Written by C.G. Wighter


It is a fact never broadcast by the MSM that China did not have a complete ‘lockdown’ as we are led to believe. Instead it was just mainly for the Wuhan area and some other large cities and totalled around 56 million people of a population of 1.435 Billion. This equates to a tiny 3.96%, meaning that the rest of the people/ economy (over 96%) was unaffected. It will take China no time to make up this loss. There were other Coronavirus cases (grossly under-reported) all around China but they did not lock down the whole country and economy as most of Europe has done in sheep/ lemming fashion. Also it has worked wonders for Macron crushing his opposition protests by suppressing the people! 

This is the unproven ‘model’ the UK Government followed, led by the ‘advisors’ from Imperial College, that just a tiny amount of research shows are bankrolled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was also against the advice of World Experts in infectious diseases and was based on ‘models’, namely by Neil Ferguson who was wrong about Swine Flu, and who’s wrong and cruel policy on Foot and Mouth led to the needless slaughter of over 6 million healthy animals, ruining the livelihoods of thousands of farmers.

This will be nothing compared to the many hundreds of thousands of human deaths that this destructive lockdown and ruining of our economy will cause in the UK. There will also be bankruptcies, job losses, mental health problems, murders (Domestic Violence Charity ‘Refuge’ has already reported increases of 25% in calls to their helpline), stress, suicides, people dying because their treatments or operations have been cancelled due to the ‘pandemic’. Also many more deaths will be caused by the decline in general health both physically and mentally. This depressing picture is reaffirmed in this excellent article.

We know full well coronavirus affects most people in a minor way: we are told 80% have mild symptoms and 20% have moderate symptoms, with a tiny percentage having severe symptoms and mortality being very rare, especially for those without underlying health problems. The perceived minor nature of ‘Covid-19’ is proven in the Government report of 21 March, two days before lockdown, see here.

Despite this, the panic set in with MSM wall-to-wall coverage and the lie that there is no treatment. This brings in ‘survival mode’ and a willingness to put up with anything, including denial of liberty and economic ruin, to be ‘saved’. We are being panicked into such a state of confusion with constant brainwashing that few question and challenge these measures. We are also continually brainwashed to believe that the only way to deal with this ‘pandemic’ is by testing, lockdown and isolation.

However, these policies are everything about money, power and control and nothing about people (see here): Gates states he and his colleagues “don’t want a lot of recovered people” who have acquired natural immunity, instead wanting to make many more billions by giving us vaccines. Please read this article thoroughly and watch the video, noting how much he is smiling and laughing especially when talking about vaccines, disturbing ‘vaccine passports/ ID’ and ruined economies! 

What Gates did not want to talk about was treatment, calling it ‘therapeutics’, dismissing all apart from Remdesivir, which he said had promising results but claimed “it is kind of hard to manufacture”. This drug, which blocks enzymes crucial for viruses to reproduce, was also endorsed by Bruce Aylward of WHO, saying at a February 24th Press Conference “There’s only one drug right now that we think may have real efficacy, and that’s Remdesivir.”

However, American pharma giant, Gilead Sciences, who owns the licence announced on 23rd March it would be suspended for ‘compassionate use’ (where all other treatments have failed) apart for critically ill children and pregnant women. Instead supplies were to be used for future “testing in clinical trials”. This is callously denying life saving treatment from the dying and classic distraction techniques away from the other life saving drug, which is Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). 

In yet another cruel heartless move against the dying people of Europe, the EU has effectively banned HCQ for Coronavirus use, see this. This is based upon the false claim that supplies are being diverted from people who rely upon this medication to treat illnesses such as Lupus. However, the truth behind it is, this relates to one brand of HCQ and as a drug which is long off licence, it can be produced at will in generic form. My research discovered at least 200 pharmaceutical companies worldwide that manufacture HCQ at bargain prices. Our Government and the EU are therefore banning cheap, freely accessible lifesaving treatment and letting our People die.

They will claim that “trials” need to be done, but this is a lie too, as trials have already been done – see this report of a New York Doctor who has successfully treated 699 Coronavirus patients with none dying and a 100% success rate. Other patients who cannot tolerate HCQ can be treated with plasma (already proven with trials) from those with antibodies, or with other drugs such as Interferon (trials have shown amazing results for all forms of Interferon, Alpha, Beta and Gamma). 

If we or our loved ones are facing death ‘Our NHS’ should be doing everything they can to save us! A crucial part of the HCQ treatment is zinc and we should be encouraged to boost our immunity with multi-vitamins and minerals.

What we need to do is treat people instead of endless testing with kits that give us false results/statistics and continual panic. These lies and constant fear are keeping us illegally under medieval lockdown and depriving people of their right to life and treatment, all because of the Agendas of Billionaires and their fellow Globalists.



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