We’re still on course to leave the EU on 31 October says the Times.

Boris Johnson is legally entitled to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 without a deal even if he loses a vote of confidence and his government falls, the attorney-general has suggested.
Geoffrey Cox is understood to believe that there is no legal basis to prevent the prime minister from taking Britain out of the EU, even if October 31 arrives amid a general election campaign triggered by a no-confidence vote in the government over no-deal.

So there are no further talks planned, according to the Independent.

The EU has revealed that no Brexit talks are currently scheduled with Boris Johnson‘s government, despite Britain being on course to leave the bloc without a deal in less than three months.
A spokesperson for the European Commission said they had “no further announcements” to make about future negotiations.

But will we negotiate a good deal?  The Telegraph reports:

Jacob Rees-Mogg has faced down Conservative rebels threatening to block no deal, saying the only way they can stop Brexit is to revoke Article 50.
In an interview with The Telegraph, the new Leader of the House of Commons attacks Remainer colleagues “wittering on about no deal”, saying they “wouldn’t dare” overturn the law.
On Friday Boris Johnson told Emmanuel Macron, the French president, and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, that the Brexit “divorce” deal must be reopened to end the deadlock, prompting a backlash from EU leaders.

J R-M is quoted in the Express.

JACOB REES-MOGG has taken a swipe at Remainers as he explains the only way they could stop Brexit is by revoking Article 50.
The new leader of the House of Commons warned any Remainers who are “bold enough” to repeal Britain’s exit wouldn’t get a majority anyway, The Daily Telegraph reported. Mr Rees-Mogg’s staunch attack came as Boris Johnson pushed to reopen the Brexit “divorce” bill. A No 10 spokesman said: “He reiterated the message he delivered in the House of Commons: Parliament has rejected the Withdrawal Agreement three times and so the UK must fully prepare for the alternative – which is to leave without a deal on Oct 31. He said the only solution that would allow us to make progress on a deal is to abolish the backstop.”

And the Guardian claims Boris is playing hardball with the EU.

Boris Johnson has set the UK on an apparent course towards a no-deal Brexit by playing down the likelihood of any talks with the EU unless Brussels agrees to scrap the existing withdrawal agreement and Irish backstop, both of which it has ruled out.
The seemingly intransigent tone prompted Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, to warn that a no-deal departure could lead more people in Northern Ireland to seek a united Ireland.


The new Prime Minister is laying out his plans.  The Times says:

Boris Johnson will promise to spend more than £2 billion on deprived towns as he targets Labour’s Leave-voting heartlands.
The prime minister wants to “rebalance power, growth and productivity” as he gears up for an early election. He will revive proposals for a “stronger towns fund”, announced this year by Theresa May.

The Mail says he’s planning more railways.

Boris Johnson will promise to bridge the North-South divide with a new generation of rail routes.
The new Prime Minister launched a charm offensive on the North and Midlands yesterday as he got out and about for the first time since being voted in to No 10.

He hopes it will revitalise the North, reports the Express.

BORIS JOHNSON will today give the go-ahead to a £3billion North of England rail link in his drive to “turbo-charge” regional growth and prosperity with major infrastructure projects.
In a speech in Manchester, the new Prime Minister will confirm his approval for the plan to build a trans-Pennine route between the city and Leeds. He will also stress that spreading economic opportunity around the country far beyond London and the South East will be a key priority for his premiership.

He will announce the plans today, says Sky News.

Boris Johnson will outline key policy commitments – including a new rail route between Manchester and Leeds – in his first speech outside Westminster as prime minister.
He will travel to Manchester on Saturday morning for the wide-ranging speech designed to cover the main parts of his domestic agenda, including investment in education, tackling crime, boosting connectivity, and improving technology across the country.

And the Times says he’ll recruit more police.

Senior police figures have warned the new prime minister of the complexity of delivering on his promise to hire 20,000 officers.
Boris Johnson has made police numbers a core part of his attempt to resurrect the reputation of the Tories as the party of law and order after five years of rising crime rates.
Frontline police said that more equipment, facilities and experienced officers to train the recruits were needed.

But the Sun claims there aren’t enough lockers for the new officers’ kit.

BORIS JOHNSON’S flagship plan to put 20,000 more bobbies on the beat could be held up because there are not enough lockers to keep their kit in.
New policing minister Kit Malthouse admitted the biggest-ever recruitment drive for police officers  was a “really big target to hit” and one “surprising logistical issue” was finding places for all the rookie cops to store their equipment.
After almost a decade of budget cuts to forces, hundreds of police stations across England and Wales have been shut down and sold off.

There will be challenges, reports the Independent.

Doubts are mounting over Boris Johnson’s flagship pledge to recruit 20,000 police officers after his new policing minister admitted there were “logistical challenges” ahead.
Mr Johnson has said recruitment will start immediately to get more officers on the streets, amid public concern over rising violent crime.
Police leaders greeted the announcement warmly on principle, but there are questions over whether there are enough training instructors, stations and suitable candidates to meet the target in three years.

And the new government is looking for someone to promote the country, reports the Times.

