How to end the Brexit betrayal so the UK leaves the EU now:

After the Prime Minister succeeded in delaying Brexit in Parliament on Wednesday, it has become blatantly obvious that the British public are being grotesquely betrayed on their vote to Leave the UK.

Remainers have been running the government

Those remainers in government who are selling our country down the river, would never have achieved this without the Leave camp sitting back complacently, and trusting the current government to deliver on the referendum result.

A couple of years ago, those who argued that the remainers could actually stop Brexit were largely treated with scepticism.
Those who warned that Theresa May could not be relied upon were treated with disbelief.

Yet the soothsayers were right.
There was a plan of betrayal from the moment the referendum was won. All resources, all tactics, every argument, was used to delay and hamper Brexit. They have succeeded, but only because we have allowed them to do so.

Brexiteers must now get their act together, and fast!

There have been a number of Leave organisations but they have not had the impetus needed.
That is not surprising.
The public have been assuming that the politicians would deliver on Leaving the EU, as promised by the vast majority of them.

Now it is abundantly clear a betrayal is going on, the public is waking up to the magnitude of it all.

Leave Means Leave has been doing some sterling work and the Parliament march on Friday was well overdue.
However, lessons need to be learned on the best allocation of resources. Having Leave supporters in the English countryside where hardly anyone noticed them, has been patriotic but it did not put the pressure on MP’s in a crucial week.

The “indicative” votes in the House of Commons did not prove anything and certainly give no weight to supporting the sell out deal the government has had rejected twice.

The government, after countless times saying No deal was better than a bad deal, now have done an about turn and reneged on those commitments.

No deal Brexit is the majority public option:

It is now time for Brexiteers to highlight all the numerous advantages of a No deal Brexit, in particular the fact that we are likely to obtain deals with both the EU and elsewhere in the world, if we leave on WTO ( World Trading Organisation ) terms without further delay.

Need for re-invigorated Leave coalition:

The Leave campaign must now rapidly re-group, re-organise, re-examine tactics, re-gain the initiative and restore the agenda which people voted for at the referendum. This means proceeding with the UK leaving the EU with No deal.
It means a UK Leave Now coalition being set up with No deal as the prerequisite.
A ” Let’s Leave, Then Deal,” type policy commitment, in line with the referendum result.
That is the only policy the public will be able to believe after the referendum result has been twisted into so many fabricated reasons by the remainers, except the true one.

The restored UK coalition Leave Now has to put personal and other political differences aside and work together for this one common objective.
There has to be a preparedness for both a fresh referendum and a General Election.

Any MP who does not commit to No Deal Brexit should face a credible Leave Now candidate

It is very simple. Any MP who is not prepared to commit to Leaving the EU now should have one credible UK coalition Leave Now candidate put up against them.
That could well include so called Leave supporters in government who have been supporting Theresa May’s deal and effectively perpetuating her remain in disguise programme.

The time for Leave unity is now. There can be no room for opportunists.
All MP’s need to be asked where they stand on No deal, and anyone not commiting to that needs to have a candidate standing against them.
The stakes are high so there is no room for the luxury of being concerned if No dealers are “extreme right” or “extreme left” or whatever, because the objective is to leave and nothing else. Leave Means Leave could be banner holders, but if so, it is imperative that they open the gates and allow all genuine Leavers to rally to the cause.

Once leave has been achieved, then former political loyalties can be returned to, if that is what people wish.

The UK coalition Leave Now campaign needs to be at work now doing everything it can.

This includes petitioning the Head of State, Her Majesty the Queen, to not give the Royal Assent to changes in Article 50, and to fight any changes in the Courts.

There are many who are steadfast and true:

We need our King Arthur or King Alfred, or for that matter our King Richard the Lionheart.
It is interesting that Richard Tice of Leave Means Leave has that name, but there are also others, including MP’s, who are steadfast and true.

People versus Parliament

The British people, even at this late hour, will respond to their country’s needs. If Parliament will not respect the referendum result to take back control from the EU, then the people must take back that control themselves.

In a battle of People versus Parliament, it is the People who will prevail.

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