Tory leadership

Contenders to succeed May have been setting out their stalls.

Michael Gove is in the Telegraph:

Michael Gove has told Cabinet ministers he is prepared to delay Brexit until late 2020 rather than leave without a deal on October 31, The Telegraph has learned.
The Environment Secretary has told colleagues that a no-deal Brexit in October risks triggering a General Election that will put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.
His position puts him directly at odds with other Brexiteer leadership candidates including Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary, who have committed to leaving on time with or without a deal.

Gove is planning to increase education funding, says the Mail.

Michael Gove will today pledge a £1 billion increase to the schools budget as the former Education Secretary attempts to unpick his unpopularity among teachers.
The Tory leadership hopeful has vowed to restore the amount of money spent per pupil to 2015 levels in real terms, following a three-year slump.
Following the education reforms he brought in between 2010 and 2014, Mr Gove has been deeply unpopular within the sector and among parents, and was demoted amid fears his reputation could cost the Tories at the ballot box.

Boris Johnson

The front runner for the post is featured in several of the media.  The Mail says:

Boris Johnson‘s Tory leadership ambitions received a substantial boost last night after he became the first candidate to receive a public endorsement from a Cabinet Minister.
Liz Truss, who abandoned her own ambitions last week, today announces she is joining Mr Johnson’s campaign as his ‘policy tsar’, entrusted with devising a manifesto for a Boris premiership.

The Sun claims an exclusive:

BORIS Johnson will unveil his masterplan for a high-speed Brexit and warn EU chiefs: It’s Bo deal or no deal.
The Tory leadership favourite has been working for months on details for a “sensible” and “responsible” new withdrawal agreement.
It includes ideas from a series of “listening” workshops with other MPs.
BoJo will step up his drive for the top job this week by revealing a list of top MPs endorsing him.
He hopes to get a third of the Parliamentary party on board behind him for the first round, which will all but guarantee him a place in the final head-to-head run off.

A top Tory backs him in the Express.

JACOB REES-MOGG has said Boris Johnson is the “right answer” to lead the Tory Party and the nation into Brexit.
In an article in The Sun, Mr Rees-Mogg said Mr Johnson, the current front-runner in the race to replace Theresa May, is the “right” person to lead the nation amidst the current “constitutional crisis”. The Tory Party politician said Mr Johnson “believes in democracy” which is an essential characteristic in the next Prime Minister.

Sajid Javid

The Telegraph claims an exclusive interview with Sajid Javid.

Sajid Javid today says he is prepared to scrap the top rate of income tax as he argues he has the “broadest reach” of any of the candidates for the Tory leadership contest.
In his first interview since announcing his leadership bid, the Home Secretary today tells The Telegraph that he believes Britain is ready for its first ethnic minority Prime Minister.
He positions himself as “tomorrow’s leader”, capable of winning over traditional Tory voters while being able to “connect in a very special way with the vast, vast majority of the electorate”.

The Independent concentrates on Brexit.

Sajid Javid has said he would be prepared to take Britain out of the EU without a deal if he became prime minister.
The home secretary, who is one of 12 candidates vying to succeed Theresa May, said he hoped to be able to secure MPs’ backing for a Brexit deal but claimed that if this was not possible, Britain should “with great regret, leave without one”.
Mr Javid set out a five-point plan for taking Britain out of the EU, including a fresh attempt to secure parliament’s approval for a deal.

The Express reports his call for Brexit preparations to speed up.

SAJID JAVID has said he is prepared to take Britain out of the EU with a no deal Brexit after calling for preparations to be stepped up.
The Home Secretary would like to see the UK exiting the EU by the current Article 50 deadline of October 31, according to his allies. Mr Javid joins Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Esther McVey and Andrea Leadsom in wanting to put the no deal option back on the table.

And Sky News says he has ruled out a second referendum.

Tory leadership contender Sajid Javid has ruled out a second referendum, a general election and revoking Article 50 should he win the keys to Number 10.
The home secretary is one of a dozen Conservatives vying to become the next prime minister.
Writing in the Daily Mail, he said the public had voted for Brexit “in good faith” and MPs and the government have “a duty to get on and deliver on the result”.

Dominic Raab

Raab also goes for education in his bid for the top job says the Telegraph.

Dominic Raab will unveil a manifesto for the Tory leadership with more than 40 pledges including tougher action on knife crime and higher pay for teachers in failing schools and wide-ranging tax cuts.
The pledges, which will form the heart of the former Brexit Secretary’s agenda, were published briefly on his campaign website last week before being taken down.

The Sun reports his plans on energy bills.

TORY leadership hopeful Dominic Raab has hailed himself as the man who can seal a great deal for Britain — and not just from the EU.
The former Brexit Secretary believes he can save Brits up to £4billion a year by tackling big firms which rip off customers on energy bills, insurance cover or mobile phone contracts.

Raab is seen by some as a bigger threat than BoJo says the Guardian.

Tory moderates are beginning to coalesce around candidates they believe could defeat Dominic Raab, rather than Boris Johnson, as several MPs told the Guardian they considered the former Brexit secretary the bigger threat.
The moves against Raab from moderates are likely to also benefit Johnson and the environment secretary, Michael Gove, who Tory backbenchers believe is gaining momentum over his cabinet rival Jeremy Hunt.

