Angela Merkel is quoted as saying: “Post-Brexit Britain will be a potential competitor to the European Union alongside China and the United States.”  The corollary to this statement by Merkel is that inside the EU the UK is NOT a competitor to other states in the EU.


Because while Britain is/was in the EU, the EU could screw Britain to such an extent in their favour, particularly France and Germany, that Britain would not be a potential threat to their economies.

And this is the proof:

1 When Britain joined the EEC in 1973 the EU took over complete control of Britain’s trade.

2 Since joining the EEC in 1973 Britain has NOT made a surplus on its trade in goods with the EU since the early 1980’s.

3 Hence, it only took the EU seven or so years to destroy Britain’s manufacturing base.

4 The proof of this is in the official figures as follows:

4.1 When Britain joined the EEC in 1973 the balance of payments (BoP) with the EEC was approximately zero.

4.2 This meant that Britain exported as much to the EEC as it imported from the EEC.

4.3 Since 1973, while under the control of the EU, the total accumulated BoP of UK trade with the EU has reached a staggering DEFICIT, currently costing Britain £2 trillion.

But the EU has not only screwed Britain in trade. It has also screwed Britain financially to the bloc’s benefit in many other ways, such as:

4.4 The TOTAL cost to Britain in NETT budgetary payments to the EEC/EU since 1973 now amounts to nearly £300 billion.

4.4.1 This amount of taxpayer’s cash has now been lost forever.

4.4.2 The £300 billion all had to be borrowed over the years and must be costing a large amount in interest fees all adding to the national debt of nearly £2 trillion.

4.4.3 At only 2% interest the current interest must be costing Britain at least £6 billion per annum.

4.4.4 This must be added to the current NETT budgetary payment of about £12 billion making a total of £18 billion per annum.

4.4.5 The annual cost of this interest payment is never mentioned by pro-EU bigots.

4.5 Since 1973 Britain’s fishing rights in our territorial waters has been governed by the EU.

4.5.1 The EU has therefore plundered our fish for nearly 50 years, with Britain getting the thin edge of the wedge in EU fishing quotas under the Common Fishing Policy (CFP).

4.5.2 This loss of fishing rights has cost Britain about £2 billion per annum in lost trade.

4.5.3 Hence the EU has already benefited by about £100 billion because of the CFP.

4.5.4 Despite this, the EU is still DEMANDING fishing rights in British territorial waters post BREXIT as a condition of starting trade talks.

4.6 Despite the £300 billion that Britain has so far contributed to EU funds the EU is DEMANDING that Britain pay them a bribe of £39 billion before they will even start talks on UK/EU trade.

4.7 The current trade deal with the EU’s single market means that EU imports do not attract import duties into the UK.

4.7.1 Hence, the UK taxpayer has lost a considerable amount from the larger EU exports to the UK.

4.7.2 British exporters to the EU would also have to pay EU import duties to the EU on their exports. However, the fact remains that British taxpayers have probably, since 1973, lost well over the equivalent of £20 billion in duties just on the £2 trillion difference in EU imports to Britain over British exports to the EU.

5 In spite of all the contributions made by Britain to the EU since we joined, the EU is apparently insisting on giving Britain worse trading conditions than they recently gave to Canada and Japan.

5.1 No doubt they did not insist that Canada and Japan paid them the equivalent of £39 billion before they started trade talks.

5.2 The EU probably did not demand that Canadian and Japanese citizens living in the EU were guaranteed rights of residence, as they have for EU citizens living in the UK.

5.3 Or the free movement of people.

5.4 Or demands for ‘level playing fields’ to try and prevent them, like Britain, competing with their industries.

5.5 Or threats to ban or inhibit their financial services from operating in the EU like they have for Switzerland and the UK if they do not comply with EU demands.

5.6 The EU has thus ably demonstrated its vindictive, jealous, angry, nasty and spiteful nature towards Britain for having the temerity to vote to leave the delusional Valhalla that is the EU opinion of itself, and their determination to make an example of Britain to deter any other EU country from leaving.

6 QUESTION: With ‘friends’ like the EU who needs enemies?

7 Conclusion: So thank you Angela Merkel. You have quite clearly endorsed the British public’s overwhelming good sense in voting to leave the cess pit that is the European Union which is run by the likes of you!

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The Daily Express, 25 January 2020, said Canadian businesses are already now counting the cost of Canada’s trade ‘deal’ with the EU.

Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance chief Claire Citeau said: “The negotiated terms are not being respected.

“There are always delays, there are always exorbitant costs.

“Some demands from the EU are not adapted to the Canadian market.

“EU exports have increased but Canadian exports have dropped by 10 percent. We now have a €3.5billion trade deficit!”

Overall EU exports to Canada rose 11 percent in 2018 from a year earlier, but Canadian agricultural exports to the EU fell 15 percent.

History is repeating itself. Witness the UK’s £2 trillion balance of payments deficit with the EU!

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