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Leaving aside the fact that any calls for a second EU referendum, or the actual implementation of one would be an affront to democracy and a blatant attempt to overturn the winning Leave vote here’s something to ponder: if Leave were to win again it would be crystal clear that the only way to leave the EU and honour both Leave votes would be via an arm’s length FTA or on WTO terms. However, that begs the question, if these are the only options capable of delivering a Leave vote why haven’t either of them been implemented in the last two years?

Of course, we all know the answer. Government, the cabinet, Parliament, the civil service and Establishment are dominated by Remainers. However, it does enable us to demolish any such demand for a second referendum, as Parliament & the government via the Referendum Act has already devolved to the people the choice, whether to Remain or Leave – it was a People’s Vote and Leave won.

In 2016, in its £9m Remain propaganda leaflet, sent to every household the government promised the electorate it would implement the decision of the people. They haven’t and don’t intend to.

If this was 1653 we could rely on a certain Mr Cromwell to clear out the Westminster augean stables:

“It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

In the name of God, go!”

Respectfully, John Bickley

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I have just started to read a book which I downloaded some time ago (“The New Totalitarians” by Roland Huntford). Just as far as the introduction there are a few words which we should take note of:

“Corporatism has been implicitly accepted as an article of faith, it transcends politics and party. The bureaucracy has been the guarantor of continuity, for prime ministers may come and go, but the bureaucrat endures.”

We often criticise our elected so-called representatives for their failure to put the interests of their constituents before their own or those of government but are unaware of the beliefs of the unelected civil servants tasked with implementing policy and where their loyalties lie. Of course whatever changes in government policy nothing affects their job security and the pension they can look forward to.

Ministers are often appointed to positions where they have no relevant experience or qualifications relevant to that position so rely on advice from their departmental staff and are easily manipulated.

We must ensure that our own people who might be appointed as ministers in a future government are suitably qualified and experienced to resist such influence. We should also plan to review the employment contracts of senior civil servants to force them to comply with current government policy; I’m sure many do not.

Respectfully, Jack Thomas

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Some say that 17.4m did not understand what they were voting for, when they voted to leave the E.U.

So let’s make it very simple. Obeying the E.U. rule book, for as long as Brussels decides, is NOT leaving the E.U. – by any stretch of the imagination.

Clearly MPs have NO MANDATE to do that and cannot spin it away, with soothing words from the EU. The only mandate they have is to REMOVE us fully from EU jurisdiction.

To do that, Tory MPs must elect a PM who has the vision, tenacity and conviction to deliver on the referendum outcome and to LEAVE the E.U. – including the Customs Union and the Single Market.

Thus we don’t need a back stop – we need back bone and Tory MPs must not procrastinate any longer. They must replace her now.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

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At last some common sense, from the Swiss no less, who are very publicly ready for a no-deal Brexit:


Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

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The recent treacherous vote of Tory MPs to support May has made me so angry and disappointed! The letter below is a copy of a letter to be sent to my MP:

“I have to say that I am very saddened. We are no longer a democratic country. We are led by those who betray the votes, the mandates and the promises made to the electorate at election times. They are also betraying the result of a referendum that was won by the pro Brexiteers with a large majority. Promises have been broken and numerous lies from the highest politicians in the land are the norm. 

Treason May is trying to force British taxpayers to PAY £40bn to take away our sovereignty and democracy with no guarantee of anything in return. It is treachery on a hitherto totally unseen scale. If the EU wants our fish for example, how about us having some French vineyards in exchange rather than our fish being an involuntary gift!

Our freedom of speech is being gradually eroded as political dissent particularly about immigration is being suppressed by the thought police on Twitter. How long will it be before we see armoured cars on UK streets decked in EU flags as is currently happening in France?

Maybe we should adopt these French tactics with their yellow jackets who seem to have the right idea in that they have forced their politicians to climb down. Standard political campaigning and democratic voting (and voters) are ignored and treated with utter contempt by the established political class and civil service mandarins (also unelected). I notice that the EU negotiations were carried out by an unelected UK official with unelected EU officials. That says it all really. We are now unable to achieve a democratic result that respects the will of the people with our current system.
A very dissatisfied constituent.”

Respectfully, Paul Chambers



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