 

The overall cost of CO2 zero by 2050, has been estimated at around £100,000 per household. That is for a country which emits only around 1% of global CO2 emissions.

The total cost of this misguided evangelism will not only put more into fuel poverty, but it will drive more energy intensive businesses and jobs abroad to countries such as India and China, where they will cause more CO2 emissions than before.  

Since energy per kg for an EV battery is much lower than that for fuels such as H2 or NH3 (Ammonia), EVs will soon become outmoded and overpriced, particularly after the tax on diesel and petrol has been transferred. Taking several hours to recharge them will put EVs in the shade.

So why not give innovators who grasp the laws of physics and market forces, more time to provide cost effective solutions.

Roger J. Arthur


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Letter to the PM:

Dear Boris

Support of genuflection to undemocratic Marxist pressure groups, suggests that some haven’t learnt from the voters of Hartlepool. So let us spell it out.

Most people do not want Woke, they hate cancel culture, they are against open immigration, they do not want to be talked down to and labelled racists.

They hate that our culture and our history is being rubbished and attacked.

They hate that our nation’s heroes are being cancelled. They hate crime and violence, while politicians constantly make excuses for the perpetrators because of ethnicity.

They hate the constant attacks on our police and undermining of their powers to protect us. They hate to see leaders kneeling to minority groups and despise them for it.

They are disgusted that the people of Northern Ireland have been sacrificed as part of the BRINO compromise, which leaves us shackled to the EU rule book in so many ways.

They are fed up with climate change evangelists who demand that each UK household should stump up around £100,000 to meet predicted global temperature rise, based on flawed IPCC models.

You can deceive some of the people for some of the time. But they have seen more than enough smoke and mirrors and they want strong leadership now – not the virtue signalling that you have been adopting.

They have heard more than enough that you are following the science and its worst case predictions – as a reason to keep them cowed into submission.

Please stand up and lead Mr Johnson, because the goodwill of the people is almost exhausted. Support Priti Patel, who speaks for the majority.


Roger J. Arthur


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