Whitehall officials are seeking a public relations guru to sell Britain to the world as it prepares to leave the European Union.
The civil service needs to find a new head of the “Great” campaign, which has spent tens of millions of pounds promoting Britain since it was launched in 2012.
The successful candidate will have “significant autonomy” in using a £60 million annual marketing budget.

Labour Party

A Labour MP has been playing the race card, says the Sun.

A LABOUR shadow minister sparked uproar by telling “black” Tories they had “sold their soul” to be in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet.
Clive Lewis — whose father is from Grenada — said they had also ditched their “self-respect” to serve a “racist” PM.
Stunned Tories demanded he apologise, saying the comments were “outrageous”.
Mr Johnson made Sajid Javid the country’s first Chancellor of Asian descent in his mammoth reshuffle.

And the Sun is laying out one of the party’s policies.

WORKERS would be sent home if the temperature tops 30C (86F) under new proposals by Labour.
Leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to put an end to sweaty workplaces.
Employers will have to introduce air conditioning, extra breaks and let staff turn up in shorts and T shirts under the plan.
And workers doing physically tough jobs will get to down tools over 27C (80C).


With Boris looking like he’s in full campaign mode, will there be a General Election any time soon?  The Telegraph says no.

Boris Johnson has ruled out calling an election before October 31, as he continued his UK-wide tour.
The Prime Minister will promise to fund a new rail route between Manchester and Leeds, fuelling speculation he is in campaign-mode.
One Tory MP who backed Mr Johnson’s leadership bid told the Daily Telegraph “two thirds” of his colleagues expect an election before spring.

ITV News says he has ‘absolutely’ ruled it out.

Boris Johnson has “absolutely” ruled out calling a general election before the UK leaves the European Union on October 31.
His comments came as he has declared he will take the UK out of the EU on Halloween, with or without a new agreement.
However, Ireland claimed he has put the UK on a “collision course” with the EU, while France stressed the existing deal will not be renegotiated.

The Express says his priority is Brexit.

BORIS Johnson has re-enforced the British public he will not call a snap general election, adding Brexit is his number one priority.
Mr Johnson today visited Birmingham where he met the general public following some bruising exchanges with Germany’s Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron where the blond laid down the law about the Irish backstop.

Sky News also reports his categorical denial.

Boris Johnson has “absolutely” ruled out calling an election before Britain has left the EU, as the PM was warned he has put himself on a “collision course” with the bloc.
Ireland’s deputy prime minister, Simon Coveney, said Mr Johnson’s comments in the Commons on Thursday – setting out his Brexit stance and opposition to the Irish border backstop – were “very unhelpful”.

The Independent notes he looks like he’s campaigning.

To many, Boris Johnson’s administration – packed with figures from the 2016 Vote Leave campaign – looks more like a team to fight an election than a team to govern.
So are we headed for an early general election? The first thing to note is that Johnson has inherited the most perilous possible parliamentary position.
His working majority in the Commons – dependent on the continued support of the DUP – stands at just two and is almost certain to shrink to one after next week’s by-election.

And the Labour Party isn’t convinced by Boris’ denial, says the Mirror.

Jeremy Corbyn last night warned Labour’s grassroots  prepare for a snap general election.
He slammed Boris Johnson as having “no plan” to tackle Britain’s problems.
And he branded the PM’s new top team “the most hard right-wing Cabinet I have ever seen.”
Speaking to hundreds of supporters outside Parliament, Corbyn said: “In reality the vote we need is the vote of the people, both to reject Brexit and to elect a Labour government for the future.

The former UKIP leader thinks there will be an election, reports Yahoo News.

Nigel Farage has predicted an autumn General Election as he doesn’t believe Boris Johnson will be able to get anywhere on Brexit.
The new Prime Minister promised the UK would leave the European Union on 31st October “no ifs or buts”.
However, the Brexit Party leader does not think he’ll succeed in renegotiating Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement and parliament will not allow him to leave without a deal.


The island is still a problem, reports the Telegraph.

The British government will need to introduce legislation to impose direct rule on Northern Ireland in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, incoming Johnson administration ministers are being warned.
The highly politically toxic move would pit the Johnson administration squarely against the Irish government and effectively suspend the Good Friday Agreement, with Belfast ruled from London.
However, without the imposition of direct rule, officials and experts warn that Northern Ireland, whose devolved government collapsed in January 2017, would become essentially ungoverned as it faced its biggest crisis since the signing of the 1998 peace deal.

But the French say he should stop ‘playing games’, reports Yahoo News.

The French government has warned Boris Johnson against playing games with the Irish border after the new British prime minister demanded the ditching of the backstop.
Amélie de Montchalin, France’s minister for European affairs, said both sides should avoid “games, gestures and provocations” with just three months to go before the UK is due to leave the EU.
De Montchalin said the French president, Emmanuel Macron, would hold talks with Johnson in France in the coming weeks but that the deal on the table would not be altered.

