Here’s a Brexit snapshot as of 10.30am on the 5th of April 2019:

Even by her standards, the PM has now sunk to the nadir of corruption.  Her doomed discussions with the opposition defied the reported majority of the Cabinet and have alienated vast numbers of grassroots Tories.

It is critically important to understand what, in her deluded mind, she is trying to do.  It is quite simple: she is endeavouring to engineer a majority vote for the abject surrender referred to as the withdrawal agreement, which has been defeated three times in the House of Commons already.  She has rightly despaired of being able to do this with the votes of her DUP supported Government, and in this act of utter desperation she is seeking to bribe Labour with anything they want in the non-binding “Political  Declaration” which will buy the party’s support for that dreadful withdrawal agreement. It is vital to note that, of necessity, there is no possibility of there being any alteration whatsoever in that withdrawal agreement itself, which is precisely why the discussions are doomed to failure.

It must also be remembered that the other 27 EU nation’s leaders are not remotely interested in agreeing any extension to the Article 50 period except for the purpose of completing that withdrawal agreement as a binding Treaty; as they rightly point out, this is the only agreement available.  All talk of “Common Market 2”, “Norway plus”, etc relates exclusively to the “future relationship”, the topic of that non-binding Political Declaration, which is why the EU is absolutely adamant that the withdrawal agreement itself cannot be altered or in any way renegotiated.

Fortunately, as has so often been the case in the sorry history of the UK’s handling of Brexit, the unconstitutional Bill being rushed through Parliament ordering the PM to seek an extension might well actually ensure that the UK is indeed released on the so-called “no deal” basis at 11.00 pm UK time on Friday 12 April.

As was established in court in January 2017, the government does not have the power to do “Treaty stuff”, let alone the PM acting entirely unilaterally as she did a couple of weeks ago; but of course nobody complained about it then.  All this Bill will achieve when enacted is to preserve that rule; and this is where it gets interesting. Another critical point to remember is that the “other 27” must be unanimous in their response to the request, otherwise there will be no extension at all.  Based on past experience, it is extremely unlikely that the PM’s request will simply be granted. What is more likely is that at least one of the “other 27” will object, so there is indeed no extension at all, or else they will come up with a complex counter-proposal as they did last time.

The effect of this rushed legislation, however, is that only Parliament has the authority to accept or decline that counter-proposal; and there is simply not time for that to be done and communicated to the “other 27” (who will have dispersed after making the counter-proposal), before the lawful deadline expires.  Thank God!

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

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Again the DT business pages (04-04-19) pointed out how good the UK is for business, a message repeated by Forbes for the past two years running. That owes something to the fact that we don’t wear the Eurozone straitjacket  – and is at least partly why the trend in U.K. growth has outstripped that in the Eurozone for many years. In the meantime E.U. Titanic continues to list heavily, while Mark Carney has consistently failed to point out the financial liabilities that we face by staying alongside it. He has also failed to point out the risk, that by staying enslaved to the E.U. rulebook we risk being dragged into monetary and fiscal union, making him and the BoE redundant.

That is surely a dereliction of duty.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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Theresa May has done in fifteen years what the Labour Party has failed to do in one hundred and twenty, she has killed that great bastion of democracy, the Conservative Party.

I have been active in politics since the 1970 General Election and was a full time Conservative Party Agent for a time during the Thatcher years, when Constituency chairmen and ~women zealously defended their independence from Central Office which protected democracy within the Party.

Along came a string of leaders who wished to “modernise”.  This resulted in more centralisation and in the Party Conference being turned into a stage managed parade of boring party hacks proclaiming the next politically correct schemes.

This always resulted in more government and more public spending.

Gone are the days of a rogue speaker from the floor challenging the Prime Minister over her handling of the Rhodesia situation, which made for good television and a wider audience.

The problem appears to be that today’s politicians listen to Civil Servants and politics graduates who think they are experts – how wrong can they be? Politics is about people, real people, not about book learning. It’s about being out there in the streets talking to people and more importantly, listening to them and getting a feel for the public mood.

Today’s politicians need to realise that more government is not the answer to the problem – too much government is the problem.

Theresa May spoke at the 2004 Party Conference when she made her outrageous claim that “people are calling us the nasty party”. I had never heard the term before and I don’t know anyone who had, including friends who are members of other parties, but in the 2005 General Election Tony Blair and his friends in the mainstream media used it mercilessly to their great advantage.

Today, following months of promising that we will leave the EU on 29 March 2019 we see Theresa May going cap in hand to the EU begging for another extension to keep us tied to the Brussels bureaucrats.

I don’t believe the Conservative Party can recover from the damage this dreadful woman has done. She had the opportunity to steer the country on a new course to a great future doing business with friends who wish to trade fairly with us and creating a place of honour for herself in the annals of history. Instead, she has sold us out to the totalitarian excesses of the anti democratic EU.

Now she will be remembered for her acts of treason against the people of this country, the leader who destroyed the Conservative Party and as the worst Prime Minister in history.

Respectfully, John Owen


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on the theme of talking to the puppeteer not the puppets I suggest you encourage your readers to go to the website:

There they can write an email to Angela Merkel. For example, they could write

“Dear Chancellor Merkel,

I will not buy any German products until Britain is a free nation. I will start buying them again on 13.4.19 if Britain leaves the EU on 12.4.19 with no deal.  If the ‘Withdrawal Deal’ Treaty is passed I will start buying German products again only when this Treaty is replaced with a Treaty that sets Britain free from EU control.

Yours sincerely,

(name here), British Citizen”

Just a thought …

Respectfully, Jamila Maxwell





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