The German chancellor has issued a warning, reports the Mail.

Angela Merkel announced Britain will have to ‘live with the consequences’ of a distant relationship with the European Union in the event of a no-deal exit.
Unlike his predecessor Theresa May, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has scrapped the idea of maintaining close economic ties with the EU after the Brexit transition period ends on December 31.
The UK recently rejected a EU deal surrounding environmental and consumer protections and workplace rights and Mrs Merkel has now hardened her stance as Germany prepares to take over the rotating presidency of the EU.
The German chancellor told the media on Friday: ‘We need to let go of the idea that it is for us to define what Britain should want. That is for Britain to define – and we, the EU27, will respond appropriately.
‘With Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the British government wants to define for itself what relationship it will have with us after the country leaves.
‘It will then have to live with the consequences, of course, that is to say with a less closely interconnected economy.’

The Independent also reports her words.

Angela Merkel has said that Britain will have to “live with the consequences” of Boris Johnson’s decision to ditch Theresa May’s plans for close alignment with the European Union after Brexit.
With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looming large after the UK rejected EU demands for a level playing field on environmental and consumer protections and workplace rights, Ms Merkel said that the prime minister’s position pointed towards a “less closely interconnected economy” following the end of a transition period in December.

The Guardian has a full transcript of Ms Merkel’s speech

The UK will have to “live with the consequences” of Boris Johnson ditching Theresa May’s plan to maintain close economic ties with the EU after Brexit,  Angela Merkel has said, hardening her tone over the prospect of a no-deal scenario at the end of the year.
After more than three years in which the German chancellor repeatedly emphasised her openness to a deal that would maintain the UK’s current flows of trade with the bloc, she suggested the door leading to such a compromise had now closed.


The Telegraph is the only paper to cover a proposal by the Royal Navy.

Britain’s Commando forces are to undergo a radical transformation to face future threats across the globe, the Royal Navy has announced.
The days of British troops charging across enemy held beaches are, hopefully, over. However, complex and technically advanced threats from adversaries have demanded a new way of projecting force.
As modern weapon systems can hit ships hundreds of miles out from an objective, just getting to the fight is now a problem in itself.

Illegal raves

But most of the media cover the huge parties across the country.  The Sun reports attacks on the police.

POLICE officers have been pelted with objects as they tried to shut down illegal London raves for the third consecutive night.
Cops tried to persuade revellers at one street party in Kensal Town, West London, to leave but bottles and other objects were hurled at them.
Officers in riot gear drew their batons as they were attacked at the unlicensed music event on Harrow Road as London descended into lawlessness again.
Cops have imposed emergency stop and search Section 60 powers in the area until 6am on Saturday.
Revellers are said to have then marched across west London to another illegal rave in Maida Vale.

The Telegraph also covers the police response.

Police are responding to reports of a “block party” in west London after footage was shared on social media of scores of people partying in the street.
The Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers were attending an “unlicensed music event” in the Kensal Town area of west London after complaints from residents.
Attendees of the event, on Harrow Road, W9, refused to leave the location, officers said, but the police insisted that “are hopeful that crowds are dispersing”.

And there could be more disorder today, says the Mail.

Police are bracing for more violence and disorder this weekend as illegal raves have broken out across  London today for a third night running.
A massive block party in West Kilburn took place yesterday afternoon as riot police battled hundreds of revellers with shields and truncheons.
Helicopters were circling overhead earlier, while the crowds ‘refused to leave the location’ after officers first engaged with them at 3pm.
The majority of revellers at the West Kilburn ‘block party’ are thought to have later marched through London to take part in a rave in Maida Vale.

Breitbart calls it a riot.

For the second night in a row an illegal “street party” in London devolved into a riot, with police officers being bombarded with glass bottles as they attempted to disperse a raucous gathering in Colville Gardens, Notting Hill.
Police deployed extra units across London on Thursday night, following up on an outburst of violence against officers on Wednesday, at an event Britain’s established news outlets characterised as a “party”.
Scenes again turned ugly in the Notting Hill neighbourhood in the early hours of Friday morning, with widely-distributed social media footage showing officers slowly advancing down a street to clear revellers. Officers were pelted with glass bottles and stones.

The Star has images.

Footage has emerged that showed a massive illegal street rave in London as police clashed with revellers in order to bring it to an end.
The Metropolitan Police told Mirror Online that partygoers had “refused to leave the location” after police engaged with them in Kilburn.
As officers pushed revellers back using shields and truncheons helicopters circled overhead as loud music played in the street.
It appeared that bottles had been thrown at police at some point during the clash.

Second spike

The country’s top scientist has warned that the gatherings could cause a virus spike says the Mirror.

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty has issued a stark warning that coronavirus cases “will rise again” as thousands of Brits headed to the beach.
Professor Whitty warned that cases will spike if people do not follow social distancing guidance.
It comes as a major incident was at Bournemouth’s beaches as thousands of visitors flocked to the south coast to enjoy the hot weather.
In a Tweet Professor Whitty wrote: “COVID-19 has gone down due to the efforts of everyone but is still in general circulation.
“If we do not follow social distancing guidance then cases will rise again.