The WA is dead, Boris has insisted.  The Times says:

Boris Johnson told the French and German leaders that Theresa May’s Brexit deal was dead yesterday as Ireland warned that Britain was on a “collision course” with the EU.
The prime minister impressed upon President Macron of France and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, that the Irish backstop must be scrapped if a deal is to be reached with Brussels.

And he won’t budge, says the Independent.

Boris Johnson has made ditching the Irish backstop a red line for new Brexit  negotiations, telling MPs that he will talk with Brussels only on that basis.
His position comes despite EU officials repeatedly insisting they will not reopen the withdrawal agreement sealed with Theresa May last November, of which the backstop forms an integral part.
Making his first statement to the House of Commons as prime minister, Mr Johnson restated his absolute commitment to taking the UK out of the EU by 31 October, with or without a deal.

Ireland’s prime minister has other ideas, reports the Express.

LEO VARADKAR, Ireland’s Prime Minister, has issued a stern warning to Boris Johnson that a hard Brexit could ruin the UK’s relationship with Northern Ireland and Scotland.
The Irish Taoiseach said he would need to meet his new British counterpart to understand his “real red lines” on Brexit. He added Ireland has shown in the past that it could be flexible. Mr Varadkar told a politics forum: “What I would like to do when I get a chance to speak to him is to get a sense from him as to what he is thinking and what his plans are.
“He has demonstrated a degree of flexibility in the past.


The former UKIP leader has found a legal way of receiving donations, reports the Mirror.

Nigel Farage has launched a Brexit lobbying group which can spend unlimited amounts of money pushing pro-Brexit messages while keeping the names of their donors secret.
The Brexit Party leader launched World4Brexit, which is registered in Michigan for tax purposes, during a visit to New York this week.
The launch event was attended by a gaggle of Republican operatives and Trump allies, including former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, according to the Financial Times.


Boris’ plans for an amnesty for illegal immigrants has caused repercussions, says Breitbart.

Migration Watch UK has launched an official petition against Boris Johnson’s proposal to give amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants.
Boris Johnson told the House of Commons on Thursday that he favours an illegal migrant amnesty, and that his government will be looking at “the economic advantages and disadvantages” of issuing one.
Following his first statement to the House of Commons as Prime Minister, the Tory leader was reminded that he had “courted popularity with pledging an amnesty for illegal immigrants” as Mayor of London by Labour’s Rupa Huq, who asked him if he would now be “a man of his word” and deliver on it.


European leaders are not happy with Boris, reports Breitbart.

Outgoing president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has told Boris Johnson that the EU will not be renegotiating the withdrawal treaty, meaning the prime minister will have to make good on delivering a no-deal Brexit on October 31st.
Delivering his first statement to the House of Commons as prime minister on Thursday, Mr Johnson again pledged that the UK will be taken out of the EU on October 31st with or without an exit agreement with Brussels, and that failure to do otherwise “would cause a catastrophic loss of confidence in our political system”.

Boris is expecting to talk to European leaders about Brexit, reports the Express.

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron will discuss the Brexit crisis with Boris Johnson in the coming weeks and has invited the new Prime Minister to France for a visit, a French presidential source said on Friday.
The official said that the 41-year-old centrist had invited Mr Johnson to Paris during a phone conversation late on Thursday, and that the planned talks over Brexit would be “in regards to the demands of the European Union” regarding the UK-EU split.
A Downing Street spokesman, however, added that the new Prime Minister had warned Mr Macron that there will be no more Brexit negotiations until Brussels agrees to scrap the Irish border backstop.


There is a pending trade war between the US and the EU, reports the Telegraph.

Donald Trump threatened to tax French wine and condemned Emmanuel Macron’s “foolishness” over a plan to target global technology companies.
Mr Macron, the French president, signed a law this week under which US tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook would have to pay a three per cent tax on their French revenue.
The law covers companies that have global revenue of over 750 million euros, and digital sales of over 25 million euros in France.

Trump may take revenge on the EU, says the Sun.

DONALD Trump today vowed to target France for adopting a pioneering tax on internet giants – while hinting he may tax French wine in revenge.
The teetotal President even aimed at cheeky shot at the country’s world-famous vineyards by tweeting: “I’ve always said American wine is better than French wine!”
Emmanuel Macron’s authorities have long argued that the giant tech firms – like Google, Amazon and Facebook – pay little or no corporate tax in countries where they are not based.

And the US president has promised a great trade deal with the UK, reports the Sun.

BORIS Johnson and Donald Trump have vowed to broker an “ambitious” free trade deal as soon as the UK leaves the EU.
The two world leaders used their first phone call to discuss the “unparalleled” opportunities Brexit will bring to the Special Relationship.
A Downing Street spokesperson said: “This evening the Prime Minister spoke to President Trump, who congratulated him on his new role.

The two governments have already started work on it, says Sky News.

Donald Trump has said he and Boris Johnson have already started working on a free trade deal between the US and the UK.
The US president said the pair had spoken since Mr Johnson became prime minister and that they plan to spend time together to formulate an agreement.
Downing Street confirmed that talks between the two leaders had taken place on Friday evening and that they would meet at a G7 summit in Biarritz, France, next month.

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