From Stuart Gulleford:

The spirit of Brexit is strong in Essex!

The Leave Means Leave Leafleting Action day in Chelmsford on Saturday, previewed in Independence Daily, was a record-breaking success, with no fewer than 21 volunteers taking part and over 4,500 leaflets being delivered.

Leave Means Leave’s East of England Regional Organiser, Stuart Gulleford said: ‘This is our fourth Leafleting Action Day and the support is growing. I didn’t think we’d beat the record 19 who turned up in Brentwood last month, but we did and, most pleasing of all, we set a new record for the number of leaflets delivered. We even adopted a mascot – Teddy, the German Shepherd. The spirit of Brexit is strong in Essex!’

Leave Means Leave is a cross-party organisation which campaigns for the proper Brexit the country voted for. The leaflets delivered on Saturday promoted the benefits of a no deal Brexit, on WTO terms.

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From Felix Aubel, Leave Means Leave Coordinator for West Wales:

As the Leave Means Leave Coordinator for West Wales, I was delighted with the magnificent reception we received from shoppers during the clean Brexit cross-party street stall which was held in Llanelli on Saturday 9 February. Several hundred miscellaneous leaflets were also distributed to passers-by. Thank you to everyone who assisted with this vital cross-party work to StandUp4Brexit and oppose the Brexit Betrayal of the EU Withdrawal Agreement. A special ‘Thank You’ to Kenneth D Rees & Derek Reeves, together with several other members from the UKIP Llanelli Branch, for their great enthusiasm and sterling work. We certainly made our presence felt!

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From Janice North:

To the home of Diversity and Football – windswept Wembley – for UKIP North London’s Brexit stall on Saturday 9th February

I arrived at Wembley Central by train as parking in Wembley is more trouble than its worth, even with an Event permit! It was cold and extremely windy, but no rain and the sun was shining.  Too cold and too far away for some to manage, so I wondered who would turn up. I needn’t have worried as we had 4 of us altogether – half North London and half Barnet. And we did a really good job, despite leaflets (and my hair!) regularly launching themselves into gusts of wind and worries that the table would tip over! Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?

I had been reading about the proposed boundary changes for Brent – mostly in Wembley – caused by all the excess building in the area, which has already started to affect the traffic and increased overcrowding on the trains, so it would be interesting to see if people mentioned it. And despite all the building around the Stadium and the new shopping centre in Wembley Central, much of the high street still looks neglected and depressing.

It was Saturday and extremely windy, so people were in a hurry but set up with our backs to a partial view of Wembley stadium and managed a few good conversations. Brent is the most ethnically diverse borough in London and possibly the UK, but yet voted 40% Brexit, so Labour’s view of the world is proved wrong here. British Asians make up a large part of the demographic, and in my experience from living there and having campaigned there during the Referendum they are very pragmatic and are not held by political tradition or loyalty in the way that many people are – they are open to ideas, to Brexit and to UKIP. We signed up 2 new members there last time and this week was no exception.

One of us concentrated on persuading people to write to their MPs regarding Brexit. Another handed out as many leaflets as possible (while hanging on to the table and leaflets!) What was interesting is that all kinds of people support Brexit – including those from Europe who have been here for a while working. And that all kinds of people support Remain – including those born here of Commonwealth background who surely feel side-lined by EU citizens – the latter’s reasons being more based on Project Fear.

‘The Government is stockpiling medicine!’  ‘We have to stay in the EU, or the NHS will crash!’ ‘The country will come to a standstill!’ ‘We’ve made a mistake!’ And so Project Fear went on – the doom-mongers are doing a good job. Two of us decided to take a walk down the Ealing Road – famous for an Indian market selling everything from Indian jewellery, saris, furniture, perfume, and incense to fruit and veg. The market wasn’t on, but all the shops were open. We spoke to a local businessman who was chatting to a friend. The jewellery shop owner said he voted Remain as food prices will go through the roof once we Leave. Why? I asked him. ‘The government said so, because we get ALL our food from the EU’. Really? His friend wasn’t so sure ‘I voted Brexit’ he said, to the surprise of his business owner friend. Our jewellery friend also voted Labour (strange for a business owner?) because he asserted that Barry Gardiner was his friend. I’ve seen Barry in action – he is everyone’s friend when an election is on – he of the perma grin and constant selfie-taking. That smile may crack one day…

And the excessive building in Wembley? One thing that stuck out as I took photos during the day was the huge cranes everywhere on the skyline – and new high-rise flats sticking out against the sky.  The Wembley skyline was once iconic – with the football stadium – soon you won’t be able to see it.

We had gained 2 new members – one a lovely Italian lady who was very happy with Salvini after being so worried about the EU’s effect on Italy.   It was time to head to one of Tim Martin’s lovely cosy pubs and sample some of this British wine he has been promoting lately!

One thing was for sure – we are back out again next week!

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