In my political thinking that importance of the nation state is a given. If that is not appreciated then the least we can expect is to continually go around in circles, and at worse become enslaved.  The size of a nation is irrelevant and patriotism is a manifestation of identity, belonging and ownership.  Distinct nations allow for the diversification of human endeavour, the promotion of democracy, and as the compartments in a submarine, they protection against global tyranny and totalitarianism.  If there were ever such a thing as a ‘social fact’, then nation states would provide the evidence.

If globalism is to mean anything it is in trade, contracts and understanding.  These things can exist without politicians, without religious ideologies and without the need for cultural harmony.  They exist because we have brains, two legs, index fingers and thumbs, and value our lives.

The imposition of undemocratic entities steals ownership, self-determination and freedom of individuals.  It subdues the spirit and the sub-conscious aspirations of people, making slaves of them.  This has been demonstrated time and time again.

The injustices, impositions and exploitation by the Roman Catholic clergy caused European people of the Middle Ages headed by Martin Luther, to rebel.

The selling of plenary indulgences by Catholic clergy in a perverse way limited the spiritual development as much as the crony capitalist rules and regulations of the EU limits the entrepreneurial spirit and freedoms of ordinary people today.

Luther’s Ninety-five Theses was written in 1517 lighting the blue touch paper.

The result of the UK’s EU Referendum in 2016 has again lit the blue touch paper.

It took another four years before Luther was excommunicated by way of the Diet of Worms in January 1521.

It has taken the UK four years to leave the EU by way of the WA in January 2020.

Both the Protestant Reformists and the UK Leavers are guilty of heresy.  Heresy for standing against corruption, duplicity, and more importantly a different philosophical understanding of social needs.

Luther, Calvin and Henry VIII were right then and we are right now.

What followed that 16th century theological schism does not bode well for Europe today.  The Reformation was followed by over 120 years of European conflict and destruction until the Peace of Westphalia 1648.

Where the Protestant Reformists initiated the end of the Holy Roman Empire or First Reich, there is no doubt in my mind that the UK has initiated the EU’s demise, affectionately dubbed the ‘Fourth Reich’.

Ignorant people say the British are not Europeans; we certainly are.  Surely it is the diversity of culture, of thinking, tradition, everything, that makes Europe what it is.  Far truer would be to say that the EU is not European, as an entity which wishes to harmonise and mix the vibrant colour of Europe into a grey muck.

Erasmus argued for reform from within.  How can we contemplate lying with the devil to get a good outcome?  Fortunately the Reformation ended the domination of the Roman Catholic religion in Europe, but it did not end its corruption.  If ever there were a time to heed history then it would be now. The EU would have to end its escalation of commitment to reform.

Can we blame the Germans?  Emphatically no.  Not because Germans were not involved and instrumental.  It is no surprise, diverse people from all tribes want the same basic things, basic human needs.  The guilty are the users, the leaders, the exploiters, the fanatics, and the ideologues.

We have Saxon genes embedded by tradition, repetition, and blood.

So what of the ‘First Reich’ and how did all this start?

The Holy Roman Empire was a Roman Catholic construct.  A manipulation of Middle Age tribal politics.

Charlemagne defeated and subsequently slaughtered many Saxons, as was the way.  He carried the Roman Catholic cause through Europe uniting Franks and Lombards, and eventually being crowned ‘Emperor of the Romans’ by the Pope.

Then there was the Second Reich ending in the First World War.  Then there was the Third Reich ending in the Second World War.

In the EU we have the Fourth Reich.  Another attempt in the pretext of preventing a re-enactment of other attempts.  What deceitful logic.

This domination of Europe by a ‘we know best’ power has to stop!

Establishing the democratic rights of individuals, nation states and a denunciation of this super-state is essential.  Multinationalism and multiculturalism have shown themselves to be useful weapons in the arsenal of the globalists.

We, the British, a mongrel race of rebels, who live in the United Kingdom, demonstrate the value of diversity, the entrepreneurial spirit, and freedom.  We will not put up with imposed domination by others, any more than Luther, a puritan, was prepared to put up with the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church.  We want self-determination, and freedom, as do the ordinary people of those other subdued Nations on the continent.

As an island country we have seen four major events in our history.

The invasion of the Romans (1st century AD)

The invasion of the Angle and Saxons (essentially 6th century AD)

The invasion of the Normans (11th century AD)

The Reformation (16th century AD)

Now there is the likelihood of a Second Reformation and a Golden Age.

These have been painful events but then pain is relative and life is short.  The job is not finished!  It would in our best interests to see an end to the EU in our lifetime, but not just for us.

This can be done by example despite our useless politicians.  The writing is on the wall for them.  They have worked as provincial administrators taking orders and directives from their leaders in the Tower of Babel, Brussels.  Now they must be patriotic and directly responsible to us.  It’s called Democracy!

In the medium term, Britain’s foreign policy must embrace and campaign for Euroscepticism across Europe, for practical as well as ethical reasons.”  Alistair Heath Daily Telegraph 30th January.

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