The Brexit Weather for this week ….


Are we in for a ‘Super Monday’ or even for a ‘Super Week’? Perhaps – because whatever happens today, it won’t be plain sailing for Johnson. The Remain Harlots are working full-out to get a second Referendum, attached as amendment to the Withdrawal Bill. Their aim is, as we know, for us to Remain – in the Customs Union at the very least – and hopefully to get the whole thing revoked. 

This is how they hope to achieve it. First of all, there’s the Motion on “The Deal”. We described yesterday (here) how Jacob Rees-Mogg tabled this for Business in today’s HoC. Then the government plans to get cracking on the actual legislation needed to implement Brexit. However, Speaker Bercow, who was ‘blindsided’ by JRM, will have had time to ponder what he can do to alleviate the outrage of the Remain Harlots:

“Under Commons rules a motion that is the “same in substance” as one tabled earlier in the session cannot be brought forward again. John Bercow, the Speaker who decides if the vote can take place, has already signalled his irritation with the government.”  (link, paywalled)

Bercow can obviously try to make certain that this vote won’t be allowed. However, you can bet the last shirt off your back that Jacob Rees-Mogg is fully aware of this pitfall and that he will have prepared accordingly. 

While Oliver Letwin has ‘promised’ not to table yet another amendment, others will be happy to pick up where he left off. Two amendments are crucial for Remain. One is to incorporate a 2nd Referendum in the Bill, which is what Labour is now pushing for as Keir Starmer made clear on TV yesterday. The other could be an amendment to force us to remain in the CU:

“Senior DUP figures – who previously propped up the minority Conservative government – indicated the party could unite with Labour to force through an amendment to the Bill which would compel the Government to pursue a customs union with Brussels. […] In an effort to secure the DUP’s support for a customs union, Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, said Labour’s “door is open”.” (paywalled link)

Nobody knows what the precise wordings of those amendments are or indeed how many there will be. Thus everybody is again speculating, based on the latest ‘pronouncements’.  Another point about the amendments is to force Johnson into begging the EU for yet another extension:

“Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said it was ‘inevitable’ that Labour and others would try to force a vote this week to require the Government to call a referendum on the deal. The DUP has indicated it could now back a new referendum.” (paywalled link)

This Labour push for a 2nd Referendum is solely due to their political calculations, i.e. how to get into No 10. It’s a beauty. Should there be that 2nd Referendum, Labour reckons that:

“They (Labour) would not be forced to deliver or support Brexit, but neither would they have to kill it off themselves: the electorate could take responsibility for that. They would watch Britain’s political dynamics flip: the Tories would implode – Labour calculates – as the project they had finally united around was rendered obsolete. And they would have the time to get rid of Corbyn – who even McDonnell now concludes is an electoral and political liability – and replace him with a sharper and more fluent performer. Then, and only then, would they back a general election. This is, Labour strategists conclude, not simply the best way to a Labour government in the next few years but the only way to get their hands on the levers of power.” (paywalled link)

A clever strategy, that – overlooking the simple fact that this Referendum might  not end in a demand for Remain nor that the electorate would not ‘honour’ Labour’s Remain attempt in a GE. Meanwhile, here’s what the government and Johnson are planning:

“No 10 has said it will not hold a second referendum. If so, the stand-off could only be resolved in an election. […] The Government would focus on preparing for a No Deal Brexit on October 31.“ (link)

Michael Gove made that clear on TV yesterday, see below. Remainers are again pinning their hopes on the EU:

“Remainers hope the EU will grant a further extension lasting at least three months. But several EU leaders, including Emmanuel Macron and Leo Varadkar, are frustrated. The French President has even hinted he could veto another extension. If this happened, and MPs had rejected the PM’s deal, then the UK would leave without a deal on October 31.” (link)

Isn’t it astonishing how our Remain Harlots again and again hope for EU intervention, for EU support! That will certainly enhance their standing in the eyes of us, the electorate, when it comes to a GE. Why would we vote for people who obviously need their hands held by Brussels? Why would we vote for MPs who have so blatantly abandoned their sworn duty to us and to our country? What does it say about their mindset that they seem to think the EU will act in the best interest of our nation? More importantly – will the EU play ball? See this:

“The EU is waiting to see whether the bill makes it through the second reading, scheduled for tomorrow, before deciding whether to offer an extension. If Mr Johnson runs into serious trouble or MPs force a referendum then countries led by Germany will push for a longer extension, to as late as June next year.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, you read that correctly: an extension until June next year – four years after our Referendum vote! You cannot accuse the EU of being decisive though when you read next:

“Diplomatic sources said that any extension offered by the EU would be “fungible”, meaning that Britain could leave earlier if Mr Johnson’s deal were ratified. […] The EU’s most likely option, according to diplomatic sources, is to decide that the three-month extension in the Benn act, until January 31, is a purely “technical extension” to get the legislation passed.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – when is an extension not an extension? When the EU decides it’s actually something else even if it walks and quacks like an extension. Where they hope to go with this comes out at the end:

“The EU will have to hold an emergency summit if a political extension is needed beyond February next year because Mr Johnson’s deal becomes bogged down in the Commons or MPs reject it without either legislating for a new referendum or revoking Article 50.” (link, paywalled)

That is what our EU friends, so helpful with unbiased advice to our Remain MPs, are hoping the traitors and Quislings will achieve: revoking Article 50. The latest intervention by Phil Hammond pales into near insignificance next to that:

“Philip Hammond called for […] giving parliament power over whether to request an extension to the transition period after Brexit. It is due to end in December next year but could be extended by up to two years. He said: “We need not only for parliament to be in control of the negotiating mandate but in order for that to be real and meaningful parliament also has to be in control of any extension to the transition period. It will not be possible to negotiate an ambitious trading agreement in less than 14 months.” (link, paywalled)

No indeed – ‘Hammond and Friends’ will see to that! It also gives them more time to make Brexit become Remain, one way or another. Meanwhile, a “No Deal” is still possible if the Brexit wreckers wreck Johnson’s timetable. Michael Gove said the government is preparing full-out for that:

“We are triggering Operation Yellowhammer. It means that we are preparing to ensure that, if no extension is granted, we have done everything possible in order to prepare to leave without a deal. We are going to leave by October 31. We have the means and the ability to do so […]” (link, paywalled)

It would be ironic if the Remainers achieve precisely that which the want to prevent: us leaving without “A Deal” and thus putting in motion all the dreadful things they’ve been so adamant must be avoided, from no lettuce to no medicines to queues of lorries to the sky falling in.

There’s a beautiful weather warning for this week in The Express: snow and arctic temperatures. So let’s dress up warmly, both for real and metaphorically, as Brexit is being battered again and as the Remainers hope to finally achieve their hearts’ desire: to keep us in. In any case, we’ll



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