I’ve heard it said that boats or yachts are holes in the water into which we pour massive amounts of money. After a lifetime’s messing about in boats, I can vouch for the above statement; it’s not just super yachts that are expensive, some of the most costly boats are the little rubber ones, even if we don’t happen to own them.

According to the BBC, last year around one thousand nine hundred illegal immigrants arrived in Britain via small boats across the English Channel. Now, not only are the number of illegal arrivals increasing exponentially, the French Navy and Coastguard are escorting them across the Channel, where they are picked up by our own coastguard: a water taxi service in other words.

I suppose you’ve all see this LBC video now; but just in case you haven’t:

Nigel Farage witnesses illegal migrants entering British waters

With friends like the French: who needs enemies? According to the European Union we’re all meant to be the best of friends: aren’t we?

It is hard to establish an actual cost for immigration into Britain, there are so many different sources and estimates, however, one thing that all of these estimates have in common is that they are all huge. All of these estimates represent a massive cost to the British tax payer. Firstly consider this 2016 article from The Mail online:

£17bn, the true cost of immigration to the UK every year: Figure calculated as gap between amount migrants pay in taxes and consume in public services

Then there is this article from The Express from 2015:

Every illegal immigrant costs YOU £36K a year: The cost of migrant centres revealed

It would be hard to imagine that after five years that our politician weren’t aware of these numbers and costs, looking around at other estimates, I would say that the figures I’ve used so far are very conservative.

This today from Breitbart:

100 Illegal Boat Migrants Escorted Again Into British Waters by the French Navy

Let’s look at the cost of just last Wednesday alone to the British taxpayer, also bear in mind that as so very few of these illegal migrants are ever returned, these costs are ongoing year on year.

100 times £36,000 = £3,600,000

That’s £3,600,000 per annum and ongoing as a cost to the British taxpayer just for last Wednesday alone. The really sickening thing for most of these taxpayers is that many of them could only dream of earning £36,000 per annum and yet they must go out to work and pay taxes to provide this comfortable living for people who shouldn’t be in our country.

The cost of illegal boat migration across the English Channel for 1919 then was £68.4 million per annum and that is just for the ones we know about, those that have been published.

According to Wikipedia and these numbers sound about right but can be checked at other sources, in 2017/18, the National Health Service spent £13.8 billion on medicines alone. This amount of money would be more than offset by the annual £17 billion cost of immigration to our country.

Talking specifically about illegal immigrants, this from Migration Watch UK

In 2013, the government estimated that illegal immigration cost the NHS £330 million per year. The London School of Economics has estimated that the long term costs of benefits for illegal migrants could be £1.6 billion a year.

Of course many of the figures that I’ve quoted so far in this article, massive as they are, will probably already be out of date. The trickle of illegal of illegal immigrants being brought across the English Channel by smugglers is starting to explode, particularly with the arrival of summer and yet our government simply bury their heads in the sand and refuse to address the issue.

A video from Jeff Taylor, possibly gives us a reason why our government will often talk tough on illegal immigration but never really act.

EU wants UK to give up sovereignty for a Brexit trade deal!

Apparently, one of the biggest stumbling blocks (among others) to reaching a trade deal with the European Union is because so far, our government will not promise to be bound by the European Court of Human Rights. If our country is bound by this court, along with the various UN courts and its Global Compact on migration, it’ll be impossible for us to ever regain control of our borders.

Since the British people voted to leave the European Union, the disdain from our politicians has been palpable, if we can’t regain control of our borders, the EU and UN agendas will proceed unabated. In the not too distant future we will lose our cultural identity and ultimately our country. This is the unstated but increasingly more apparent and understood aim of all of these globalist organisations, the abolition of the nation state and their borders. It seems that behind the lies and prevarication our government are still behind these globalist agendas: treason in other words.

We must watch out for a last minute stitch up by Boris Johnson’s government in its current negotiations with the European Union.

Many globalists realise and Angela Merkel stated that multiculturalism is a failure, particularly in its present form and yet these globalists have proceeded with this policy regardless of its destructive effects on Western countries and our culture. All of this in pursuit of their globalist dream and an insatiable lust for power. Here’s an interesting article written by a Lebanese Migrant in Psychology Today.

Multiculturalism: A Failed Policy

Even some legal immigrants can see the negative aspects of today’s globalist doctrines. Currently, the US, Britain and Europe are suffering from racially motivated and highly organised riots with the potential to become all our race wars, this due to the betrayal of successive governments.

Messing about in boats is indeed a very expensive pastime.

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