As the New Year begins.

We reminisce, sometimes we are sad, happy or we regret the past.  But then there is the future with the excitement, anxiety, apprehension, we have no idea.  Is the cliff edge the next month, day, or second.

With the children we can play the little game of ‘are we there yet?’  No, we are here. No, no, now we are here! We will never be there.

We live in the present.  Will this year be as eventful as the last?   Will a wind blow those clouds away? Will 2020 be one long happy day?

Have the last 40 years been wasted?  Never, ever, think that.

Can those that are gone tell us, warn us, and guide us.  No, we are children, sheep, free from such deep thoughts and aspirations.   We will plunder our time, neglect our responsibilities and miss our opportunities, again.  The least we should aspire to is to emulate the freedom of a child’s mind. To try is to be alive.  Freedom is to speak our mind and give our opinions.

But now instead of standing on the firm ground of tradition, supported by culture we must steady our feet and, instead, support our culture.  They are being badly attacked by ignorant people.

Baby Boomers are getting old, but we remember.

We have the world in our hands, but we cannot feel it, we live in a Garden of Eden, but we cannot see it, and we have a wonderful and exciting future, but we do not know it.

Do not be afraid.  This sentiment can be applied to many of areas of our lives.

Tradition is the body that contains the beating heart of culture.

As with neuro-plasticity we can adapt, these things are not set in stone, they can change.  But they must change naturally, not by imposition, or deceit, or neglect.

Technology is so exciting but we must be safe.  The wolf is targeted but knows how to evade and the wolf can target the sheep.  The wolf has ownership, the sheep has none. The wolf can disguise itself as a sheep.  Whatever way one considers the scenario it is the sheep that are left vulnerable, whether that is through pornography, gambling, privacy, intimidation and now with 5G, should we also be concerned with physical health as well as mental health?

Can we help Labour implode?  Can we twist the knife in the Liberal Democrats gizzard?   Can we ever trust the Conservatives again?

Yes, yes, no.

With the Brexit Party emasculated, possibly past the point of any significant effectiveness, and UKIP haemorrhaging members with yet another round of internal fighting, what are we left with?  It appears that politics inflates egos of whatever persuasion and cause. A human condition that must be considered very seriously as we go into 2020.

Have we been duped with a false Brexit?  Probably, but only time will tell that, although we do have some cause to celebrate.  The point has been made. Also, we have seen the scoundrels. We have seen the cheats and the liars.  We have seen the nature of the judiciary and their flagrant abuse of our laws. We have heard the crony institutions the bogus charities and the cowardly University administrators, giving in to political correctness.  We have got the number of the BBC. They know, we know, and we know they know. Their embarrassment must be driven down their treacherous throats at every opportunity. That will be very amusing in 2020.

There is much to be positive about at the start of this year.  Examples have been made and examples have been set.

What excuses are necessary?  Swallow the facts which can be easily checked, and which would not have been voiced if they were in doubt.

Nationalism is alive and well and is our best weapon against global tyranny and Totalitarianism.

Baby Boomers appear to be doing very well from the Welfare State.

The key will be positivity not negativity.  Living standards should be raised for the young not dropped for the Boomers.  My dear Mr Willetts, we will forget the patronage, you seem feisty enough, but you must be more ambitious with your words.

Freedom of Speech will be the battle ground of 2020.  Out the socialist hypocrites. Of all the issues the number one scandal and the nastiest to deal with must be the organised gang rape of children.  That nightmare must be confronted and that will not be easy. Somebody must say: “This is the most terrible, terrible, shocking disgrace of our society.”

When we hear about the ongoing debate of Huawei we realise that we still have politicians with s**t for brains. When we hear of the ongoing argument about HS2 we realise that the EU still needs to be exorcized from the Houses of Parliament.  The hypocrisy is stunning.

Rebels are needed!  Rebels with resolution.  Not leaders and certainly not followers, just Rebels.

The start of a year is as good a time as any to take stock.

Religious Ideologies?   They will all have to be dragged screaming to the altar of reform.  No good jumping onto the socialist bandwagon that is a hand cart to hell.  They must all bow down to secular law and morality.

We are what we are.  We are where we are.

It is not about the colour of one’s skin, of one’s cultural background or political persuasion, it is about fair play, homogeneity, understanding, love and resolution.  Under one legal roof.

We are tired of Brexit, political correctness, gender discrimination, climate catastrophe, and censorship, the list is long.  But it is the hand we have been dealt, and if we have not played it well, then we must just play it again. Our spirits must be reborn.

Although we are tired of the same old thing,

and feel that we’re stuck in a worn out groove,

with love and goodwill we can always improve.

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