Matt Hancock

Hancock is backed by the work and pensions secretary in the Times.

Amber Rudd is preparing to support Matt Hancock and then Michael Gove in the Tory leadership battle after talks with Boris Johnson to formulate a dream team alliance collapsed in acrimony.
The work and pensions secretary tried to persuade the frontrunner to ditch his plans to pursue a no-deal Brexit at a dinner on Thursday but Johnson refused.


Meanwhile, speaker John Bercow is facing further problems, says the Mail.

John Bercow is being warned to stick to his ‘original’ plan to quit by the summer or face a fresh row over allegations he bullied staff.
The Speaker sparked fury last week by announcing that he would stay in the post to oversee the Brexit  drama despite repeated claims he is ‘biased against Brexit’.
But last night, Tory MPs vowed to fast-track new anti-bullying procedures which would make it easier to investigate so-called ‘historic’ allegations of bullying.

And the Express reports his profligate spending.

JOHN BERCOW has found himself embroiled in more controversy after it emerged he spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on extravagant trips abroad, TV subscriptions and drink receptions.
The divisive Speaker of the Commons claimed expenses on a range of luxury activities and goods, figures released to the Mail Online under the freedom of information act have revealed. A staggering £12,352 of public money was spent to fund Mr Bercow and his secretary’s trip to Canada to meet business leaders last July.


With this week’s by-election, Nigel has been electioneering in Peterborough, says the Telegraph.

Nigel Farage believes his Brexit Party could be on the cusp of winning their first seat in Westminster in a by-election this week as he warned: “Vote Conservative, get Labour”.
The Brexit Party leader said that the Peterborough by-election on Thursday is now a two-horse race between the Brexit Party and Labour, with the Conservatives “nowhere”.

The Mail says his candidate could win.

Nigel Farage believes his Brexit Party could be on the verge of its first seat in parliament and has tried to woo voters by warning if they vote Conservative, they will end up with Labour.
The party leader has been campaigning in Peterborough ahead of the by-election after Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was ousted.


Nationally, The Brexit Party has come top in a poll, reports the Mail.

A national poll has put the Brexit Party on top for the first time ever, with leader Nigel Farage hailing it as an ‘historic moment’.
The Opinium poll had the party on top with 26 per cent of the vote, ahead of Labour on 22 per cent.
It is the first ever national poll to have the Brexit Party, fronted by Mr Farage, 55, on top.

And the Independent also reports the poll.

The Brexit Party has topped a general election voting intention poll for the very first time, according to a new survey.
Nigel Farage’s insurgent outfit was found to be the most popular party on 26 per cent, ahead of  Labour on 22 per cent, in the poll asking voters how they will cast their ballots at the next Westminster election.
The Conservatives are third on just 17 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats on 16 per cent and the Greens on 11 per cent, according to the poll carried out by Opinium for The Observer.

Westmonster claims this is big.

Opinium have the Brexit Party leading a poll for the next General Election by 4 clear points. Big things are happening in British politics right now.
In their latest Westminster poll, Brexit are leading the way on 26%.
That compares to Labour in second on 22%, the Tories on 17% and the Liberal Democrats fourth on 16%.

The Guardian suggests this puts Tory seats at risk.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit party has surged into first place as voters’ favourites, according to a new poll. It is the first time the party has achieved top position in a national poll. The results suggest hundreds of Conservative seats are at risk.
The Brexit party’s support increased by two points to 26% of the vote in the latest Opinium poll – for the Observer – which asked people how they would vote in the next Westminster election.

Other parties are trailing behind, says the Express.

NIGEL FARAGE’s Brexit Party has topped a general election voting poll for the very first time, according to a new survey.
Mr Farage’s party was the most popular party garnering an impressive 26 percent of the votes which puts it ahead of Labour’s 22 percent. The Opinium poll asked voters how they would cast their ballots at the next Westminster election.

Labour Party

More problems for Corbyn, this time over sexual harassment, reports the Times.

Jeremy Corbyn was plunged into a new crisis last night after it emerged that his office had blocked the suspension of a senior aide accused of sexual harassment by a female Labour MP.
Leaked emails reveal that Corbyn’s team surprised the party’s governance chiefs by rejecting a formal request to suspend the Labour membership of  David Prescott, 49, the leader’s trusted aide and son of former deputy prime minister John Prescott.

And the Independent publishes a warning that Labour will lose unless it clarifies its position on Brexit.

Prominent Labour figures have warned the Corbyn project faces ruin if the party leader does not shift his position on Brexit.
With Labour slumping into third place in the European elections and falling behind the pro-EU Liberal Democrats in a Westminster poll, one MP said the party would pay “a heavy price” for its equivocal position on EU withdrawal, while another warned of a “clear and present danger” to its future.


We’re upsetting the Germans, says the Express.

