When you get out of bed this morning you’ll find the world to be a changed place. Earlier this week an Independence Daily reader, Michael Keal, posted a link to a video; a link from an alternative media channel that provided damning evidence about Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and many others, evidence that incriminates them in treason. 

This morning you’ll find that Youtube has taken down the above alternative media channel along with around thirty others, including the X22 Report, SG News and many other now familiar alternative news sources. Facebook, Twitter and most of the other technology giants have followed suite, even tweets from the democratically elected President of the United States have been censored on Twitter.

You see, upon further investigation, I’m convinced that this damning evidence was genuine, the president was aware of it and it was about to break: ultimately it still will. None of the usual media spin was going to work on news like this and so the criminal Left, along with their corporate masters, have had to resort to desperate, draconian acts of censorship. You have a look this morning at your favourite alternative news sources, the chances are that you will find that they are gone.

This treason is a Machiavellian web of lies, deceit, corruption, murder and I’m sure ultimately war crimes. Briefly, Hilary Clinton and others organised a SEAL team raid on Abbotabad (Pakistan)to kill Osama Bin Laden but were double crossed by the Iranians that substituted Bin Laden for a double who was killed by that SEAL Team. The Iranians then blackmailed the Obama administration for 156 billion US dollars to keep quiet about the failure.

Obama needed the the death of Bin Laden as a trophy kill to help him win a coming election and for this he was willing to pay 156 billion dollars of taxpayers money and commit murder. It is alleged that Hillary Clinton ordered the murder of that SEAL Team to silence them and this was carried out by a rocket attack on their helicopter. Around two billion dollars from the above amount was paid back to others to buy their silence.

The above is a brief summary and likely just the tip of an iceberg, there are many other threads connected to this, including the sale of US military secrets to China among other acts of treason and war crimes. 

When you look at the power of these people, their links to the corporate world and their ability to implement such draconian measures of censorship, you begin to realise just how big, how far and wide this web of crime and corruption is: what has become known to us as the Deep State. This Deep State is not limited to the United States unfortunately.

If we were to look for war criminals in our own country, we would have to look no further than another good friend of the Clintons and the Obamas, another Left Wing politician by the name of Tony Blair. Blair took our own country and the United States to war with Iraq under false pretenses using the false claim that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction.

Over the years I’ve spoken to people from the Middle East that blame us British for the years of destruction of their countries, the constant wars, the deaths of their innocent women and children. It pains me to say this but in many ways they are right, the evil politicians that carry out this constant slaughter are meant to be our representatives, they carry out these vile acts in our name.

In the years since we voted to leave the European Union, it has become apparent just how little influence we have on our politicians that seem to mostly regard us as a pesky inconvenience. This makes a mockery of our democracy, the notion that we are sovereign and our politicians our representatives and it isn’t just us that pay the price for their treachery, it is the rest of the world too as our politicians commit their crimes behind a veneer of virtue.

We do not just owe it to ourselves to stand up to the dictatorial tyrants that have infiltrated our political systems and institutions, we owe it to the world: we cannot allow these people to keep committing these crimes in our name.

As you wake up this morning, you will be waking up to a different world, things are getting very nasty and unless we stand up to these corporate tyrants and our politicians things will only get worse. The situation is coming to a head and we can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer.

The good news is that I am convinced that Donald Trump is going to prevail in the end but things will get very messy in the meantime. Despite the frantic efforts of Left Wing politicians and their Deep State, the truth will come out before the election and Trump will win by a landslide but the battle will continue for some time yet.

We have our own battles to fight here in Blighty, our freedom is under attack, we are not yet free of the European Union and we’re locked down like farm animals: we cannot afford to lose this fight and must face up to the reality, a reality that is now being hidden from us more than ever.

I would love to leave some links to support this article but it is now very difficult due to the very recent and draconian censorship, I would like to make a recommendation however. As the situation evolves and real news becomes harder to come by, you can go here and find out where they’ve moved their news bulletins to, if these too fail, they have a private server. You can sign up to be kept informed, the alternative media are scrambling to find other locations from which to operate but you’ll need a source of information to keep up to date as it is now a very dynamic situation.




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