According to the Daily Express Boris Johnson may extend lockdown restrictions until April 2nd as Nursing Home deaths are presently soaring. 

Sources are reportedly saying that work is being done quietly and go on to say that announcements depend on the progress of the vaccination program, suggesting that “the mood was very much about things happening later in the spring rather than early on.



Theressa May has made her most strident criticism of Boris Johnson, accusing him of abandoning Britain’s global moral leadership. Writing in the Daily Mail she  goes on to say that  the election of ‘decent’ President Biden offers a ‘golden opportunity’ for Britain to play a key role in making the world safer.  

The SUN reports that campaigners at FairFuelUK say the Treasury has finalised plans for a 5p increase in the cost of petrol and diesel regardless of whether they decide to keep the £20 UC [Universal Credit] uplift. Rishi Sunak the Chancellor reportedly told Tory MPs “drastic measures” will be needed to foot the £6billion Universal Credit bill worth £1,040 to each claiming household.



The Guardian has a report that may give some hope to the British fishing industry which is facing difficulties following the signing of the trade deal with the EU. Exporters have been hit by what is described as ‘Red Tape. DEFRA has said that a £23 million compensation package has been put in place to compensate firms who can show that they have suffered ‘genuine loss’.



The Independent leads with several stories reporting on the inauguration of President Biden with Griffin Connoly reporting that ‘the world is watching’ as Donald Trump leaves the White House under the cloud of impeachment for fueling an attempt to block the most foundational and sacrosanct American tradition: a peaceful transfer of presidential power. 25000 National Guardsmen wearing full camouflage and armed with assault rifles will be standing guard in Washington. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday. “No force — no force — will prevent tomorrow’s Constitutional proceedings from taking place,” 

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror reports that President Trump has warned ‘it’s only the beginning for the ‘movement’  he created and goes on to say that the ‘Republican bragged about his achievements in a boastful speech but failed to take any responsibility for the storming of the US Capitol by his supporters’.



The Daily Telegraph reports that Brussels has warned Britain against deregulating the City of London or introducing “light touch” financial rules after Brexit on Tuesday. The Commissioner Mairead McGuiness said that British Firms would not be given access to the bloc’s single market  unless UK rules were sufficiently robust. Ms McGuinness said she would not grant equivalence to 28 sectors until the UK gave more details on how far it planned to diverge from EU Rules. 

The Daily Express reports that Emmanuel Macron’s banking chief is already gloating about the huge financial benefits France has seen from Brexit, claiming the UK’s departure from the European Union has immediately driven almost 2,500 jobs and “at least €170bn in assets” across the Channel. Bank of France chief executive Francois Villeroy de Galhau said while London remains Europe’s financial hub, other major European cities such as Paris, Dublin, and Frankfurt are scrambling to remain active.



The Times reports that top celebrity and musical stars including Sir Elton John and Sir Simon Rattle, have accused the government of “shamefully failing” the country’s performers with its Brexit deal. In a letter published in The Times today, signed by more than 100 musicians plus dozens of other prominent figures in the industry, they say that the government’s “negotiating failure” threatens the future of cultural exchange with the Continent.

The Guardian writes: Joe Biden won the US presidency as a “woke guy” who proudly defended trans-rights and Black Lives Matter but also set the agenda on economic recovery, the shadow foreign secretary, Lisa Nandy, has said, as Labour seeks to build new alliances with the Democrats.  Lisa Nandy is the Labour Shadow Foregn Secretary who also says she will seek to improve the standing of the U.K that has been damaged by Boris Johnson.


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