Today is the last of the Twelve Days of Christmas. While the MSM have been full of weird and downright idiotic proposals for this month – from ‘dry January’ to ‘Veganuary’ to the latest, ‘Januhairy’ (don’t shave your armpits) our Government in Cabinet and Whitehall  have indeed been hard at work to ‘prepare’ for what looks like “BRINOnuary”, to somehow get Ms May’s WA through the HoC in whichever new disguise they can spin it.

Ordinary voters are firm in preferring the No Deal WTO Brexit. While polls of Tory members show support for the No Deal, Tory MPs are desperately wriggling to get publicity for their preferred version, from David Davis to Michael Fabricant MP today. Sammy Wilson, the DUP Brexit spokesman, made however clear that the DUP will not support Ms May’s WA in whatever guise it’s offered.

In the last few days, Ms May has been trying very hard to get some sort of sop from the EU to sugar-coat her WA agreement, but Brussels, as anyone could have predicted, told her ‘No’, yet again. She is either a closet masochist who relishes being humiliated time and time again, or she is so desperate to cling to power that she will do anything, from crawling to the EU on bended knees to whipping up public opinion by launching yet another ‘Project Fear’ initiative. And this time round, it’s special. After all, she needs to convince the HoC that it’s her way or Apocalypse Now: the debate in the House starts next week and the vote will be taken in the following week.

We’ve read that 1,000 police are being ‘trained up’ in case of violence at the NI border if there’s a No Deal Brexit. We’ve read that Government will launch a campaign on Tuesday informing all travellers to the EU that they need to get their passports sorted. Small Businesses will be getting a ’helping hand’ from Government to deal with a No Deal  Brexit. There will be government radio adverts and billboards … all very helpful, to be sure, but instead of informing us how Government is going to deal with Border controls we will be getting very scary images broadcast, as described in this report in today’s Telegraph:

“Lord Lilley, the former trade secretary, said the Government was trying to “play up the supposed horrors” of leaving the EU ahead of this month’s Parliamentary vote on the deal. It came as ministers hired 150 lorries for a high-profile demonstration of what might happen in a no-deal Brexit.The HGVs will be used on Monday for a dry run of Operation Brock, simulating tailbacks caused by delays at Dover.On Friday the Prime Minister phoned Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, in a desperate attempt to re-open talks over the Brexit deal after he had made it clear the negotiations were over.” [my emphasis]

The cartoon accompanying that report is wonderful – go and have a look!

If that isn’t scary enough, we all should be afraid, very afraid, though, because now Ms May is really taking over:

“Last night it emerged that the PM is to take personal charge of no-deal planning, as the March 29 deadline for Britain’s exit from the EU approaches. Until now the cabinet committee charged with ensuring the UK is ready for Brexit has been chaired by Mrs May’s deputy David Lidington. But Downing Street sources said that from Monday a new committee known as EUXT (Preparedness) would focus on ensuring the UK is ready to leave on March 29, regardless of whether a deal has been approved or not. Sources last night insisted securing a deal remains Mrs May’s primary focus.” (Daily Mail)

Well, given the Horlicks she and her Svengali (or should that be Rasputin?) Mr Olly Robbins have made of the Brexit surrender so far, this is not precisely confidence-inducing, is it!

The other wheeze Ms May and her Whitehall serpents are working on is to somehow formulate a reassuring ‘amendment’ for Parliament to vote on which would make the Backstop more palatable to them. Not that it will work because the EU has said No, and such parliamentary amendment would be non-binding anyway (see here – scrolling down).

So watch your MPs, bombard them with letters, tell them that we, the Leave voters, are not fooled by this and any other attempts by May and the Remainers to get BRINO through Parliament. It’s not just us peasants who believe that May and her Remainers are going to do their utmost to scare us into accepting her ‘deal’:

“Tory Brexiteers believe Mrs May is deliberately packing a series of no-deal planning measures into the days before the Parliamentary vote on the deal in an attempt to make no deal appear more troublesome than it really is.” (source)

One piece of news did cheer me though because it illustrates that our EU “friends” are not at all certain of May’s WA going through the HoC: the Taoiseach is already wailing that the EU needs to give him hundreds of millions if the No Deal becomes reality … does he know something we don’t?

Now that Christmas is definitely over we’ll be entertained by an early version of a Carnival spectacle. Our governing betters will twist and turn, aided and abetted by the many Svengalis and Rasputins (hang on – wasn’t Rasputin murdered in January, 101 years ago?) in Whitehall and Brussels who want to give us “BRINOnuary”.

Not on your nelly, sez I – and if going vegan and not shaving armpits this month helps us to get our No Deal WTO Brexit, then I’m all for it! Every little helps …


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