below is a ‘paper letter’ which I have written to my MP but which has not yet been replied to ( I am not holding my breath):

“The local election results nationally have demonstrated very well a few home truths. Brexit however is not the only issue but the total contempt with which the electorate is treated. Even Conservative Party members are treated with the same degree of contempt as the rest of us.  Your party leaders are totally out of step even with your own members to the extent that many of them ( and even some Tory MPs) will vote for the Brexit Party at the coming EU elections. The number of spoilt ballot papers at the recent local elections which ran into the thousands makes the  point very well about your total disconnect.

There is no doubt that the Conservative party is seriously misnamed. It is not conservative in any sense. It is now a left-wing pseudo socialist pro EU politically correct party that believes in the big state. Theresa May is a shining example. She believes that we cannot rule ourselves and cannot manage without the nanny state or worse, a foreign state, telling us what to do in the minutiae of daily life. I find it particularly appalling that a Conservative Party is paying for the “thought police” whilst actual crime goes uninvestigated and clear up figures are extremely low. The Labour Party is now a Marxist party although the Labour Party under Ed Milliband and the current Conservative Party were indistinguishable. The so-called Tory party of low taxation has the highest tax burden on record and is currently discussing increasing it blaming the elderly. The £39bn payments to the EU are not mentioned but I suspect that that has far more to do with it.

So, we do need a proper Brexit( this is where we leave in full) but that is just the start. We also need a MASSIVE change and realignment of our political system with a thorough purge of the political class. This does not just mean MPs but senior managers of the civil service, police chiefs, the BBC, the Electoral Commission and the House of Lords to mention but a few. Free speech needs to be restored with the abolition of the Tony Blair’s “hate crime” act  which was designed to suppress freedom of speech on immigration as it was becoming politically inconvenient. Many other Acts of Parliament also need to be repealed. In addition to the 1972 European communities Act,( which should happen first), all the wrecking amendments against Brexit, the minimum requirement to the level of foreign aid, Tony Blair’s neutralisation of the Treason Acts, the BBC licence fee and the House of Lords (to make it entirely democratically elected )should all go. I am sure that I could think of a few more with a little effort.

I have no doubt that the new Brexit party will concentrate minds but the current Parliamentary arithmetic means that the changes that I am advocating will be unlikely until after a general election which I suspect will not be universally and enthusiastically welcome. I suspect that even the Labour Party may lose enthusiasm.

Any attempts to avoid the EU elections by voting for a customs union deal combined with Theresa May’s treacherous deal will only serve to complete the total destruction of the Conservative Party which is currently under way. A No deal Brexit and strong fully Pro Brexit leader in the very near future is the only possible way that the Tories could eventually recover. The Conservative Party has allowed Theresa May to totally betray us as I have outlined previously in a string of previous Emails and indeed, the party has voted to keep her in. I appreciate that your own votes have been more aligned to the Brexit cause but your party is run by those who wish to betray the British People. I look forward to the sweeping changes that I have alluded to but am happy to wish you personally all the best but my Country comes first. I will, as I have previously stated never vote for the conservatives ever again. Please feel free to show this letter to your colleagues.


Respectfully, Paul Chambers


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Robert Straker, deputy assistant secretary for cyber security at the US State Department, warns that America ‘would be forced to “reassess” its intelligence-sharing relationship with the UK’ if Britain ‘allows Chinese technology giant Huawei to help build its 5G network’, after the UK’s National Security Council, ‘chaired by the Prime Minister, pushed ahead with the plans despite objections from five Cabinet ministers’ (‘US threatens intelligence blackout over UK Huawei deal’, Telegraph, April 30, 2019).

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House of Lords, Lord Fowler, has warned John Bercow, ‘neutral’ Speaker of the House of Commons, that ‘barring Donald Trump from addressing Parliament would be an insult to America’s war-dead and undermine free speech’ (‘A Commons ban on Trump “would insult US war dead”’ Telegraph, April 30, 2019).   

Theresa May’s lukewarm approach to Mr Trump’s offer to help make a success of Brexit suggests that she shares Mr Bercow’s opinion, making a stark contrast with her anxiety to please Brussels and her determination to court Huawei – perhaps better pronounced ‘Who are we’ – at the risk of jeopardizing our membership of the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence network. It sums up her approach to foreign affairs, in which pleasing one’s enemies is seen as more important than pleasing one’s friends. Mrs May is an avowed Christian, but although Christ told us to love our enemies, He did not add ‘and hate your friends’.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer


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E J Barraclough (Letters/DT, 11th May, text below) joined the Tory party, to be able to vote for a new leader. But sadly the majority of Tory MPs are remainers and they shortlist only two candidates – for grassroot members to vote on.

As Einstein observed “Repeating the same actions, but expecting a different outcome, is insanity.”

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


Text of the letter:

SIR – Mrs May says Brexit is not about her, and thus she excuses her continued occupation of No 10. This is the woman who has micromanaged Brexit from the beginning, refusing to delegate, refusing to communicate or to listen, with seemingly impenetrable skin and absolute incomprehension of the way she is increasingly seen by the general public. She has made it all about her for the past three years. I joined the Conservative Party last July, when Mrs May came up with her appalling Chequers plan, in order to be able to vote for another leader. I shall be very cross if I have to stump up another year’s membership for my chance to do so.

E J Barraclough, Ipswich, Suffolk


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