Today at 11.01pm GMT the champagne corks should’ve been popping. There should have been dancing in the streets. EU flags should have been lowered. Tonight, we should have been Out, the long road from our victory on June 23rd 2016 should finally have come to an end.

Instead, we have yet another attempt by Ms May to get her WA through Parliament. The reports and articles in this morning’s MSM are full of scare stories. Some are indeed frightening, but these are reports on what the EU is doing – something our remainers in the HoC, in the MSM and especially outside Parliament, busily overlook. I shall come to that in a moment.

First though: at 9.30 am today, the debate on Ms May’s motion will commence in the HoC. Mark that in your diaries!

In a fine act of finagling, Ms May got round the Speaker’s rule to disallow voting on her WA for a third time unless there was a substantial change, by splitting off the accompanying ‘Political Declaration’.

Yes, that’s a change all right! The speaker had to agree because he’d just overturned his own ruling of not allowing a second vote for defeated motion, allowing yet another bite at the cherry for the Remainer votes which had been so soundly defeated on Wednesday, as we reported here.

The Parliament-watchers, the political correspondents, are counting votes and talking about probabilities until one’s head hurts. The fact is that the DUP is standing firm at the time of writing, Mr Corbyn will have Labour vote against Ms May, and not all ERG members will follow their leader Jacob Rees-Mogg into turncoatery.

Ms May’s acolytes, remainers all, have of course come up with scare scenarios should her WA not get through. “A Brexit delay could last for five years!” screams the Daily Mail – here – but why that would be so they don’t say. They do quote the inevitable ‘sources’, for example:

“A Whitehall source said another defeat for the Prime Minister’s deal could see Brexit delayed for up to five years.’Once you have taken part in the European elections, there is no limit on the number of extensions you could have during the lifetime of the parliament,’ they said.”

Well, we do know by now that Whitehall is the hotbed of Remain, and that the Whitehall Mandarins have done their outstanding best to keep us in the EU – so ‘they would say that, wouldn’t they’! There’s more scary stuff:

“Mrs May’s former deputy Damian Green suggested she would ‘soldier on’ as Prime Minister if her deal is defeated, despite ministers warning privately she could not lead the party” (link)


“Ministers hope the symbolism of MPs voting on the day the UK was originally due to leave the European Union will pile pressure on opponents of the deal to back down. They also believe the public would blame MPs for blocking Brexit.(link)

The vote for the future of our Nation – an exercise in symbolism? That’s despicable. We the public will indeed blame the MPs for blocking Brexit – and not just the MPs but Ms May and her Whitehall handlers. We know full well that her WA is not Brexit, and we know full well that the Remain HoC – a very few honourable MPs excepted – never have been interested in producing the Brexit we voted for.

instead they now play for their own aggrandisement, and the Tory MPs are already in full election mode to replace Ms May. This spectacle of the Hunts, Raabs, Goves et al jockeying for leadership position reminds me of vultures hovering and waiting for the final breath of the dying animal. The paywalled DT has articles on these Tory wannabe PMs, but electioneering messages on this day of all days are in bad taste, so I’ll disregard them.

There are other juicy rumours from ‘sources’, see here:

“Opposition sources said a junior member of the Government had privately admitted Mrs May would trigger a national poll “if things fall apart” today or early next week.The warning was viewed as “credible” and based on “something substantive”, the sources claimed.” (link)

That’s why Labour will vote against it. It’s another reason to spend this morning watching the HoC: what will happen after the vote?

Whitehall and the EU are already preparing for Ms May’s WA deal being rejected:

“EU leaders are preparing to force Britain either to accept a delay lasting as long as a year at a special summit on April 10 or to crash out without agreement, senior Brussels officials say. Preparations for the UK to take part in European parliament elections on May 23, a condition of remaining in the bloc to avoid a no-deal, will be stepped up today. Returning officers are being placed on standby across the country. Officials from the Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission will also run through plans for the elections at a Whitehall meeting.” (paywalled link)

And here’s how the beloved EU will deal with the prospective May Failure:

“At the summit in Brussels on April 10, EU leaders will face a choice between a no-deal Brexit or giving Britain a long extension. Senior Brussels officials think that the EU will offer a long extension, perhaps appealing over the prime minister’s head to MPs. […] After a summit last week, negotiations over an extension were taken away from EU ambassadors and handed to “sherpas”, aides to European heads of state and governments who prepare for international meetings.”(paywalled link)

Isn’t that why we voted to Leave? So that we’re no longer being ruled by faceless, unelected EUrocrats? And that’s what the Remainers are delivering us into! This report in RemainCentral, the Times (paywalled link) shows nicely the EU’s dropped mask:

“The European Union will insist that Britain pays a £39 billion bill and implements the Irish backstop before beginning emergency talks to prevent an economic crash after a no-deal Brexit. European ambassadors met in restricted session yesterday for “full-on war-gaming for a no-deal”, according to one source, to dictate the terms that Britain would have to sign up to in order to open talks if it crashes out of the EU as early as April 12. […] “According to European diplomats, Mr Barnier warned ambassadors that the EU would have to ensure that temporary measures to protect continental economies do not become too comfortable or permanent for Britain.” (paywalled link)

The message is clear: punish Britain – make us pay and the backstop remains anyway …

Odd how all those Remain fanatics never ever talk or even think about that! Odd how our MPs in that Pit of Pratfalling, Peacocking Clowns are oblivious. And they are equally oblivious of the new EU Laws which we have to obey. Ryan Bourne in the DT writes about the new EU Copyright Laws which will kill the Internet and mentions the new safety regulations for cars – e.g. breathalysers! – which will apply to all new cars by 2022. He concludes:

“Theresa May has, for three years, elevated the importance of an orderly EU exit above everything else. Her single-minded focus on that process has marginalised any sort of domestic post-Brexit economic vision, […] The government’s impotence has provided Remainers with the live possibility of keeping us hooked into the EU regulatory juggernaut too.” (link, paywalled)

Strange how this whole WA has been sold as ‘facilitating trade’ when in fact it does no such thing. But, having watched the peacocking clowns in that Pit of Pratfalls, a.k.a. The HoC, I’d venture the guess they are so keen on Remain because they don’t know a thing about real life and need the guiding hand of the EU who gives them nice directives they can nod through without having to engage their brains.

Let’s hope that May fails today and that we get a GE so we can get rid of all of those Remain MPs, keeping the tiny handful of honourable exceptions – you know who they are.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the intrepid Leavers who are going to London to the big Leave Rally!

Never give up!


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