To: Jacob Rees-Mogg, Member for North East Somerset




Et tu, Jacob?

You’ll recall our exchange at The Freedom Association event in Westminster on Tuesday 11th December 2018.  I had observed that you, with your eye for history, could have advised your party leader to have prostrated herself a few weeks earlier than she had, and that she could have chosen a more southerly German city for the ritual humiliation.

This, I’d explained for the benefit of some in the audience – I knew from your face that you’d immediately grasped where I was heading – was so as to strike a perfect historical note.  The 80th anniversary, to the day, of the capitulation of another Tory Prime Minister would have been so fitting. And Chamberlain had more justification for Munich 1938 than May has for her errancy.

As I expected, you said you found my intervention “unhelpful” and went on to take a poke or two at UKIP in return, which was fair enough.  Often, what we do today, the Conservatives (try to) do tomorrow, nicking policies, while we take the flak until the Overton window shifts. So be it, as long as the country benefits.

Weeks later, I smiled to hear “my” analogy being deployed in speeches in the House and elsewhere.  Imitation, as they say, is … (etc.).

You have repeatedly declared that May’s assorted deals were even worse than being in the EU.  You were quite right.

But now you, who had declared that the Teutonically-crafted Surrender Agreement made Great Britain into a vassal state of the EU, have now indicated you will support it, albeit reluctantly.  I believe you’ve suggested others in the ERG do the same.

Shameful and a betrayal.  How dare you, I say. How dare you!

I spoke to Arlene Foster in The College Green in January about exactly this eventuality, and her steely resolve gave me comfort.  I hope she will now resist blandishments and reject blandishments.

You are acting out of character, apparently hypnotised like a rabbit at night transfixed in the headlights of a fast-approaching car.

As evri fule kno, this odious vassalage contains no Article 50 equivalent.  There is no escape without the consent of the EU, of whose tender mercies we’ve seen plenty of evidence.  Unilaterally breaking it will render us liable to unthinkable international sanctions, perils and (if at all possible) even more ridicule.

For that reason alone – and there are so many others – May’s/Merkel’s Surrender Agreement is absolutely unacceptable.  However appalling is a delay, which of course is crafted to lead to a cancellation of the Article 50 notice by the 480 Remainers infesting Parliament, it is less bad than this.

We the people can, via the ballot box, rid ourselves of a traitorous political class and invoke Article 50 again, before the despots deploy a European Army.

I expected better, though I had feared you too might surrender in the face of threats, blackmail and probably much else I don’t know of.

But unless you recant and do the right thing, you too can count yourself among those I recently harangued:

Peering around, rubber-necked, to see what others are doing in order to decide on your own course of action is, on such an issue, other than principled.  It doesn’t matter how others act or vote when it comes to sovereignty or freedom.

Do the right thing yourself, man, and to blazes with the rest!  Emulate Churchill, eschew Halifax.

Mr Rees-Mogg, I find it ironic, and sad, that someone with such a grasp of history should consign himself to its dustbin.

However, I am certain you are conflicted, and there’s a little time before the vote.  Use it wisely, and rethink. There might even dawn a day when you are grateful for this steeling of your resolve.

England expects that every man will do his duty.


Freddy Vachha

UKIP Chairman – London

[Address withheld]


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