For the information of readers of INDEPENDENCe Daily, I sent this email to Sir John Redwood:

“Dear John

Many thanks for your enormous efforts to remove us from ECJ jurisdiction.

Are you able to verify yet whether the PM’s current WAB proposal will do that?  Alternatively, does it include a unilateral escape clause? Many thanks for your time..

Below is what I have just sent to my local MP, Nick Herbert.

Best wishes, … 


Thank you for your update Nick.

As you know, EU rulers have told us many times that they intend to bring our nation state to an end. Your challenge now is to stop them from doing that. You will recall that, apart from the Backstop, Mrs May’s WAB proposal contained many toxic clauses, as set out by John Redwood. How many of those clauses does the PM propose to retain and will the Attorney General be obliged to expose them this time? If we are not to remain enslaved to the EU rule book, then it is essential that a unilateral escape clause is included in any agreement with the EU. Hopefully you will demand that it is, otherwise your Party (and most likely our country) will be over, when the next GE comes. So I urge you not to leave us half/in half out of the EU.

Regards, R.A.”


Other readers might like to take up this issue with their own constituency MPs.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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Another referendum – in Northern Ireland?

Speculating on Boris Johnson’s proposal to break the Brussels deadlock, you suggest his ‘idea would be for Great Britain to exit the single market and the customs union, and to be able to diverge from all EU rules and regulations: a full, clean Brexit. There would be a compromise solution for Northern Ireland that would allow the province to take part in UK trade deals, be legally out of the customs union – while maintaining an open border with Republic – alongside some form of ongoing democratic consent mechanism’ (‘The Brexit deal: so far, so promising’, Sunday Telegraph, October 13, 2019).

Would this ‘ongoing democratic consent mechanism’ be in the form of a referendum by any chance? 

Respectfully, Ann Farmer 


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On the so-called “Smart Meters”:
The purpose of smart electricity meters is not to provide the consumer with energy saving information, the energy companies lie.
The ultimate purpose is to do with our future brave new world of renewable (and hence intermittent) energy sources. To make this work a new system of Energy Demand Management will be  needed. To implement this, the demand for energy will need to be controlled, the “Smart Meter” is at the heart of this.

In the future, when the system is fully up and running, it will be possible to adjust tariffs instantly in accordance with how much electricity is available. ie, When the wind don’t blow, electricity will be expensive.

There will be the possibility for energy alert consumers to save money by ensuring they use most electricity when plenty is available, there may even be reverse tariffs where the consumer is paid to use electricity in glut periods. There will be cheaper tariffs for people prepared to be cut off in times of dearth. We may all have smart appliances that are switched on automatically when cheap electricity is available, eg washing machines and water heaters. There will be internet forecasts of cheap electricity periods to be taken advantage of. There will also be the possibility of cutting you off for non-payment. And the Russians may hack the system and cut us all off.


Respectfully, Harold Armitage


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There are reports that the PM may be getting close to a deal on the Irish Backstop. But we know from experience that the EU will only do a deal, which leaves us enslaved to its rule book. So why do many assume that we will be removed from ECJ jurisdiction? I doubt if the PM has even asked for a unilateral escape clause.  

Yes we can have a GE, but even an overwhelming majority of Brexiteer MPs will be of little use, if we have been left under ECJ jurisdiction without a means of escape.

Majoring on the Backstop only, without an escape clause, is beginning to look like a mistake of the highest order. But will the PM now claim that his negotiation has been a success, just as Chamberlain did in 1938?

Respectfully, Mr King


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Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers –

This is a letter addressed specifically to you all. I’m writing this plea on our, the INDEPENDENCE Editorial Team’s, behalf. We cannot run this site on our own. We need your help – your input in the form of your manuscripts!

We appreciate that you all have much to do and that you have less time to write. However, there’s surely time for one article you could write, for example about current affairs on which the EU has impinged and will be impinging even after Brexit – from the ‘Climate Crisis’ hoax to the Armed Forces to the NHS and those Project Fear scenarios. You could even send in book or film reviews!

So please send in your manuscripts – you’ll find everything you need to know about ‘how to’ here. Brexit is not just for the ‘few’ who’ve been eating and drinking ‘Brexit’ since last year – it’s for all of us. Therefore, please put fingers to PC keyboards and have a go. We editors are a friendly bunch and will deal with any typos and grammar, so no pressure!

Thank you,  I look forward to receiving your manuscripts!

Respectfully, Viv, E-i-C


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