For so long now, we’ve been faced with an ever-increasing barrage or self-righteous, virtue signalling, Liberal/Leftist propaganda that it’s hard to imagine how we got here, where it all came from. Let’s have a look at how this type of propaganda works, starting off with an example from the world of commercial marketing.

Back in the 1980s there were the Jack-the-Lad beer brands. Most of these beers were very ordinary and so the challenge was to differentiate them, to target market segments with appealing propaganda. The legions of young men in their late teens/early twenties, propping up bars and drinking lager, were a promisingly lucrative segment and so the campaign began. The adverts at the time were full of wise cracking, smart-arse characters who could clear pool tables and effortlessly pull gorgeous young birds; of course, they’d only drink a particular lager.

The above image appealed to many working-class young men around the country, so campaigns like this sold millions of pints of beer as these impressionable youngsters subconsciously strived to become their role model. The reality was that, unfortunately, many of these young men were none too bright, spotty, obnoxious and drunken youths that no woman in her right mind would go anywhere near.

People, and we’re all guilty of this, tend to live in bubbles. Often there is a very stark difference between the way that people perceive themselves and the reality of what they really are. The marketing industry is very skilled at manipulating people by exploiting this discrepancy and politicians use the same techniques. People will cling to their bubbles for dear life as without them, they would have to be content with the far more mundane realities of life. Popping someone’s bubble can be far more painful than physical violence.

Let’s take a very old friend of mine as an example. One day as a teenager, as I was riding along on my motorcycle, I noticed my friend being bullied by some thug that had pulled him over. The thug was starting to punch my friend, a self-proclaimed pacifist and who stood there helplessly and let himself be punched. Whether pacifism is an excuse for cowardice, I’ll let you decide, I myself couldn’t ever conceive of a situation where I stood by and let someone attack me.

As I pulled over to investigate, the thug decided that he didn’t like the look of me and rode off. As for my friend, as the Politically Correct age of the Liberal/Lefty doctrine got going, my friend embraced this; it suited his pacifist or cowardly personality perfectly. My friend felt cool, virtuous, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, he soon learnt to despise me and hung around with like-minded Lefties. He had found the perfect shield for his own inadequacies.

Of course, there are now millions of people like my old friend. If you have a chip on your shoulder, an axe to grind or you just wish to find someone else to blame for your failures, the Liberal/Lefty bubble will provide you with the perfect place in which to hide. As long as Liberalism lasts, these people will never have to face reality, they will never have to deal with the realities of life and their very average humdrum existence.

This is why we find the lefty bubble so hard to pop but reality will catch up eventually. I must give Margaret Thatcher credit for this quotation:

“The trouble with Socialists is that they always run out of other people’s money.”

 Never a truer word said and I think we are at the stage where the money is just about to run out and it’ll be nothing to do with Brexit no matter how much Lefty propaganda will have us believe that it is. More on this another time.

The more reality catches up, the more our open borders increase our population beyond the elasticity of country’s economy to cope and our health and social services collapse, the more the indigenous population of our country is driven into poverty by Socialist politics, the more the Lefties will ensconce themselves in their bubble.

These Liberal/Lefty pacifists will do anything to deny the reality of who they really are, they will not accept the fact that they’ve been sold a pack of lies. They will never want to accept the responsibility for turning an advanced, civilised society, one of the greatest countries in the world, into a Third World slum: they will deserve all the misery that they get when reality catches up.

The current but thankfully receding age of Liberal/Lefty Socialism has provided so many people with a kind of easy virtue, a cloak of sophistication and an escape from their averagely mundane lives: when their bubble pops there will be trouble.

On the 1st of February, the Lefty bubble may well finally pop, if not it won’t be far off. I’ve long thought that as the age of global Socialism unwinds there will be chaos in the world. You only have to look at the continuing riots in France, Hong Kong, South America and many other places to see that trouble is already here and will get much worse.

The people of the world have been under an illusion for so long, reality is going to be very painful. However: you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

The coming turmoil is something that we must go through. Whatever happens, however difficult things get, in the last few very difficult years, we’ve made advances towards regaining our freedom that back then we would never have imagined.

As Viv would say: keep battling on, we’re actually winning.

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