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The race to succeed Theresa May as prime minister is under way.  The Telegraph reports a surge in Tory Party membership as thousands want to voice their opinions.

Tens of thousands of new members have joined the Conservatives in the last year, swelling the electorate that will choose Theresa May’s successor.
The Tories now have more than 160,000 paid-up supporters, an increase of almost a third since March 2018.
Sources claimed the rise was down to a recruitment drive led by Brandon Lewis, who was appointed as party chairman in January 2018.
However the rapid growth is likely to spark further claims that the Tories have been “infiltrated” by hardline Brexiteers in recent months.
Tory members will be asked to vote for one of two final candidates in the summer, once MPs have whittled down a long list of would-be leaders.

A senior Tory says it’s the advisors who should resign, reports the Telegraph.

A Brexiteer Cabinet minister has called for a clearing out of Number 10 to replace any advisers still harbouring doubts over Britain leaving the European Union.
Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, says the “opportunity” offered by Brexit can only be seized if those officials who are sceptical of its chances of success are removed from Downing Street.
Writing for The Telegraph, Dr Fox said Theresa May’s successor should surround themselves with people who are not scared of cutting ties with the EU.

Dominic Raab has spoken to the Mail.

The race to succeed Theresa May exploded into life last night as contenders traded the first vicious blows of the contest – and one of the frontrunners launched his ‘Stop Boris’ manifesto.
Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab announces his intention to run for Tory leader in today’s Mail on Sunday. In an article for the newspaper, he positions himself as the contest’s arch-Brexiteer by pledging to ‘demonstrate unflinching resolve’ to leave the EU – without a deal if necessary.

And the Sun claims he has offered us a pay rise if he wins the leadership contest.

DOMINIC Raab promised a pay rise for millions of workers as he launched his pitch for power last night.
The former Brexit Secretary said building a fairer society would be his number one goal once he had taken Britain out of the EU.
He promised tax cuts for every family, boosting the take-home pay of the average worker by £640 a year.
Mr Raab, 45, said: “I’m fighting for a fairer Britain – a fairer deal on Brexit, a fairer deal for workers and a fairer society for all.”

Matt Hancock has been interviewed by the Mail.

The Tory leadership race has exploded into life, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock joining Jeremy Hunt in entering the contest, as Amber Rudd ruled herself out from running.
Mr Hancock and Mr Hunt join leading contender Boris Johnson, International Development Secretary Rory Stewart, and former work and pensions secretary Esther McVey in announcing their candidacy for the Tory Crown.

And also in the Mirror.

Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced he’s standing to replace Theresa May as Conservative leader.
He’s the third serving cabinet minister to break cover since Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and International Development Secretary Rory Stewart.
His announcement comes after Theresa May said she was quitting as Prime Minister in a tearful televised address outside Number 10.

Former top job candidate Michael Gove is also in the race, reports the Telegraph.

Michael Gove has declared that he is the best candidate to take on Jeremy Corbyn, talking up his own role in the Leave campaign and claiming he will seize control of the machinery of government to deliver Brexit.
The Environment Secretary is telling MPs that he is a “unity” candidate with the “vision” and proven “grip” over government departments that will enable him to secure the UK’s departure from the UK and reverse the Conservatives’ decline in the polls.
Mr Gove, whom supporters expect to publicly announce his candidacy on Sunday evening, told a private dinner of MPs last week that while Boris Johnson was the main face of the Vote Leave campaign, he was entrusted with some of the highest pressure television debates which would also feature in a general election.

And BBC News points out the clash with Boris Johnson the last time around.

Michael Gove is due to enter the race for Tory leader, challenging his former Vote Leave ally Boris Johnson.
It means the two figureheads of the official Leave campaign will battle for the right to steer the Brexit process to a conclusion.
They previously clashed during the 2016 leadership contest, won by Theresa May.

Priti Patel has been praised by Nigel Farage in the Telegraph.

Earlier this month Priti Patel was paid an intriguing compliment by the man who is poised to all but wipe out the Conservatives’ footprint in the European Parliament, having won millions of Tory voters over to his new pro-Brexit party.
In an interview with The Telegraph, Nigel Farage claimed that the former development secretary was “the only one who is even qualified” to take him on at a general election, as he dismissed the possibility of Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab restoring the Conservatives’ vote share as a result of their support for Theresa May’s deal in March.

And Rory Stewart has branded another leadership contender ‘dishonest’, reports the Mail.

Tory leadership contender Rory Stewart has explicitly said he could not serve in a government led by Boris Johnson as he branded a No Deal Brexit ‘dishonest’.
Yesterday, Mr Johnson had pledged to take the country out of the EU in October – with or without a deal.
Setting out his pitch to be leader just hours after Theresa May announced her departure, the former foreign secretary said it was time to ‘put Brexit to bed’.

The Independent claims the deal Boris wants is damaging.

