Here in sleepy Rutland, the demesne of Alan Duncan, one of the MPs on Leave.EU’s target list but which is so pro-Tory that one voter told me on the doorstep during the 2015 campaign that I was wasting my time because ‘if you tied a blue ribbon around the tail of a rat, round here, then Rutlanders would vote for it…’ I’ve started a new FaceBook Group, Rutland Brexit Debate which is getting plenty of daily attention from Leavers and Remainers alike.  Providing postings and comments are not abusive, they remain uncensored otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a debate site…

One of the local Lib-Dem Councillor Candidates posted this impassioned rant by a fellow Remainer and I would rather like to post a point-by-point rebuttal and so I’m copying it here in the hope that Independence Daily readers will help me via the Comments.  Thank you in advance for your help.

By Martyn Stanley writing in the group Remain In The EU – Exit From Brexit!

I wrote this as a response to Leaver on here asking how Remainers feel about Brexit. I think it was quite a popular comment and so deserves its own post. This is my summary of where we are and how we got here.


I hope you’re not busy for a bit this is going to be long.

First of all, I’m a centrist. I don’t think hardcore socialism can work any more than hardcore capitalism. I’ve read Robert Tressell’s Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – the strongest argument for socialism. I don’t think it can work. At the moment though, we’re in deep sh*t.

We’re living in an economy where the top 1% are stripping the country bare without contributing a thing and the divide is getting bigger and bigger. The 2019 EU Anti-Tax Haven legislation might have gone some way to mitigating this.

However, when the people it would affect learned about it – they went hell bent for leaving the EU. Before it was announced the EU was mainly a political scapegoat and outlet for media racism. Watch the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers and imagine how those billionaires that pay zero tax will feel about having to contribute their fair share.

Then there’s the disaster capitalists who stand to make a fortune out of the UK’s demise. For example, Crispin Odey made £200 million in ONE NIGHT when the UK voted to leave by voting against the pound. He campaigned for leave by the way. It’s a bit like a footballer betting against his own team then trying to score own goals.

Then there’s Putin who wants to destabilize the EU. He’s already annexed Crimea, shot down a Malaysian Air Liner, gone to war in Ukraine and seized several Ukrainian boats. If the EU falls several states will be under threat by Russia. There’s still the question over Aaron Banks and Nigel Farage receiving Russian money.

There ARE people who benefit from Brexit, but they are NOT the people conned into voting for it. Every single argument for leaving the EU is bunkum. UK MEP’s voted WITH the EU on 95% of votes. We are NOT losing sovereignty.

The UK sold its fishing quotas. The EU had nothing to do with the shrinking fishing industry and to be fair the financial sector is many times the fishing industry in terms of GDP. If we lose that but get back fishing we’ll be 1000 times worse off.

We always had control of our borders. If the UK government had implemented the 3-month rule we could have sent non-self-supporting immigrants back after 3 months. They couldn’t be bothered. We also need skilled and unskilled migrant workers. If we can’t get them from Poland we’ll end up shipping them in from the Common Wealth – for example, Pakistan. Immigrants paid in far more taxes than they took out.

Turkey is NOT joining the EU and even if they did by some miracle manage it – the entire population of Turkey is NOT desperate to move to the UK. I honestly suspect more would prefer Germany which has a long history of inviting Turkish Gaster Arbeiters to live there.

Brexit was a con, a sham, and it’s now showing. If Brexit has honestly been a good idea, It wouldn’t have taken insane levels of illegal spending by the Leave campaign, years of lies and hate by the tax-dodging billionaire UK media barons who want to keep their tax havens open and thousands of Russian Troll Farms flooding Twitter for months.

The only argument left for Brexit now we know the TRUTH, is that people voted for it. But people voted based on a pack of lies.

Brexit isn’t about sovereignty or immigration or fishing and you’re a fool if you believe that. It’s about protecting the wealth of the British elite. They want to keep their tax havens and they want to turn the UK in a mini-America, a low-rent deregulated Tax Haven on the shores of Europe. They’ll do very well out of Brexit – sadly the rest of us are screwed.

The reason the Tory party are still pushing ahead with this nonsense is that many of these tax dodgers are massive Tory party donors. They’ll be lobbying and donating because that’s cheaper than paying their fair share of tax.

Corbyn wants Brexit because he believes the system is broken and needs replacing. In that, he MAY be right, but his desire to destroy the system to pave the way is flawed.

The economic recovery of the UK from Brexit will take at least 50 years or more. We still don’t know the long-term consequences of Brexit on the EU, the UK and Western Europe in general.

What we DO know is Scotland is likely to end up an independent EU country if Brexit goes ahead. Gibraltar may well have to move to shared sovereignty with Spain to secure trade deals and we’ll probably see more pressure for a United Ireland.

Brexit is an utter catastrophe. The damage it’s ALREADY done is horrific. Over TWO years of wasted political will, arguing over how we wreck the country.

History WILL NOT look favourably on Brexiteers. They’ll be compared to the moderates in 1930’s Germany who enabled the Nazi party to take power.

Despite the complete cock up of Brexit, I’m not convinced it can be stopped. I think anyone who voted Brexit should be at the back of the queue for food and medicines as the fact you bought the hatred and lies spouted by Leave makes you accountable.

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