There was a collective sigh of relief in St. Mary on the Wold yesterday.  ‘The election result was just what was wanted’ and ‘now we can move on’ mantra being heard a couple of times along with broad smiles.  True there was no Brexit Party candidate and the other parties garnered so many votes that if they all paid me a pound the result wouldn’t have covered my community charge. But there it is, we are all happy now, the young mums dropping the kids off at play school or whatever it’s called these days and Mr and Mrs Audi Avenue and us all can now get on with things and plan for the ‘Big Day’ without worrying about Corbyn.

Annebelle and Henry are coming of course for the Christmas long weekend and then Charles and I have to get ready for our trip to see our relations in Australia so it’s all very exciting. We’ve not been for a couple of years, having been on a cruise – not really our cup of tea but you do meet quite a few of ‘our sort’ of people and we have made a few new friends.

And I suppose that’s about it really.  The disgraceful behaviour of the political parties, the lies, deceit and attacks on the constitution and Parliamentary democracy, all nicely tided up and put back in the box marked ‘done and dusted’ – that’s if you have stayed glued to the BBC and SKY and read some of the broadsheet quality press.  You may well have come to the conclusion that all is well in ‘one nation’ Britain and all will soon be healed, just as my thought that May was doing a wonderful job and was being bullied by those awful men.

For some people, it’s as if the last three years were a bad dream and never happened, content as they are, and good luck to them in their cosy little middle income world with nothing to worry about now that Boris is back in control.

Demonstrations in London and Glasgow, – ‘Well, that’s just the bad losers.  They will soon get over it.’  Really?  These things need money and somebody to organise ‘the mob’.  Perhaps people think demonstrations are spontaneous and materialise by magic, just as their parents ecstatic demonstration did in Downing Street after Blair’s election in 1997.

People may be smiling in the Waitrose queue this morning but you may find out fairly soon that the new commission in Brussels is no different to the old one and attitudes have not changed very much towards the UK, the exit treaty, the political declaration and many other policies including free movement, immigration and EU military unification.  And there is also the little matter of extending the EU’s empire (sorry ‘influence’) by playing the world’s moral policeman and expanding across north Africa and across Europe to the Russia border while all the time working to undermine NATO.  How this is to be achieved with a flagging economy has yet to be explained.

And how much of this is to be accomplished with the assistance of the British military who apparently have or have not, depending on who you believe, been already signed up and committed to unification by various memorandums of understanding and bi-lateral agreements, none of which have ever been discussed in Parliament or questioned by mainstream media.

All parties have remained silent on this subject; certainly Boris has made no comment, I wonder why?  Is it a secret because of some undisclosed deadly threat that faces the United Kingdom, you may well ask, such as the weapons of mass destruction that Blair told us we needed to destroy before taking us into, some would say, an ill-advised war in Iraq.

Following the election result which seems to have left much of the media shocked, stunned and confused, as they often describe mere mortals, I’ve not seen anything written about the result except the same anti-Boris rubbish that doesn’t hold water, written by people with zero credibility who, as late as Wednesday, were telling us that it was going to be a hung Parliament led by a coalition of Lab Lib SNP, all of whom would combine to delay or stop Brexit and remove Boris.

The only new statement is from Nigel Farage: ‘The Brexit war is over.’  I doubt that.  Too much money and implied status and power is at stake for that.  The other commentators are implying that ‘the Labour Party is dead’. Are they reporting on a parallel universe where one in three voters (that’s something like 110,000,000 people) voted Labour?  Some death that then, and Labour certainly is not dead in places like Newcastle and Birmingham that remain, for whatever reason, solidly red.

But wait, not so long ago didn’t we hear the same about the Conservative Party?  It’s dead, we were told.  Everyone is going to vote Brexit Party – which proved to be equally inaccurate. I may have heard this incorrectly but even the BBC is reporting that the Conservative Party that was dead a few weeks back has just won the most seats since Margaret Thatcher.


Part 2 of A sigh of relief will be published here tomorrow.

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