Rory Stewart has become the first senior Tory to rule out serving under Boris Johnson, describing the no-deal Brexit he is willing to pursue as “damaging and dishonest”.
The international development secretary suggested Mr Johnson had misled him over his stance – as a fifth leadership contender, health secretary Matt Hancock, joined the race to succeed Theresa May.
Meanwhile, Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, ruled herself out of the contest and hinted she could sit in a cabinet with Mr Johnson, the clear favourite.

Esther McVey writes for the Telegraph.

The votes haven’t yet been counted in the European elections but I think we can safely predict that the Conservative Party has taken a kicking, and the newly formed Brexit Party have been the clear winners.
It should come as no surprise and we have only ourselves to blame.
17.4 million people voted to leave the EU in the biggest democratic exercise in our country’s history.
Delivering the referendum result was this government’s primary task, so three years on putting the public through the indignity of voting in the European elections couldn’t be a starker demonstration of the current governing class’ failure.

And guess who may make a comeback, reports the Mail.

David Cameron is considering making a dramatic political comeback by standing again for Parliament, friends have told The Mail on Sunday.
Brexiteer MPs fear the former Prime Minister could team up with his old ally George Osborne after claims that the ex-Chancellor privately hinted he harboured ambitions to return to government.
Any attempt by Mr Cameron to return to the Commons is likely to prove highly controversial. The Tory Party has been bitterly divided since the EU referendum which he called in 2016.

The Express has picked up the story of the former PM and his sidekick.

DAVID CAMERON is vying for a political comeback by standing once more for Parliament, his friends claim.
Brexiteers could reportedly view the move as a threat as they fear the old Etonian may team up with his former right-hand-man George Osborne to alter the political landscape. Remainer Mr Cameron, whose allies say is the only Tory leader to win a Commons majority in 27 years, is responsible for instigating the process that ultimately led to the UK voting to exit the European Union.

But the front runner could well hit trouble, says the Independent.

Boris Johnson’s march towards No 10 has hit trouble as senior Tories back away from his leadership bid because of his willingness to embrace a crash-out Brexit.
The overwhelming favourite to succeed Theresa May suffered a backlash when pro-EU Tories, led by Rory Stewart, questioned his fitness for the job if he threatened a no-deal departure this autumn.

The Guardian reports a campaign to prevent him leaving the EU under WTO rules.

A campaign to stop Boris Johnson becoming prime minister and taking the country into a no-deal Brexit was launched by moderate cabinet ministers on Saturday as the first shots were fired in the Tory contest to succeed Theresa May in Downing Street.
After May bowed to pressure on Friday and announced she would resign as Tory leader within two weeks, justice secretary David Gauke and international development secretary Rory Stewart condemned Johnson’s readiness to embrace a no-deal, saying it would be hugely damaging to the national interest.

The Sun calls it a ‘sting’.

BREXIT-wrecking MPs are secretly plotting a leadership voting sting to stop Boris Johnson winning the Tory crown.
A group of hardcore Remainers have worked out a shady deal with enemies of the former Foreign Secretary to keep him out of Downing Street.
Mr Johnson is hot favourite to win the contest among his Conservative grassroots fanbase – but not as popular among MPs.
They believe the only way to “Stop Boris” is to keep his name off the final ballot paper that goes out to party members.

But Liz Truss has said she will not stand, reports the Telegraph.

She has spent much of the last few months seemingly auditioning to succeed Theresa May. But today Liz Truss declares that she will not stand in the Tory leadership contest, after the Prime Minister disclosed that it would begin next month and end by the summer parliamentary recess.
“We’re now in a critical situation,” says the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

No deal

The Independent quotes a former minister who has urged Mrs May to kill ‘no-deal’ before she leaves.

Theresa May must use the dying days of her premiership to pass a law to prevent her successor taking Britain out of the EU in a no-deal Brexit against the will of parliament, a former cabinet minister has said.
Sir Ed Davey said Ms May was likely to be followed into No 10 by a hardline Brexiteer, such as Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab, who is ready to quit Europe without an agreement on 31 October.

Second referendum

The opposition is still pushing for a losers’ vote, says Sky News.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has said the party must fully commit to supporting a second referendum on Brexit to have any chance of winning the next general election.
He said he feared the results of the European elections would show voters had deserted the party, blaming Labour’s ambiguous position on a second public vote.
Writing in The Observer, he said: “For our party’s sake, but most of all for Britain’s sake, Labour needs to find some backbone on Brexit, find our voice – and do it fast.

And ITV News also quotes him.

Labour must “find some backbone” and fully commit to supporting a second referendum on Brexit to have any chance of winning the next general election, the party’s deputy leader has said.
Tom Watson said he feared the results of the European elections would show voters had deserted the party and blamed Labour’s ambiguous position on a public vote.


The bloc is terrified of a Brexiteer becoming PM says the Times.

They have faced three successive Brexit secretaries and one intractable prime minister, but EU diplomats are braced for a “horror scenario” in renewed Brexit talks under a hardline British leader.
“Drama is the guaranteed component,” said one. “Other than that, nothing is predictable.”
In weary conversations in Brussels bars, diplomats are debating the implications of Theresa May’s potential successors. All say a leadership change will do nothing to alter the realities that produced the current, unloved deal.

