Matters are getting tough for the Prime Minister but he hasn’t given up yet says the Independent.

Boris Johnson is threatening to sabotage the EU to make it cave in on a Brexit deal – or reject MPs’ plan to stop the UK crashing out of the bloc.
In a dramatic escalation of its battle with Brussels, Downing Street believes it has devised a way out of the crisis to make the EU no longer “legally constituted”, paralysing its decision-making.
The extraordinary plan would see the UK refuse to appoint a commissioner, putting the EU in breach of its own legal duty for all 28 member states to be represented on its executive branch.
No 10 believes the UK would be “disrupting” Brussels life to such a degree that member states will then make it clear they will refuse to grant an Article 50 extension – even if asked for.

Sabotage in the EU, the Express says.  That could be interesting!

BORIS JOHNSON will threaten to sabotage the EU if MPs do not back an election to settle Brexit.
The defiant Prime Minister will use the EU’s own rules to bring it to a standstill from November 1 unless the deadlock on Brexit is ended. Mr Johnson today tells Sunday Express readers: “I refuse to accept Corbyn’s pointless delay.” The Labour leader is refusing his call for an election. He vowed to ­simply “carry on” if Mr Corbyn again blocks an election.

The Mirror outlines what he plans to do now.

Boris Johnson has ditched his plan to resign on October 18 and has latched on to ­another ploy – to force the EU to chuck Britain out of Europe.
The PM has been flailing around for a Plan B since Parliament passed laws to block no-deal and delay Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn thwarted his early election plot.
On Thursday a downhearted Mr Johnson thought his premiership – to use his phrase – would be “dead in a ditch” at the EU summit in Brussels next month.

The Sun says the bloc could be paralysed.

BORIS Johnson is plotting to paralyse EU decision-making in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.
The PM will turn the tables on stubborn Brussels chiefs to provoke them into kicking Britain out.
Bolshy Bojo has sanctioned a brash ruse to tie the EU up in knots – using their own laws.
He will refuse to appoint a new European Commissioner is forced to extend our membership beyond October 31.
This will mean they are not legally constituted because it must have 28 commissioners, one from each member state.

The Times says he risks jail.

Boris Johnson plans to “sabotage” efforts by MPs to block Brexit, and force an explosive showdown at the Supreme Court that could see him risk a jail sentence to deliver on his pledge to leave the EU by October 31.
In a dramatic escalation of the prime minister’s war with parliament, Johnson will ignore legislation passed last week demanding that he seek an extension from Brussels to Brexit negotiations past the Halloween deadline — forcing MPs to take him to court.

BBC News outlines the potential court case against him.

MPs, including Tories expelled from the party, are preparing legal action in case the PM refuses to seek a delay to Brexit.
A bill requiring Boris Johnson to ask for an extension to the UK’s departure date to avoid a no-deal Brexit on 31 October is set to gain royal assent.
But the PM has said he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay.
Legal experts have warned the prime minister could go to prison if he refuses to comply with the new law.

Conservative Party

There’s further turmoil in the party as another MP resigns, reports the Telegraph.

Amber Rudd quit the Cabinet and the Conservative Party on Saturday night, attacking the “short-sighted” ousting of pro-EU MPs and saying she believed Boris Johnson was now aiming for a no-deal Brexit.
In a letter to Mr Johnson, the Work and Pensions Secretary insisted she had joined the Cabinet in “good faith” but said she was no longer convinced that “leaving with a deal is the Government’s main objective”.

And launches a ‘blistering attack’ on the PM, says the Mail.

Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd launched a blistering attack on Boris Johnson’s ‘aggressive and dangerous’ approach to Brexit last night as she resigned from the Tory Party.
The staunch Remainer warned that the Prime Minister’s tactics of putting parliament against the people will lead to violence on the streets.
In a devastating parting salvo, the Pensions Secretary — one of only a handful of Remain supporting Ministers in Mr Johnson’s Cabinet — said she thought there was ‘no evidence’ that Mr Johnson was trying to strike a deal with Brussels.

The Times says she’s disgusted.

Amber Rudd is resigning from the cabinet and quitting the Conservative Party in disgust at Boris Johnson’s “purge” of the party and his “failure” to pursue a deal with the EU.
In a bombshell move that will rock the government, the work and pensions secretary says she is quitting because there is “no evidence” Johnson is seeking a deal with the European Union — despite claims that it is his priority.

Labour Party

Labour isn’t doing much better, reports the Times.

