“Although Marxist theory suggested that the places ripest for social revolution — either through peaceful transition or by force of arms — were industrial societies, communism was mostly successful in underdeveloped countries with endemic poverty such as the Russian Empire and the Republic of China.” 

It seems to be a common thread running through the history of the world’s greatest tyrants that in order to facilitate their rise to power, they know how to capitalise upon false promises to disaffected people, promises that were in no way practical or sustainable.

Lenin and later Stalin, promised the poor equality and a classless society, that all would be equal and share prosperity. Adolf Hitler promised to revoke the Treaty of Versailles.  Many Germans blamed this treaty for the post World War 1 depression that had overtaken Germany and we all know where the Weimar economy ended up.

Both Stalin and Hitler aimed to unite Europe under either Communism or under a Nazi, Fascist state.  Today we have the European Union openly and increasingly desperately trying to achieve the same goal.

The European Union has propagated the myth of a prosperous and united Europe, music to the ears of the disaffected, particularly the hordes of so called refugees and economic migrants piling up on our shores. It doesn’t matter that in reality our economies can never sustainably support these people, they will support the European Union.

It was increasing authoritarianism that led to Communism becoming unpopular and of course Hitler did his best to avoid this by being fairly totalitarian from the start. The populace began to see through the utopian lies and became increasingly difficult to control.  The regimes became desperate to maintain power and the noble ideas with which they started gave way to totalitarianism.

Today as the European Union’s promises become exposed as lies, the economic and social flaws in its make-up are becoming increasingly obvious. Banks are on the brink of collapse.  The political, rather than sound economic construct of the Euro, has been the cause of much polarisation and misery, our women and children are being gang-raped and sexually exploited by hostile invaders.  People are waking up though, at last.

“Stalin was without doubt one of the most ruthless world leaders of the 20th Century, responsible for millions upon millions of deaths. But estimates of the number of deaths he caused vary wildly – from 3 million to 60 million.”

As for Adolf Hitler, I don’t think I even need to write about his achievements; we all know millions died. This is what happens when people begin to realise what lies behind the empty, false promises – people die as desperate regimes cling to power and the realisation sets in that it was just about the craving for power right from the start.

Over the last couple of years as our country has supposedly tried to negotiate a Brexit agreement, the true colours of the European Union have become ever more apparent and the mask has slipped. The EU has tried to punish Britain for wanting to leave its clutches, it has demanded extortionate amounts of money, and refused to relinquish political and economic control.

In short, the European Union has shown itself to be the anti-democratic, power-crazed collection of dictators that it always has been and our government is populated with its quislings.

As the European Union falls apart politically and economically and certain of its member countries wake up and start to resist, we can see that the promises that it made are no more realistic, but are just as empty and false as those of either Stalin or Hitler. Unfortunately, though, this is where things get really dangerous.

In an article in Geopolitical Weekly entitled “The European Union, Nationalism and the Crisis of Europe” , George Friedman discusses the economic and political folly of the European Union.  The article finishes off by asking:

“But if Europe is not exceptional and is in trouble, what comes next? The history of Europe should give us no comfort.”

Well Europe is in trouble, although the controlled mainstream media will scarcely admit it. Now the EU has given up all pretence and is growing increasingly desperate to have its own army, as well as its existing EUROGENDFOR.

Our quisling government seems determined to keep us shackled one way or another to the European Union and is still making plans to integrate our armed forces. If we can’t achieve a clean break from the European Union now, perhaps the question we should really be asking is:

How many lives will it cost this time?

We may also wonder about our recently-acquired citizens, particularly those of the Religion of Peace.  Which side will they be fighting on? I think in our hearts we already know the answer to this.

In the first two world wars, they were fought over borders; I’m fairly sure that this time around it will be fought on our streets. Given the signing of the United Nations Global Compact on Migration, it may soon be illegal to discuss this, but the explosion into violence will come nevertheless.

Totalitarianism then is already well established in our country, something that always comes along when the false promises are exposed as the lies that they are. A Totalitarianism that has been ushered in via the veil of Political Correctness or thought-control by any other name and finally the United Nations is preparing to put the final nail in the coffin of our right to free speech. Free speech cannot be allowed, this why our government, the EU and the UN are so desperate to control the Internet.

As Mark Twain declared: “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” Well, history is certainly rhyming now.

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