The number of cases of Coronavirus has stopped falling says the Sun.

‘PARTY-TIME’ Brits have halted a fall in coronavirus cases for the first time in months – risking an extra 30,000 deaths, experts have said.
Senior scientific advisers have said infection rates have stopped falling for the first time in months due to people starting to meet up again.
Experts advising ministers have warned that infections have been “flat” or “maybe up a bit” in recent weeks with new confirmed cases remaining at an incidence level of around 1,000 per day.

Boris has issued a warning, says the Independent.

Boris Johnson has warned of the danger of a “serious spike” in coronavirus infections if people “take liberties” with social distancing rules.
The prime minister was speaking as Downing Street made clear that ministers have no plans to shut down beaches to prevent a repeat of scenes which saw thousands cram onto the sands at Bournemouth on Thursday.
A No 10 spokesman said the PM wants people in England to be able to enjoy open spaces, including beaches – and accepts Liverpool fans’ wish to celebrate their Premier League title win – but urged them to observe social distancing rules while doing so.

The PM says the revellers are taking liberties, reports ITV News.

The Prime Minister has warned people against “taking liberties” with social distancing rules as he said it could lead to the danger of a “serious spike” in coronavirus infections.
It follows scenes of “mayhem” on beaches on the south coast this week, with Bournemouth residents condemning tens of thousands of visitors who had “no idea of social distancing“.
It prompted heath secretary Matt Hancock to warn the government will take action to close beaches and public areas if people flout safety restrictions.

New lockdown

The Mirror reports the prospect of going back into lockdown.

Downing Street has warned England could be plunged into another lockdown if Brits continue to cram onto beaches during the heatwave.
Shocking scenes of a heaving Bournemouth Beach prompted Dorset authorities to declare a major incident on Thursday.
Thousands travelled to the coast and packed out the beach, flouting social distancing guidelines as they squeezed together in the 33C temperatures.
The overcrowded beaches caused chaos along England’s coastline – despite authorities pleas to stay away as the UK’s official coronavirus death toll tops 43,000.
Downing Street reminded the public that if breaching of social distancing goes on, the lockdown could be ramped up again.


There are some holiday bargains about, reports the Times.

The price of Mediterranean holidays has been cut by at least a quarter as companies try to salvage the summer getaway after the lockdown.
Analysts said that large numbers of bargain deals were still being offered — including to 4* and 5* resorts — just before the peak summer months of July and August.
There are still “incredibly cheap” seven-day holidays at some destinations starting from about £150 per person, one expert said. Some luxury holidays were being sold for £300 or less, the usual price of lower-grade breaks.

The Telegraph outlines some of the countries that could be exempt from quarantine.

Summer holidays to countries including France, Spain and Greece have been given the go-ahead under a Government traffic-light system that will scrap quarantine for dozens of destinations.
But British holidaymakers have been warned that a sudden outbreak of coronavirus during their trip will mean the immediate reintroduction of quarantine, forcing them to self-isolate for 14 days on their return.
The Government plans to publish a list of up to 50 countries in the middle of next week where there will be “air bridges” exempting arrivals to the UK from quarantine.

The Mail explains the proposed ‘traffic light’ system.

A traffic light system showing the safest holiday destinations is set to be introduced so families can book summer getaways – as ministers agree to open air corridors for dozens of countries.
The partial dismantling of Priti Patel‘s quarantine scheme means UK holidaymakers will be able to return home without having to self-isolate for 14 days.
The Foreign Office will also lift its advice against ‘all but essential travel’ to low or medium-risk destinations, making it possible to obtain travel insurance.

The Sun says we might be able to travel all over Europe.

ALL of Europe is poised to be opened up to summer-holiday Brits under a “traffic light” ranking system of other countries’ coronavirus risk.
“Green” and “amber” nations will no longer require returning travellers to face a 14-day quarantine.
The Sun has learned the two colours cover every Europe nation — allowing sunseekers to fly off to favourite hotspots Spain, Greece and France.
Only those flying to “red” countries — Covid hotspots such as the US, Brazil and India — will self-isolate on return.

The announcement is expected next week, reports the Times.

Britons are about to be given the go-ahead to have summer holidays in more than 15 countries in a significant easing of the government’s travel restrictions.
Ministers will announce on Wednesday a new “traffic light” system that allows travel to certain low-risk countries without the need to go into quarantine for two weeks on return.
Large parts of Europe will be open to British holidaymakers for the first time in more than three months, with quarantine-free travel allowed to countries including France, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany and Croatia from July 6.

The new regulations will not start until then, says the Independent.

With the start of the main July and August holiday season just four days away, the government has changed tack on easing its “no-holiday” policy.
Relaxation of the UK’s quarantine rules and travel advice will not now come until the week after next, Downing Street signalled, as it announced a new traffic-light system that will open up routes to popular destinations like France and Spain.


