All is well – our top ministers have got their priorities right: clapping for ‘Our NHS’ yesterday evening …


It’s another three weeks of Lockdown. It’s another morning where the reports in ‘Our MSM’ should come with a health warning. So take care when reading today’s column: first remove all mugs and other hard objects from your vicinity – you might feel inclined to throw them against the wall or, God forbid, your PC.

First though the Brexit news. Frost and Barnier had a video conference yesterday and the dates for more of those have been set, see this article in facts4eu. While government has again confirmed that there won’t be an extension (link), EU diplomats and ‘sources’ in Brussels, slowly coming out of their self-isolation, don’t believe it.

They’ve spoken to Joe Barnes, The Express’ Brussels correspondent, who reports that these ‘sources’ assume there will be an extension and that they’re already thinking of how to utilise the Danegeld we’d have to pay them (link). There’s also speculation that the surge of £ Sterling against the €uro ‘might bring Brussels to heel’ (link) – well, this comes either under ‘many a slip’ and ‘not distributing bears’ pelts’, or under ‘whistling in the dark’. Still it’s worth keeping an eye on this development.

And now – to the continuation of the Lockdown and the staggering ineptitude of the Cabinet. Firstly, they’ve come up with “Five Points” which need to be fulfilled before we’re allowed out:

“They are: ensuring that the NHS can cope across Britain; a sustained and consistent fall in the daily death rate; evidence that the rate of infection is decreasing to “manageable levels”; enough testing and protective equipment to meet demand; and no risk of a second peak large enough to overwhelm the NHS.” (link, paywalled)

And this, to my disgust, is how That Lot came to make that ‘decision’: they actually didn’t dare to do it! Yesterday we were told by those SAGE Government scientists that they only ‘advise’, that the politicians decide. Well, so they did, in a way which looks to me as if they’re trying to get out of taking any responsibility, with their eyes firmly on the future. Failure, damage to our nation: it wasn’t them, they only ‘followed the Science’.

See this extraordinary report in the DT – who are those anonymous Cabinet ministers feeding this information to the author? 

“First up was the 9.15am Covid-19 ‘war committee’ where the cabinet sub group took the first steps towards extending the unprecedented measures until May 7. Ministers later admitted that “everyone knew that the decision had already been made,” by the time the full Cabinet met at 11.” (link)

Well – why meet at all, even by video, if that was the case? Are ministers now reduced to nodding donkeys in the face of “Science!”? More details:

“That meeting lasted more than an hour – longer than expected, with the Foreign Secretary joined on the call by Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific advisor. […] According to one cabinet minister, there was ‘no dissent whatsoever’ over the decision to continue with the shutdown put in place by Boris Johnson on March 23. “The consensus was we are going in the right direction but it would be economically much worse in the long run if we try to step out too early and suffer a second wave,” they added. “We are getting to that moment but it’s not a dot on a graph. We were all of the view that we are not there yet.” Another cabinet insider said: “They’re very much still being led by the science.” (link)

The economy? Nah – irrelevant in the face of “Science!”. That, dear friends, is why we are in this mess: those ministers are apparently so scientifically illiterate that they simply accept what they’re being told – provided those scientists are ‘government-accredited’. Other scientists who have dared to question the numbers, the modelling method employed, the simple fact that the government, ahem: ‘Our NHS’ in the form of PHE cannot deliver – that seems to be utterly irrelevant. It’s not just a shambles, as the Express writes (link), it is a disgrace. 

Unsurprisingly, the critical point is “Teh Test” – but PHE is still not able to provide them. It never will be, thanks to its structure of stalinist centralisation. We’ve pointed out yesterday that Germany was so successful in testing because they use local labs (link), not one centralised one. Here, be it tests, be it protective clothing: as long as it comes from private enterprise it wasn’t and won’t be used by PHE. Btw – here’s the link to the official organisational scheme of who all ‘leads’ PHE. Look at all those directors – professors all … so close to the lives of us peasants …!

