The irony of the Remainer position is huge. They claim that a WTO Brexit would be undemocratic and their  level of hypocrisy is quite dramatic.

Brexit Blocker MPs who delighted in voting away our Parliamentary powers in treaty after Treaty, Directive after Directive, now pose as upholding the  rights of the very Parliament they trashed by emasculating it.

They delegated the decision to the people in 2016 and then 496 of them voted to invoke Article 50.  But they now demand that Parliament votes to thwart the referendum outcome.

Each time they lose they demand a re run on  the grounds that Parliament, like the people, has got it wrong and needs to  vote on it all over again. 

Then they will argue that the outcome is not legally binding. They seem to take a similar view of referendums as do E.U. rulers.

Juncker said of the French referendum, on the EU constitution: “If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we CONTINUE.

Another EU Tyrant, Shultz, said: ” The British through their Referendum) have VIOLATED THE RULES.  Shultz said. “It is not EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.” Shultz. 

WHY do Brexit Blocker MPs want to make themselves redundant, while bringing an end to our nation state?

Respectfully, Mr King


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Is It BREXIT on 31st October?

I think it is time we heard from the 17.4M.

It really is do-or-die on 31st October, for if we do not leave then, or even worse it is BRINO, there is no future for an independent and democratic UK.

We are being told by all and sundry what to do and what to think, but it is time for the 17.4M to say what they think and what they say must be done.

For this to have the desired affect all must “speak” at the same time and with one voice throughout the UK, and the message must be the same –  “we want to leave the EU”.

This is how it could be done:

There has to be a day of protest action planned, and it has to be November 1st because for there to be the most dramatic expression of Public option ever something equally dramatic must have happened. BREXIT not to have happen is that dramatic event. Delay or BRINO will be equally dramatic triggers.

If we do leave on 31st October then November 1st becomes a day of celebration.

I appreciate that protesting after the event could be thought of as shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted; but that is flawed thinking. The November 1st protest will need a lot of planning and coordination, and that in itself will generate increasing pressure on the Government. The more people who say they will protest the less the likelihood of a protest being necessary.

17.4M said, by means of the Referendum, what they want the Government to do, and so far it has not happened: but the hope has remained that it will. Those voices are not going to make any more difference to Government actions while hope and promises remain. With hope and promises betrayed the consequential voices of 17.4M will make a difference.

November 1st has to be dramatic, but it is not what is done that will make a difference but the number of people doing it. So what to do? Well, each to his own, but acting similarly and at the same time will have the largest impact.

November 1st is a Friday, so take a day off work, or just a long lunch break. At 12AM let there be the peaceful and lawful disruption to the routine of public life by people displaying Leave placards. This can take many forms, such a marches, filling the pavements, interrupting traffic by crossing the road, interrupting shipping by fishing boats getting in the way, and so on. This does not need to go one for longer than an hour as that will be plenty long enough for the protest to make its point; it is not so much what is done as the number of people seen doing it.

The build up to a day of action will also have an impact on whether or not there is a General Election. If there is clearly a great deal of support for “leave” then the remainers will be far less inclined to bring down the Government with the intention of forming a remain-biased administration.

If a further demonstration of public feeling is required, well November 5th is a good opportunity to select who its to be depicted as the guy on the bonfire.

The big question to be answered is who is going to lead the build up to the day of protest. Any suggestions? Answer I fear will be none; for while there are a large number of Leave organisation active since the Referendum was called they plough their own furrow with no sign of the coordinated voice needed to be heard in Westminster and elsewhere. I live in hope that enough right-minded people will KBO and November 1st will be a day of celebration.

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley


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You reported recently that 60 backbench Tory MPs would vote against the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) if the Irish Backstop alone is removed. 

Consider how that might play out:

  1. The E.U. could continue to delay its response, offering some weasel words on the Backstop – at the eleventh hour.
  2. The 60 MPs might then be bullied into accepting the deal (with its remaining toxic clauses) or face a GE – leading to a coalition government and no Brexit.
  3. But if the ERG did reject the proposed new WAB, then the PM might feel obliged to request another Article 50 extension – to facilitate further negotiations?
  4. The E.U. likely agree to that, if the purpose is to facilitate a General Election, or Referendum.

Might that perhaps be a signal to Mr  Corbyn to call a vote of no confidence, itself leading to a general election?

To counter the risk, surely the PM needs to give the E.U. two options, a) that a unilateral escape clause be included in the WAB, or b) that the U.K. defaults to WTO rules on 31/10.

That assumes that he wants to continue in government.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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