I was fascinated by one news item today. A man  – and that’s all we’re being told – a man, born in Denmark but having lived all his life in Norway, went on a killing spree in a small Norwegian town, armed with ‘bow and arrow’. Before I go into details I want to express my sympathies to the families of all who were killed. Guns, arrows, knives, bombs or trucks: it makes no difference when one of one’s own has been brutally ripped out of one’s family’.

The stark facts have made it into our and the Continental papers. They’re all only repeating the Norwegian press reports (e.g. link, link, paywalled). We‘re told that the killing spree lasted for half an hour, that at least five people are dead, that two were injured, that the attack started in a grocery supermarket, that the man seemed to have ‘acted alone’ and that investigators are also looking to see if there was ‘a possible terrorist motive’. Here’s The Times, quoting Mr Øyvind Aas, the police chief of Kongsberg, the town in Norway where this took place:

“Aas said the killer’s motives were unknown and added that he could not rule out terrorism. He said all lines of inquiry remained open. Police said that the killer appeared to have acted alone. “There are many crime scenes,” Aas said. “This person has committed criminal acts over a large area.” He told the broadcaster NRK that police were trying to find out how many people had been attacked. He said there could be victims who had not yet been found.” (link, paywalled)

So far – so utterly horrible, especially since people couldn’t run away because they heard nothing. Gunshots alert everyone that something terrible is taking place, giving one time to run and find protection. Bows and arrows are silent, as are knives. Witnessed told the police they saw a man with a bow in his hand and a quiver of arrows – but we don’t know if it was ‘only’ a bow which was used or if the murderer also used a crossbow. There is a huge difference. That’s why I wondered because we’re also told that:

“Some of the arrows pictured strewn around the site of the attack appeared to be crossbow bolts while others had flights indicating they could be used with a bow. ‘The man used a bow and arrow… for some of the attacks,’ police chief Øyvind Aas told reporters adding that police were investigating whether other weapons had also been used.” (link)

One cannot shoot crossbow bolts from a bow. So it makes sense to look for ‘other weapons’. Here’s a description of crossbows, how they work and what they look like and here’s one for bow-and-arrows. Archery has a long history here in the UK – let’s just mention Agincourt while we’re at it – but it’s now also an Olympic sport. We don’t know what sort of bow – as opposed to crossbow – the murderer used. There are all those hi-tech modern sports bows – and there are the replica bows which are made for people who engage in historical re-enactments as their hobby. 

Over the covid months I happened to watch and enjoy various videos on utube, about re-enactments and historical weapons, about investigations in the efficiency of those historical replicate weapons. Let me reassure you: using such bows, especially replicate bows, requires a huge amount of physical training and of physical strength. One cannot just walk into a sports shop, buy a modern sports bow and go on a shooting spree. One needs training, not just for the techniques but for strength. That also applies to handling crossbows. Where could one do such training? In archery clubs, in sports clubs, that’s where.

This begs the question: how easy is it for such murderers to slip below the horizon, to train innocently with sports weapons until the day he uses his training to kill people? Perhaps he trained in solitude – not difficult in an empty country like Norway. The Police will surely find out – and then what? Forbid the sport of Archery altogether?

Cast your minds back a few decades, remember what happened after the Dunblane massacre where the Major and then the Blair government banned handguns of all calibers (link) – not that this prevented crimes committed using such guns. So it is sadly on the cards that not just Archery might become regulated if not outright forbidden. It is also sadly on the cards that re-enactment groups will find themselves in the limelight.

It’s sadly on the cards that our overzealous politicians and civil serpents will be only too happy to demand police certificates attesting no previous criminal records before people can follow their hobby, before they can buy replica bows and crossbows. And how long will it be before our ‘investigative’ reporters swarm out to investigate people who participate in historical re-enactments, or to investigate the craftsmen who produce such bows? 

It is like a race between evil minds who are prepared to use anything as weapon for mass murder – the history of the past years ahve sadly shown us that even trucks can be used – and normal citizens being more and more curtailed in their activities and hobbies. Of course, we won’t mention who these evil minds usually turn out to be. Of course we won’t mention that many of us are reading between the lines when we note that the MSM again only speak of “a man”.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects in the MSM will blame computer games and re-enactment groups for creating the possibility of this murder spree. Meanwhile, we can expect the usual suspects in the MSM to demand that government ‘do something’ to prevent such murder spree from happening here. Meanwhile, our lives will become curtailed more and more, preventing people from exercising their hobbies, putting everybody under the blanket suspicion of being potential murderers.

When will our politicians and the ‘concerned’ in the MSM understand that there’s no legislation which can prevent someone going on a murder spree? Some decades ago, one such evil man went on a killing spree in Cologne, using a home-made weapon of mass destruction (link). No legislation can stop such evil murderers – they will always find a way.

There’s no legislation against death. It comes to us all, by all and any means. Accept it and live with it. Legislation to make our lives a joyless misery while we wait for inescapable death is not the solution.




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