But the top brass are still insisting the WAB will not be renegotiated, reports the Mail.

Brussels last night warned that whoever replaces Theresa May would not be able to make changes to her Brexit deal.
And EU leaders, officials and diplomats all agreed that the chances of a No Deal Brexit had now dramatically increased.
The stage is now set for a showdown if Boris Johnson or another hardline Brexiteer, such as Dominic Raab, wins the keys to Number 10.
Guy Verhofstadt, who heads negotiations for the European Parliament, threw down the gauntlet to Mr Johnson and told the Daily Mail: ‘He is famous across Europe for making promises during the Brexit referendum that were undeliverable.

The Express has a column by Priti Patel.

THE European Elections should never have happened.
Britons voted to leave the EU in record numbers and they expected Brexit by now. Instead we now witness the ghoulish spectacle of the public expressing their disgust at the political class and sending a message to the Conservative Party that it must change or die.
Not only is the party set to have its worse result in a nationwide poll in its 180-year history but we find ourselves competing with minority parties.
How on earth did it come to this? Rarely have we witnessed such a level of anger. We are witnessing the disintegration of trust in democratic institutions as the public rightly blame out-of-touch politicians who have colluded to block Brexit.

Meanwhile, there is the prospect of legal action over the EU elections, reports the Guardian.

The government is facing the prospect of being sued by campaigners for EU citizens in the UK and British nationals abroad who were denied a vote in the European parliament elections.
John Halford, a public law specialist at Bindmans, said this week’s electoral fiasco was something a democracy should not tolerate.
“The right to vote is the foundation for all citizenship rights,” he said. “Last Thursday saw a large-scale, systematic, openly discriminatory denial of that right. The case we plan to bring will show that this is not something the law will tolerate and that there must be accountability and consequences.”

And ITV News eve if there’s no legal action, the two main parties are looking at significant losses.

Both the Conservatives and Labour are braced for a backlash from voters over Brexit as the results of the European elections are announced.
Opinion polls have suggested Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party could be on course for victory in the European contests, with results due to start coming in on Sunday night.

The Sun reports the votes will start being counted today.

BALLOT boxes across Britain are being guarded in counting stations across the UK as the Brexit Party is on track for a history victory.
Millions of votes are waiting to be counted as soon as all the polls close on Sunday.
Brits went to vote on Thursday in the European elections – but the results aren’t in yet as the rest of Europe hasn’t finished voting yet.
Sealed ballot boxes are waiting in counting stations across Britain, which will finally be opened within hours.

Independence Daily will bring you the result as soon as they are known.


Elsewhere, Breitbart has been counting the number of immigrants to the UK.

More than 600,000 migrants arrived in the United Kingdom in 2018 — akin to the population of a city the size of Belfast.
The data, released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), said that over a quarter of a million more people arrived with the intention of staying 12 months than left in 2018.
In total over the previous 12 months, 602,000 new people migrated to Britian, while 343,000 emigrated — showing a continued strong trend towards overall net migration, totalling 258,000 people.
The UK also granted asylum, alternative forms of leave, or resettlement to 17,304 people in the year ending March 2019 — an increase on the previous year.


The NHS is still cutting costs – to the detriment of patients, says the Telegraph.

Vulnerable pensioners with progressive and crippling diseases are having NHS funding for their care withdrawn under cost-cutting measures.
An investigation by The Telegraph reveals that more than 7,000 patients whose care and nursing fees were covered by the health service have had their funding revoked since the “stealth cuts” were introduced.
Under national rules, any patient with a significant health problem should have such fees paid in full – if the condition is deemed to be the main reason they need such help.
But investigations by this newspaper reveal that authorities are increasingly withdrawing previously agreed funding despite the fact most such cases will only worsen.

Child sexual exploitation

It seems child groomers have found a new app to use according to the Times.

Police are investigating three child sexual exploitation cases a day that involve Snapchat.
The photo-messaging app is loved by teenagers for its funny selfies and auto-deleting messages, but it has become a “haven” for predators using the platform to prey on the young.
A Sunday Times investigation has laid bare for the first time the extent of child sexual exploitation on the app, uncovering thousands of reported cases that have involved Snapchat since 2014.
This includes paedophiles using the app to elicit indecent images from children and to groom teenagers, but also hundreds of cases in which under-18s have themselves spread child pornography through Snapchat.


Cheaper university education is urged in a report featured in the Times.

University tuition fees and interest rates on student loans should be slashed, a report will recommend this week as ministers warn that many degrees are terrible value for money.
The Augar review of higher education is expected to call for annual tuition fees to be cut from £9,250 to £7,500 and interest rates on student loans to be reduced from 6.3% to as little as 1.5%.
The review, chaired by the banker Philip Augar, aims to ease financial pressures on young people and help to divert them from university degrees to vocational and technical courses. Further education colleges will receive a cash boost.

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