A laughing stock – a pratfall of clowns – a collection of imbecile peacocks (apologies to peacocks everywhere): that’s into what our elected representatives, the Remain MPs, have turned the august Chamber, the House of Commons.

Yesterday’s spectacle was a farce which even the worst enemy of our country couldn’t have devised better. MPs were finally given their hearts’ desire, to have ‘indicative’ votes on Brexit, by voting on a slew of amendments – and what happened? Pratfalls of peacocking clowns!

Here’s how events unfolded: first, the HoC had to vote for that SI, notwithstanding Sir Bill Cash’s letter and insistence that it was unconstitutional – watch him here. Regardless – they had to vote, and the Ayes had it by a huge majority. Some inveterate observers joked that this was when the HoC voted itself permission to vote, to have the ‘indicative’ votes later that afternoon.

As there were so many amendments which were ‘indicative’, the Speaker changed the usual proceedings. MPs were now given a ballot paper where they had to vote simultaneously for all amendments, the ballots to be handed in to the tellers. The session was suspended for the count and us watchers were shown a nice clock face, ticking down from 7pm to 7.30pm. Well, this was the result:


Yes, that’s correct: all amendments were voted down. You can find a report here, in a Remain paper. Just look at the numbers. How laughable is that! Jonathan Isaby of BrexitCentral has just posted his excellent analysis here.

MPs, who had voted to ‘take control’ and to force the Government to do as they wish showed themselves up for the empty-headed numpties they are. How is voting for ‘none of the above’ = ‘taking control’?

And now what? Now it’s all down to the Speaker, Mr John Bercow, who insisted that he would not allow Ms May to present her WA unchanged for a third time, watch him here.

So more finagling from Ms May is to be expected – and more voting spectacles. The next conflict is already rearing its ugly head because, after this ‘event’, the Speaker said that he’ll allow a second vote on Monday – April’s Fool Day! – on the ‘most popular amendments, see this report, contravening his own ruling based on ancient precedents.

I’m afraid I was unable to watch that exchange live as I had already folded, caved in like a JRM, giving way to the demands of my weak and feeble body …

Earlier came a bit of ‘good news’: in a meeting with the 1922 Committee yesterday afternoon, Ms May agreed that she would resign and not ‘lead the second phase of the negotiations’, provided her WA is accepted by the HoC. Of course, if the WA is rejected, she’d stay …They’ve even formulated a sort of timetable:

“Mrs May would be expected to formally announce the timetable for her resignation either after her deal was approved or on May 23, the day after Britain would leave the EU. A formal leadership contest would be likely to start on May 28, the day after the second May bank holiday, with a new leader in place before the end of July. Mrs May would leave Downing Street once the new leader had been chosen. Downing Street sources said that if Mrs May’s deal is not approved by Parliament, she will carry on as Prime Minister to seek an alternative solution.” (paywalled link)

Immediately, the ‘hardcore’ Brexiteer MPs melted and said they’d now vote for that WA which they had rejected until then. This is horsetrading at a most advanced level: give me what I want and I’ll leave … yes, thank you, Ms May!

We knew that JRM was going to support her if the DUP would do so. The next prominent Brexiteers to come out for May were Boris Johnson and Ian Duncan Smith. A stunned online audience was cheered when Steve Baker told the ERG that under no circumstances would he vote for the WA. He got a standing ovation for that.

The DUP however – at the time of writing, nowadays one can’t be sure of anything! – have not changed their stance:

“The DUP said it would not support the agreement because it posed ‘an unacceptable risk to the integrity of the UK’. The party’s deputy leader Nigel Dodds indicated it would vote against the plan, saying: ‘We don’t abstain when it comes to the Union.’ The DUP’s support is seen as critical to unlocking the backing of dozens of Eurosceptic MPs.” (link)

This was useful because so many of the staunch EU sceptics, the so-called hardcore Brexiteers, dropped their mask and showed that they are as venal, as mercenary, as those who gave up their opposition to Ms May’s WA for money – Government spending on pet projects in the constituency – or for a title.

I hasten to point out that this did not work for the unsurpassed Sir John Redwood, who has this to say about those votes:

“It was no surprise that there was no majority for any of the proposals put to the vote. That was highly likely and reminds us why Parliament works best when government proposes and Parliament approves or modifies.” (link)

And here is his scathing verdict of the event:

“It was another opportunity for Parliament  to vote down the bad idea of a second referendum and to vote down yet again the idea of staying in the customs union. It is true Parliament also voted against No deal, but as the Prime Minister often reminds us the only way to leave avoiding no deal is to name a deal we want that the EU will grant. Once again Parliament failed that test. It is a pity Parliament was not allowed to highlight leaving with a range of deals without having to sign the Withdrawal Agreement, which could unite many voters if not MPs.” (same link)

The MSM today are full of pundits explaining to us what it all means and what will happen next. Unfortunately, none of them know more than we do, and most of their ‘sources’ have been shown up for the self-serving knaves they are. Don’t forget that these are either Remainers or turncoats who, like JRM, are desperate to explain why abandoning their principled stand was unavoidable.

I leave you with this video clip of Mr Mark Francois MP – a hardcore Brexiteer who has not abandoned his stance. His summing-up can not be bettered – do watch it!

Today there will be more votes, more shenanigans, more manipulations by the Speaker. Will there be a revolt by MPs? Will there be a judicial injunction? I’ve run out of tea leaves and my crystal ball has exploded …

Brexit on the 12th of April?

Or on the 22nd of May?

Who knows!

We will KOB!


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