GERMAN voters are said to be growing weary of Brexit and some are urging the UK to leave the EU with no deal.
Prime Minister Theresa May  was forced to ask EU leaders for an extension to Brexit  after her withdrawal agreement was rejected three times by MPs. She then announced her resignation after facing backlash over her plans to put forward the deal for a fourth time.

And it seems the bloc is getting a bit paranoid over leaks, reports the Times.

Leaders meeting on Tuesday to decide who will run the European Union’s institutions fiddled in frustration with their phones. Reception had been blocked to stop leaks.
Over the next hours, players made their opening moves in the selection process. But a plan to catapult Manfred Weber — the Bavarian MEP favoured by Angela Merkel — into the European Commission presidency had faltered.


The season to try and cross the English Channel has started, says the Mail.

Seventy-four people including several children have been detained by the Border Force after eight boats tried to cross the Channel.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid described the incident as ‘concerning’, after the vessels were intercepted by officials off the UK coast on Saturday.
Only one of the eight vessels made it to shore, landing at Winchelsea Caravan Park beach, East Sussex.

BBC News takes a look at the numbers.

More than 70 migrants have been detained after eight small boats tried to cross the English Channel on Saturday, the Home Office confirmed.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid described the incident as “deeply concerning”, after the vessels were intercepted by Border Force officials off the Kent coast.
Only one of the eight vessels made it to shore, landing at Winchelsea Caravan Park beach, East Sussex.

Breitbart says it’s a record.

The number of boats transporting illegal migrants to Britain appears to have hit a daily record, with HM Coastguard reporting it has assisted with 13 “incidents” off the Kent coast and a dinghy sighted off East Sussex.
The Kent incidents involved nine boats carrying dozens of migrants, according to Sky News — prompting Charlie Elphicke, MP for the Dover and Deal constituency on the frontline of the crisis, to admonish the authorities.


There’s an epidemic in the offing, says the Mail.

Middle-class parents spreading false claims online are behind a dangerously low take-up of the measles vaccine in well-off areas, official figures unearthed by The Mail on Sunday reveal.
London boroughs, including Kensington and Chelsea and Camden, have seen rates for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination (MMR) drop in the last four years, according to NHS data.

Terror attacks

If you’re heading abroad this summer, be aware says the Star.

SPY bosses have warned that British holidaymakers are at risk of terror attacks in popular Mediterranean resorts this summer.
The heads of MI5 and MI6 have revealed that jihadis could ­“target hotel locations to kill, injure or take hostage” people on the Costas and other holiday hotspots.
Details of the threat have ­appeared in a memo issued to British troops warning of the threat to military personnel and civilians abroad, and warnings have been issued by the Foreign Office (FCO).



Ex-soldiers are being denied access to a military hospital, reports the Mail.

Thousands of British soldiers who suffered horrific injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan are being denied access to a brand new £350 million military hospital following a dispute between Government departments over who would foot the bill for their care there.
Wounded former troops who lost legs and arms in battle are being forced to join lengthy NHS waiting lists because they are barred from the world-leading Defence National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC).


The US president, who will be arriving on a state visit this week, has given an interview to the Sunday Times.

Donald Trump today calls on Britain to send Nigel Farage to negotiate with Brussels and pursue a no-deal Brexit if the EU refuses to give Britain what it wants.
In an interview with The Sunday Times ahead of his state visit to the UK this week, the American president said the next prime minister should refuse to pay the £39bn Brexit divorce bill and “walk away” if Brussels does not bow to Britain’s demands.

He’s been told off for interfering in domestic politics reports the Independent.

Senior politicians from all of the main parties have warned Donald Trump against “distasteful interference” in British politics during an already controversial state visit this week, with the Tory leadership race and future Brexit policy hanging in the balance.
Mr Trump was accused by party leaders and MPs past and present of breaking a longstanding convention by praising Boris Johnson, claiming he would make an “excellent” prime minister, ahead of a three-day trip to the UK which begins on Monday.

The Mail claims he has suggested Nigel is sent into the Brexit negotiations.

Donald Trump has sensationally urged the British government to involve Nigel Farage in Brexit negotiations with the EU.
The President hailed the Brexit Party leader as a ‘very smart person’ who could have bolstered Theresa May’s botched deal that she failed to push through Parliament.
On the eve of his state visit to the UK, his criticism of the Prime Minister’s decision to omit Mr Farage from talks with Brussels will likely put noses out of joint in Downing Street.

And the Guardian reports the president has said we should leave without a deal.

Donald Trump has called on Britain to leave the European Union without a deal if Brussels refuses to meet its demands, as he urged the government to send Nigel Farage into the negotiations.
In his second extraordinary intervention into British politics ahead of this week’s state visit, the US president suggested the UK should “walk away” from talks and refuse to pay the £39bn divorce bill if its requests were not met.


More drugs allegations are being levelled against Russia, reports the Mail.

Russia could be banned from the Olympics next year after fresh doping allegations implicating top athletics officials.
It is alleged they oversaw the cover-up of a doping offence by the world indoor high jump champion who was tipped to win gold at Tokyo 2020.
The shocking incident has sparked an investigation and it comes after a spate of alleged Russian doping which saw the country’s athletes banned from participating in international competitions.

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