The annual jamboree of COP is the formal meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Parties – COP stands for the ‘Conference of the Parties’ – the governing body of an international convention. COP refers to all the parties involved – including world leaders and heads of state – as well as to the decision-making process of reviewing and putting the rules of the convention into effect. Or in other words more troughers than you can shake a biodegradable stick at.

This one, numbered 26, is about to descend on Glasgow. The self-declared great and the self-assessed good will waste thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide, millions of taxpayers money on luxury hotels and thousands of air miles to meet and fail to agree on how to reach Net Zero by 2050. It’s all a waste of money, resources and effort as the primary polluters, China, India and the so-called developing nations, are excused the onerous task of cutting emissions. Only suckers like the developed nations are expected to not only cut emissions but bankroll those who are actually increasing their CO2 output.

So when the captains and the kings depart from Glasgow the result of all that hot air will be a few empty promises and a smug Boris Johnson who will have loved strutting on the world stage at our expense.

Just think: the 45,000 residents of West Suffolk and East Cambridgeshire who are having a 3,000 acre solar farm imposed on them by central government, who are losing value on their houses, losing their lifestyle, and who will be forced to live on what is effectively a vast factory floor instead of the rural idyll they planned, are suffering for nothing.

Just think: everyone in the UK who will have to find £10,000s to replace perfectly serviceable boilers will be throwing away their life savings for nothing.

Just think: everyone who drives now has to fill up with E5 and E10 petrol or the diesel equivalents, which means we are burning food turned to alcohol. This is raising world food prices unnecessarily, snatching bread from the mouths of the poor. For nothing.

Just think: this winter our energy infrastructure will tiptoe on the edge of disaster, dangerously close to a cascade failure which could close down industry and put the lights out for weeks, could stop the pumps that take away our sewage, bring us clean water, drive our central heating and traffic lights, could kill people from hypothermia. For nothing.

Well, not exactly for nothing. It will make not an iota of difference to the Earth’s climate but it will make big landowners and big developers even more obscenely rich. It will make products cheaper from countries which do not have this burden imposed on them, so we will be losing competitiveness and throwing British workers out of jobs for the benefit of globalist cartels and their billionaire masters.

Cui bono? We need to know.

Respectfully, Julian Flood

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At this point the only satisfaction I can glean from this ongoing nightmare is to write (as per Frederica’s exhortation!) to my MP, knowing that the icily polite message barely conceals the utter disdain/contempt I have for this apology of a public servant and most of his colleagues on both sides of the spectrum.

Here is the letter:

Dear Mr. Tomlinson,

As I have sent you many letters on a number of topics for the past 19 months, I do not feel guilty about failing to compose yet another one to you on this issue, preferring instead for the easier option of sending one already prepared by a reader whose views mirror my own.

At the moment, I read the government’s proposal for a mandatory vaccine passport as being not only insane, non science based, but also inhuman and immoral. 

It would appear from all available evidence, that the government intends to protect the protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place.

I ask you, once again, to vote using your conscience (I’m sure you have one?), your powers of reasoning, and, obviously, as a former barrister passionate about justice, as a member of the human race.

Failure to do so would be an abject abrogation of your responsibility as a public servant, and, this time especially, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, I feel it is imperative for you to vote (perhaps for the first time) against the proposal to introduce mandatory passports.

Please tell me I am wrong, misled, uninformed, or indeed, as I have requested before, an opinion on anything would be most welcome and go some way to reassuring me that you remain, our worthy public servant in Westminster.

As always, I look forward to your (non automated ) reply, and, again, remain your most sincere constituent,


Thank you for publishing my letter to my constituency MP!

Respectfully, Jim Etherington

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Following the trial and conviction of Wayne Couzens, a serving police officer suspected of exposing himself and with an interest in violent pornography, for kidnapping, raping and murdering Sarah Everard, the Express comments that to make society safer for women, ‘All elements of the criminal justice system must raise their game to put cruel men behind bars and make it clear that those who prey on women will pay for their crimes’, adding: ‘But it is also necessary to change the culture in which boys grow up. Young people have unprecedented access to violent pornography. Rigorous efforts are required to stamp out toxic notions about how men should behave.’ In this respect, ‘none of us should turn a blind eye to abuse that could be taking place in our neighbourhoods or workplaces’, but ‘[t]eachers and parents all have a vital role to play in teaching the men of tomorrow to respect women and girls’ (‘Sarah’s brutal death can be a catalyst for change’, Leading comment, Daily Express, October 2, 2021). 

Recently, Jess Leigh of ‘Our Streets Now’ called for a similar approach, demanding immediate action to introduce ‘legislation criminalising all forms of public sexual harassment’ as well as ‘a cultural shift, with lessons against violence and public sexual harassment being put on the school curriculum’ (Comment, Daily Express, September 25, 2021). 

Given the current official approach to crime – jumping on the latest woke grievance bandwagon instead of reintroducing the tried and tested approach of visible policing and crime prevention alongside a  ban on violent pornography – it is likely that we will get a hastily introduced, vaguely worded ban on wolf-whistling in the street, and a scheme to ‘educate’ young boys about pornography along woke lines – that they need to ask consent before ‘having sex’; that porn is not real.

However, this is the very point about men addicted to pornography: they know it is not real, which is is why they want to act out what they see. Reluctant to condemn pornography as objectively wrong, all the woke libertarians will succeed in doing is to expose all boys to its evil influence – even those fortunate enough to have escaped it by virtue of a careful upbringing. 

G. K. Chesterton said that when we abolish the big laws, we do not therefore achieve freedom, we only gets lots of small laws; and if we abolish the idea of objective right and wrong, instead of teaching boys and girls that they must love their neighbour and treat them as they would wish to be treated, girls will be taught that all men are toxic and that they are victims, while young boys will be taught that they must not attack people, stab them, kidnap them, torture them, rape them, murder them. 

Meanwhile, the wokesters will progress from banning wolf-whistling to banning ‘face crime’ and ‘thought crime’, minutely controlling the law-abiding while an increasing number run riot.

It can be no coincidence that for decades we have taught children that murder is legal if it is carried out before birth, and that any ‘mistakes’ that arise from ‘having sex’, i.e. the conception of a child, can be ‘dealt with’, with no ill effects on them or anyone else. 

The sooner we return to teaching the Ten Commandments, the sooner we will be able to ditch the 999 Woke Commandments, and the safer our homes and streets will be for all of us.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer



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