The Labour Party was plunged into civil war again last night as a veteran MP revealed he was quitting the Commons to take up a full-time role as the government’s anti-semitism tsar.
John Mann told The Sunday Times he was standing down after 18 years as a Labour MP and said Jeremy Corbyn was unfit to be prime minister for his mishandling of the anti-semitism crisis that had engulfed the party.

The Express says it’s in turmoil.

THE LABOUR PARTY is set for further turmoil as a veteran MP has revealed he is quitting after branding Jeremy Corbyn unfit to be prime minister.
John Mann has announced he is quitting as Labour MP for Bassetlaw, Nottingham, as he launched a scathing attack on Jeremy Corbyn. He declared the Labour Party “will not survive” the erosion of principles under Mr Corbyn’s leadership and said he did not think the Labour leader was “appropriate to be prime minister”.

And the Guardian reports his attack on his party leader.

A senior Labour MP has used his exit from the Commons to criticise Jeremy Corbyn’s record as leader and blame the party’s current antisemitism crisis on him. John Mann is set to stand down after 18 years in parliament to take up the full-time post as the government’s antisemitism tsar.
He said he could not campaign for Corbyn knowing that he could become prime minister, and told the Sunday Times he would “never forgive” his leftwing leader for allowing the party to be “hijacked” by antisemites.

The Telegraph reports a call for the party to abolish private schools.

The Labour chairman is urging party members and unions to support plans to abolish all private schools.
Ian Lavery, a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, has endorsed a campaign declaring that fee-paying schools are “incompatible” with Labour’s pledge to promote “social justice” in the education system.
The MP, who is responsible for organising the party’s general election campaign, describes private schools as the “origin” of “injustices” in society and says he is “proud” to be supporting plans to “remove these pillars of elitism from our society”.

And the party’s leader is also suffering from fraternal criticism, says the Mail.

Jeremy Corbyn has been bitterly attacked by his brother for abandoning his support for Brexit and campaigning against a No Deal.
Since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, Piers Corbyn has relentlessly criticised Labour’s approach to Brexit on Twitter and even described the EU as ‘the Fourth Reich’.
The 72-year-old weather forecaster, who is a sceptic about climate change, described Labour’s campaign against No Deal as ‘a cover to trash the historic democratic mandate to leave’ and describes its backers as ‘enemies of the people’.


It seems the anti-Brexiteers are talking to disaffected Tories, reports the Times.

Rebel Tories expelled from the party are in talks with the Liberal Democrats about a non-aggression pact.
The former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is helping to broker a deal between Rory Stewart, an expelled Conservative and neighbouring Cumbrian MP, and the new leader, Jo Swinson, insiders say.
Under the proposal, Stewart would stand as an independent MP at the next general election but agree to accept a soft Lib Dem whip in exchange for the party not fielding a candidate against him.

The Mail also reports the talks.

Rebel Tory MPs who were stripped of the party whip for voting against Boris Johnson‘s Brexit  policy are close to agreeing a non-aggression Election pact with Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats.
Under the plan, if the rebels are not allowed back into the party, the Liberals and the Greens would not put up a candidate against MPs Rory Stewart, Sam Gyimah, Margot James and Dominic Grieve.
In return, if they were to beat the official Tory candidates and win election to the Commons, they would agree to take a ‘soft whip’ from the Liberals, meaning they would vote with Ms Swinson’s party on selected issues.


And The Brexit Party could play a big part in the next election, reports the Telegraph.

Nigel Farage has set out the terms of his offer of an electoral pact with the Conservatives, even suggesting that he could campaign for Tory Brexiteer candidates if Boris Johnson backs a clean Brexit.
The former Ukip leader is demanding that Brexit Party candidates are given free reign (sic) to contest Labour-held seats in the North, Midlands, and South Wales that he believes he can win from Jeremy Corbyn.
In return, the new party would stand down some of its 600 candidates from potentially dozens of seats where they would otherwise split the pro-Leave vote, as part of a no-deal alliance with the Conservatives intent on securing the UK’s exit from the EU.

The two parties working together is examined in the Times.

Nigel Farage will today offer Boris Johnson a “non-aggression pact” at the general election, which he says could lead to a 100-strong majority if the Tories and the Brexit Party work together.
The veteran Eurosceptic is extending an olive branch to Conservative Brexiteers, announcing for the first time that he will not stand candidates against the 28 members of the European Research Group (ERG) of hardliners who opposed Theresa May’s Brexit deal with Brussels.

The alliance is firming up, says the Express.

