Wrecking is an ancient artform but distinction should be drawn between the Noble objective of Wrecking and the ignoble counter form of wrecking for ulterior purposes or even for the sheer thrill of being part of a group that treats it as a form of sport with games to be played on a home-and-away basis every week  and a prize presented for the best wreck of the year.

Most of us have the capacity to be a wrecker in one or the other forms of the art and it is not surprising that a great many of us take part in the practice. After all, there are so many aspects of the rich pattern of life that provide opportunities  to take part.

Perhaps one of the most accepted  derivation of the term wreckers is what was the ancient practice of shore dwellers, seeking to entice passing ships onto the rocks on shore  by the device of shifting lights, signals or buoys, in order to gather the harvest of their cargoes or steal valuables from the passengers who ventured in these vessels, often bludgeoning escaping passengers to death in order that they might not bear witness to the foul deeds perpetrated by the wreckers.

There may be difficulty in allocating  responsibility to which form of wrecking is involved, i..e ignoble or noble, as it is often down to the angle at which the perception is made. For example I  am a wrecker or at least a putative one; Mr.Major at the time he was negotiating Maastricht was plagued by a determined corps of dissenters from his own political party who were dissenting from the course of action he was taking. Indeed they were opposing him with every moral or legal argument they could muster and, to him, appeared so dedicated that he called them bastards. With that connotation I would term them wreckers and what is more, I am proud, even in retrospect, if I was ever to be considered one of their number. I believe they were right, the course he was advocating was wrong for the nation and was indeed a further, if not final surrender of Sovereignty, even perhaps treasonous. It is unlikely from his or his supporters’ angle that they will see it that way.

Now to get to the meat in the pie. It’s not Maastricht but Brexit that is now at issue: the instruction to our government from the grass roots electorate to effect our removal from the clutches of the  EU. I have no need here to list all the reasons for 17.4 million people to demand that our parliament make that happen, but it was the culmination of a period longer than 40 years in which the people had increasingly felt they were being more enfettered, even in a sense enslaved, the effects hidden from them by a host of devious means of many of their elected representatives from all the legacy parties.

When this scism was being mooted by Mr.Cameron, Mr Juncker  referred to it as a divorce. Of course it is not a divorce in the accepted domestic translation of the term, but whatever! The result is going to be much the same, and just as in a marriage there is always a reason for its being necessary in the first place, often these days on grounds of incompatibility, but still there are many because of good old-fashioned adultery where the parties have forgotten, indeed abandoned, their vows and responsibilities, have cast caution to the wind and gone ahead without any further thought and trashed their marriage. It is often referred to, regardless of the reason, as a “wrecked” marriage. I call those who have done this irrespective of the consequences as unreasonable wreckers.

Consider Brexit, consider those that voted remain and are so convinced of the folly of their fellow men/women who voted and have insisted on the complete/total implementation of  LEAVE that they will use every means legal and otherwise to ensure that it will not happen.

Consider  those of the Tory Party who advocated remain in a constituency that voted leave.

Consider those of the Tory Party who advocated remain whichever way  the constituency voted and who have made it their business to defy the party by every means to prevent Brexit being reached or in fact to bring about the return to the status quo I.e staying in the EU.

Consider the mouthings of the leader of a Devolved Parliament, where she insists that as the residents voted remain that she has the right to call for a further Independence Referendum if the UK as a whole leaves the EU.

Consider the position of a failed previous prime minister who engineered/presided over the greatest invasion of immigrants to this country in history under the guise of diversity. Little or no or only little special spatial, services or financial provisions have been made for this substantial body of extra people. He now considers, nay urges, there should be a referendum ..

Consider – Consider – Consider.

Now consider all those I have mentioned and the plethora of all those additional bodies and organisations, many of whom have sought to meddle in and frustrate the conducting of the Brexit negotiations with the EU. Consider the effect of their constant babbling and importuning on the very leaders in Brussels with whom we are negotiating. Consider the perverse treatment that our own negotiators are going to receive. Consider that the EU were never “happy” with our decision to leave. Consider how they have been conditioned by this insensate cacophony to harden their position and give nothing, presumably in the first instance to achieve their default position of Referenda until they reverse the result and thus a return of the silly sinners to the fold with their tails between their legs – only this time to an EU where they will have less  influence than the 1/28th they previously held. Not to mention their regained  primary position in world affairs or their ability to conclude worldwide trade deals and certainly no rights to define our own fishing waters!

The title I have chosen for this article doesn’t describe those I have enumerated above, it doesn’t adequately describe the evil, coldly calculating, unholy brotherhood of desperados united in their course of wanton mischief who will stop at nothing to involve innocent remainers in their  vicious enterprise – make no mistake: they are united in using every means to either bring the government down, to engineer another referendum or just to cause the country to “give in” and cancel Brexit.

Thus dies democracy for 17.4 million grassroot voters.

I call these people wreckers. I use the term advisedly, I have support in that I heard Conservative Grandee Alan Duncan the other day had called those who would vote against the Government and their party in the present (now delayed) Commons vote wreckers.

I repeat: W R E C K E R S!


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