The Daily Telegraph reported the concern of Remainers, with the ending of the European Arrest Warrant in the U.K here.

Magna Carta stipulated that “No free man shall be seized and imprisoned – except by  the judgement of his fellow men”. But Remainers seem uninterested in that. Soon after the announcement “European Arrest Warrant” was trending on Twitter as remainers denounced the government and delighted in yet another reason to fret hysterically about Brexit.

Not a single thought was given to the well-established criticisms of the system, nor the numerous people who have suffered injustice and persecution facilitated by the EAW.

Why don’t Remainers care about that?

If they value the EAW so much, then they could volunteer to continue complying with the EAW after Brexit, by retaining EU citizenship as proposed by the Mayor of London.

Indeed they might also get free travel with an EU Army. The potential “benefits” could be limitless. Some could even opt to only buy products which comply with EU regulations and damn the expense.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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On that Corona Virus outbreak which was mentioned in yesterday’s Brexit Column (see here), and which is the only issue for our nation, it seems, when reading the papers, there are some points I wish to raise. It’s not about the medical facts, or about how unprepared we are – as are indeed most EU member states, only we don’t read about that in our MSM. 

It’s about a very interesting report in “facts4EU” – here’s the link – published yesterday. They have described some EU facts which make me wonder what is really going on. For example, they report that the EU had written a report before the China outbreak, and it’s worth quoting:

“Headline: “2019 Seasonal influenza assessment: currently dominating viruses point at possible heavy impact on the elderly and healthcare systems”

Top-level extract: “The first virus detections for the 2019/2020 season indicate co-circulation of influenza types A (71%) and B (29%) viruses in the WHO European Region. This is a mix which potentially could result in high mortality in elderly patients and a heavy burden on healthcare services, warns the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe in a joint assessment issued today.” – “Out of all infectious diseases, seasonal influenza is the one associated with the highest mortality in Europe,” said Pasi Penttinen, Head of ECDC influenza and respiratory viruses disease programme.” 

That was published 13 days before the Wuhan outbreak hit the headlines. According to the stats given in ‘facts4EU’, the EU anticipated a high mortality rate for this winters’ influenza outbreak. Of course we all know that there’s the annual flu jab – but one would have thought that the EU member states and indeed our country which must have been aware of these data would have prepared for this. Instead we hear that everywhere in the EU nobody is prepared, that doctors and hospitals have run out of face masks and that ‘containment’, i.e. self-quarantine, is the preferred method which governments advise their citizens to observe. And washing hands. 

Is this coronavirus outbreak a welcome opportunity for our and indeed the EU’s governments to hide that their as well as our NHS is generally unprepared, run down, and incapable of dealing with a major crisis, be it plain old influenza – about which nobody makes waves – or this new virus?

I am with many comment posters in the MSM who write that they’ve never witnessed a similar outbreak of general panic mongering and hysteria in the MSM. So my question is: what are TPTB hiding? 

Respectfully, Jack Russell


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You’ve mentioned the campaign of Whitehall Mandarins and the MSM against Priti Patel. Isn’t it extraordinary that none of the Labour MPs during PMQs supported her, who is, according to Left-wing ideology, surely a victim of male misogyny and racism? And why are they supporting those claims of alleged bullying against her when bullying – well-documented – by the former Speaker John Bercow was a non-issue, as far as Labour was concerned?

Labour, the self-proclaimed defender of minorities and the working class against the establishment, is blind when such allegations are being made against this minister because she is a Tory. As for the MSM – they’ll do everything to undermine Johnson simply because he looks to have shattered their Remain dreams. I don’t know which attitude I find more vile.

Respectfully, Felicia Catto


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