Janice North writes:

All of us who voted for Brexit over three years ago have been feeling weary, depressed and despondent. We needed something t keep us going. How about a St George’s Day Party? What a great idea! So we set about arranging it. The pub we found was great as it was very traditional and was actually having a party on the very day of the 23rd but we opted for the Friday to make it more convenient.

I was nervous as not many had RSVP’d but we pressed on anyway!

What would we do about food though as the pub only served Thai? Someone kindly solved that for us immediately – their family offered to help with catering and that got the ball rolling. Things were looking positive and members chipped in with food, raffle prizes, helping decorate the function room and so on. It took a whole afternoon to get things ready but I must admit it looked great by the time everyone started arriving. Selling raffle tickets is the best way to cover costs and we also raised money for the branch campaign fund.

People seemed happy to have something to celebrate at last, and it was a friendly, sociable evening, with many staying chatting long after it ended. We had guests form Barnet, Lewisham, Putney, Lambeth, North Herts,Haringey, and our own Brent, Camden and Harrow. I was touched as to how far some people had travelled across London and beyond to celebrate our Patron Saint’s day with us.

Alan Craig gave us a wonderful speech on St George, England and the Brexit Betrayal. There were questions and a discussion about what was going to happen to our country, but the mood soon picked up again after. There was work to do – a local election in Lewisham and a local street stall in Barnet. We were all happy to be together, united in our belief in our country and Brexit. Once again, as on many occasions, I found myself in a room full of true Patriots.

Thank you to everyone that came along – it was great to meet you or to see you again! I had said that if this one didn’t go well I wouldn’t do it again – we have had some successful events in our branch, and I couldn’t bear for them not to work any more. But it was a success – and we will do it again very soon I promise!

Happy St George’s Day – and here’s to Brexit!

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