Why the change to “INDEPENDENCE Daily“, and why change now? Let me explain …

The last weeks have made abundantly clear that we cannot go on as we were if we want to achieve the Brexit we voted for on June 23rd in 2016.

Our elected politicians, from the PM and the Leader of the Opposition to their Party’s MPs, have shown us voters that our opinion doesn’t matter, that their Manifesto commitments in the 2017 GE were hollow lies. The only Party elected to Parliament which has shown spine and determination to stand by their principles is the DUP. The Remain extra-parliamentary forces have meanwhile reigned supreme in the MSM and indeed the courts.

As for the spectacle provided by the establishment Parties: could their contempt for us voters have been more clear than the No-Confidence vote by the Parliamentary Tory Party, where two thirds of May’s MPs supported her while two thirds of Tory Party members don’t! And what about the performance of the Labour Party who still haven’t decided if it’s politically useful to them to hold a no-confidence vote in Parliament so that a GE can be called – a GE which they are hoping to win? Is it not contempt for us voters to use Brexit simply as their political playball?

And what about us Leave voters, us Brexiteers? Yes, we also went home, thinking “job done” – because we still trusted politicians and we did not expect them to sell us out so blatantly.

In the year following the GE 2017 and the ensuing spectacle of another UKIP leader throwing in the towel, leading to an even more frustrating leadership campaign with the known results, out of sheer frustration Brexit splinter groups were formed, new parties were founded. The political active Leave voters, the Brexit activists, were and are divided and, it pains me to say, the ‘Grassroots Out’ coalition was thus conquered by TPTB.

The lure of being present on social media, where ‘a following’ is easier to get than were one to tour the country, has promoted the proliferation of Leave voices – but who hears them? Certainly not the establishment in Westminster! I am reminded of an old slogan from the 1920s used by trade unionists to organise workers: “one finger can be broken – but five fingers are a fist”.  There are now many fingers – there are no fists. We cannot allow ourselves to be splintered and broken by the Remain establishment!

Therefore, the editorial team of the former “UKIP Daily” has decided that it’s time to create a platform where all Brexiteers can make themselves heard, regardless of their political affiliation because it’s time to concentrate our efforts on the fight for Brexit. It is time to stop the parochial debates about whom we can talk to and whom to shun. It is nearly past time to come together again.

It is time for INDEPENDENCE Daily!

It is time because Brexit must become the main issue. It is time for all Brexit groups to work together in a non-partisan fashion. We can no longer afford to stay divided into splinter groups to which the mainstream parties and media need not pay attention to, nor can we et ourselves be divided by TPTB inside our respective Parties who believe that we must adhere to the Party line on Brexit.

Independence Daily is the platform for the Brexit grassroots, like an online version of “Grassroots Out”. Independence Daily will offer opinions on current Brexit news and critical views of the Brexit issues debated by the main protagonists. Independence Daily is non-partisan and not affiliated with any Party. Our pages are open to all. We welcome different viewpoints and encourage debate while discouraging proselytising. We believe that the time for Brexit according to Party politics is over. Time is running out. Benjamin Franklin famously said, after having signed the Declaration of Independence:

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Anyone who has noticed the armoured vehicles on the streets of Paris last weekend sporting the EU flag, knows that Franklin’s words are not idle. If we don’t achieve Brexit, it will not just be the virtual boots of Brussels on our necks, nor the virtual yoke of the ECJ. The real boots of EUROGENDFOR will stomp in our streets, and they won’t care if you were a member of Labour, the Tories or any other Party fighting for Brexit.

We must stand together! Independence Daily is the place to do so online.


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