Will schools re-open in September?  The Times doubts it.

Schools will not be able to fully reopen in September unless people behave themselves over the summer, scientific advisers have warned ministers.
Even a modest increase in people’s leisure contacts would mean a choice between shutting pubs or keeping secondary schools closed, modelling for the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) suggests.
Boris Johnson has warned that “taking liberties” with social-distancing rules could lead to a “serious spike” in coronavirus infections after sunseekers crowded on to beaches and five people were stabbed in brawls.

And the recent images of crowded beaches could make schools less likely to open, says the Sun.

PARENTS have been warned to avoid crowded beaches or risk still having their kids off school come September.
Government advisors are said to have been alarmed by images of day-trippers ignoring social distancing rules in Bournemouth.
They have told ministers that it will only be safe to return all pupils to class next term if Brits abide by the new guidelines.
Opening schools risks increasing the R rate above one and sparking a new outbreak if people are overstepping the boundaries.

High risk countries

In an exclusive report, the Telegraph claims we’ve been importing many cases of the virus from abroad.

Half of Britain’s imported coronavirus cases originate from Pakistan, The Telegraph understands, amid calls for tougher quarantine checks on arrivals from “high risk” countries.
More than 65,000 people have travelled to Britain on 190 flights since March 1 from Pakistan, which is reporting 4,000 Covid-19 cases a day, and has seen a new spike in the disease after easing its lockdown measures. Most are thought to have UK passports.

MOT holiday

In another exclusive report, the Telegraph claims the government may end the relaxation of MOT rules.

The Government is considering ending drivers’ MOT holiday early amid fears more than a million unsafe cars could be flooding back onto the roads.
The AA and RAC have led calls for ministers to axe the six-month extension on safety checks granted in March as part of lockdown restrictions.
At the time, the Department for Transport granted an extension to anyone whose MOT was due from March 30 until the end of September, essentially making their certificate valid for 18 months.


The Mail reports a news outlet clamping down on an opinion it doesn’t like.

Sky News has been accused of shutting down a former Scotland Yard chief for claiming Black Lives Matter is deliberately stirring up a false anti-police narrative.
Ex-chief superintendent Kevin Hurley claimed senior figures in the movement were waging a ‘misinformation’ campaign to ‘destabilise and disrupt’ society.
He also suggested the ugly clashes in Brixton on Wednesday night were products of Afro-Caribbean single parenting and said constables had ‘given up’ enforcing the law on young black Britons for fear of jeopardising their careers.
Anchor Adam Boulton challenged Mr Hurley and suggested it was unhelpful to view the violence through the prism of race – before later cutting him off entirely when the former top brass was in full flow.

Labour Party

Away from the virus, there are growing calls for the Labour leader to reinstate a shadow minister, says the Mail.

Sir Keir Starmer today knocked back Jeremy Corbyn and other left-wing Labour MPs as he refused their pleas to reverse his decision to sack Rebecca Long Bailey for sharing an article that contained an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’ blaming Israel for George Floyd’s racist murder.
The new Labour leader faced Mr Corbyn in a crunch meeting with at least 12 front and backbench members of the hard-Left Socialist Campaign Group this morning after initially declining to see them at all.

He has refused, says the Independent.

Keir Starmer has faced down a rebellion from left-wing MPs over his decision to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey from the frontbench for promoting an article containing an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
Jeremy Corbyn was understood to be among around 30 MPs who demanded the former shadow education secretary be reinstated in a virtual meeting with the Labour leader.
MPs who joined the call said there was “significant disagreement” over her removal from the shadow cabinet, with Sir Keir dismissing calls for her return to the front bench.

The Guardian report a challenge to Sir Kier’s leadership.

Leftwing Labour MPs including John McDonnell are urging colleagues, “don’t leave, organise”, as the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey provides a rallying point for critics of Keir Starmer’s leadership.
McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn were among MPs who met Starmer on Friday morning to express their concerns.
The Labour leader is facing a backlash from leftwingers in the party after abruptly removing Long-Bailey from her post as shadow education secretary on Thursday.

He has made up his mind, says Huffington Post.

Keir Starmer has rejected left-wing MPs’ demands to reinstate Rebecca Long-Bailey to his top team, after sacking her for sharing an allegedly anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.
In a statement, the Labour leader confirmed he had held an hour-long meeting with members of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs, who had demanded his former leadership rival be returned as shadow education secretary.

And on a different tack, iNews reports plans for a tie-up with the military.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will launch a move on Saturday to build bridges with Britain’s military as he pledges to open up the party to the armed forces.
In a tacit admission of tensions between Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the services, he will unveil plans for a Labour Friends of the Forces programme at a “virtual round table” meeting with former forces personnel.
The party will stage events with veterans, serving members of the forces and forces families in every part of the United Kingdom with the aim of forging links between them and senior Labour figures.

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