There’s a report in The Times about a pilot test scheme by amazon, sending out tests which can be done at home, with the first gentle criticism of ‘Our Sacred Cow’ in a broadsheet:

“Home coronavirus swab tests delivered by Amazon are being tested as a way out of lockdown amid finger-pointing over who is to blame for unused testing capacity. Almost half of Britain’s capacity is going to waste, with ministers risking a row with the health service by pinning responsibility on a “lack of demand” among frontline workers.” (link, paywalled)

Waste? Blaming ‘Our NHS’? Well I never! More finger-pointing – and note that there also seems to be some backstabbing going on between Whitehall and ‘Our NHS’:

“The government says that there is capacity to do 35,000 a day but only 18,665 tests were carried out in the 24 hours to 9am yesterday. […] The move [to start the pilot scheme] comes amid frustration over why the capacity is not being fully used. Whitehall officials believe that all NHS staff who are self-isolating could be checked today if they came forward. They have criticised health service delays in putting doctors and nurses forward, insisting that tests are available for those who need them, and hinting at a reluctance among some to be checked and return to the front line.”  (link, paywalled)

Next, remember that ‘doctors’ leaders’ are not the frontline doctors – and remember that it’s the NHS management which has given out guidelines as to who should be tested:

“However, doctors’ leaders insist that demand outstrips supply, blaming a failure to make swabs convenient and available to staff, including by using drive-through centres that ill workers may find difficult to get to. They have also said that there is confusion about eligibility for testing.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear … why do we need this ‘he said – she said’ when journalists should do their research and dig out all those numbers? And to confuse the numbers-issue even further, there’s a non-paywalled report about a tracker-app (not the one from government) which shows, allegedly, that the numbers of infected Brits might have dropped dramatically, by 70% (link) – but since there’s no testing …

Somehow I can’t get rid of the impression that government, Whitehall and “Our Sacred Cow” would rather keep the Lockdown going for as long as possible than decide to lift it, not even partially, to save face. And if you still think ‘Our NHS’, i.e. the managers and PHE, are pure as the driven snow, read this non-paywalled report in the DT – the headline says it all:

“Exclusive: NHS volunteer army of 750,000 has been given fewer than 20,000 tasks, data reveals NHS Volunteer Responder scheme has helped a maximum of around 3,500 people every day since its launch, figures have revealed” (link)

No wonder that ‘we’ need to fly in Romanians – from a Romanian CV-19 hotspot even -to help pick fruit and veg (paywalled link): Government simply doesn’t know what to do with the generous volunteers, some of whom would surely not mind doing some work on farms, even if it’s’ for a week only.

It’s also incomprehensible why government is keeping us under house arrest while at the same time allowing people from other, ‘hotspot’ countries, to fly in. The inanity of the government’s response is actually painful:

“Criticism has mounted over the failure to impose health checks or a compulsory period in quarantine for people arriving [from CV-19 hotspots] at UK airports. […] The government has insisted that routine health screening for all passengers on arrival would do nothing to halt the spread of Covid-19 because of the scale of the outbreak in the UK. The incubation period of up to two weeks for infected people also means that testing often fails to identify sufferers.” (link, paywalled)

Yes – you read that right: we don’t need to check those travellers for CV-19 infections because we’re already so infected in the UK, and testing would fail anyway. That’s why we need more tests – for us, not for them! It’s like trying to stop a bathtub from overflowing by removing water by hand, with mugs, while the tap merrily keeps filling the tub up. I’m just speechless! 

Keep these notes but let your anger cool down (valerian tea should help). Never forget how our government, ‘Our Sacred Cow’ and ‘Our MSM’ are destroying our Nation. They themselves seem to have become infected by the fear and hysteria ‘Our MSM’ have been propagating for weeks. Oddly enough it looks as if we peasants are immune to that fear. So keep a cool head, and





Photo by UK Prime Minister

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