A DEAL between the Tories and the Brexit Party to form an electoral Brexit alliance “is getting closer”, sources from both parties have told the Sunday Express.
The plan would see the Brexit Party pull candidates from Tory marginals where they are facing challenges from Labour and Lib Dem Remainers. In return, Nigel Farage’s party wants a free run at northern Labour seats where the Tories have never been able to make a breakthrough. However, the two parties are still divided over Brexit policy with Mr Farage keen to push for a “clean Brexit” with no deal and Boris Johnson claiming he still wants a deal.

Talks are in the early stages says Breitbart, but at least they’re happening.

Members of the Conservative Party’s European Research Group (ERG) are reportedly holding “very tentative” talks with the Brexit Party over striking an election pact.
The claims were made by The Telegraph on Friday night, with a source telling the newspaper: “There have been conversations between the Brexit Party and the ERG. Not just with Farage but also at a local level. The feeling is that it would be mad to let the Remainers do an alliance but not the Brexiteeers.


But the dreaded Withdrawal Agreement could yet be resurrected, reports the Express.

THERESA MAY’S EU deal could be “brought back from the dead” with a cross-party group of MPs primed to push for it to be voted on by Parliament.
The group including Labour’s Stephen Kinnock and Caroline Flint, Lib Dem Norman Lamb, and former cabinet minister Rory Stewart is due to be unveiled on Tuesday to push the Withdrawal Agreement Bill through Parliament. They believe their hand has been strengthened by the bill aimed at forcing the Prime Minister to seek an extension. This bill saw MPs agree an amendment by Mr Kinnock that mandated the Government to bring forward the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Second referendum

The Guardian reports on the ‘guidance’ to be offered on how to vote.

Campaigners for a second EU referendum are planning the “biggest tactical voting operation ever undertaken in Britain” in an attempt to secure a majority for another public vote.
Voters across England, Wales and Scotland will be given guidance on which candidate they should back at the next election in order to deliver a parliament willing to back a second referendum. Significant extra funds and armies of campaigners will also be directed to key seats as part of the drive to secure a new vote.

The Express describes ‘armies of campaigners’.

BREXIT is once again at risk amid reports that vote Remain campaigners are planning the “biggest tactical’ voting operation in UK history.
The October 31 Brexit date is fast approaching, and as of yet it still remains unclear if the UK will indeed leave the EU. Last week, MPs voted in favour of blocking a bill that would allow the UK to leave the EU without a deal.
Moreover, Boris Johnson also lost a vote on bringing forward a snap election which has therefore increased the chances of a second referendum.


Meanwhile, plans are afoot to unseat the Speaker, reports the Mail.

John Bercow’s role in blocking Brexit has sealed his fate as Commons Speaker, one of Boris Johnson‘s most senior Ministers revealed yesterday.
Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom today confirms for the first time that the Conservative Party will defy convention and put up a candidate against him in the next Election.
Before becoming Speaker ten years ago, Mr Bercow was the Tory MP for Buckingham with a majority of more than 18,000, so the move is almost certain to lead to him losing his seat and the Election of a new Speaker.

BBC News outlines the government’s plans.

The Conservative Party plans to stand a candidate against Speaker John Bercow for his role in allowing MPs to take control of the Commons agenda.
Business secretary Andrea Leadsom accused the Speaker in the Mail on Sunday of “flagrant abuse” of process.
Breaching convention, the party plans to oppose Mr Bercow in his Buckingham constituency at the next election.
Formerly a Tory, Mr Bercow gave up his party affiliation when he took on the impartial role.
As the highest authority in the House of Commons, the Speaker chairs MPs’ debates.


Not much is going to come out of tomorrow’s meeting between Boris and Varadkar, says the Times.

Leo Varadkar is planning to yield little ground on the backstop at a meeting with Boris Johnson in Dublin tomorrow. The Irish leader has publicly warned that he does not think the prime minister can get any proposal through the House of Commons under the current parliamentary arithmetic.
In a sign that the Irish government expects an imminent general election in Britain, TDs and senators from Varadkar’s Fine Gael party have been told not to attend a conference in Co Louth on alternatives to the backstop organised by Tory MPs Greg Hands and Suella Braverman.

The Express says the border could be reinstated.

IRISH premier Leo Varadkar has been criticised for “conceding at the 11th hour” that there would be border checks in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Sinn Fein slammed Mr Varadkar after he announced during a speech on Thursday that some checks on goods and live animals may need to take place near the Irish border. The Taoiseach was outlining the impacts of a no-deal Brexit to business leaders in Dublin.
He said checks would take place “as far as possible” in ports, airports and at businesses.
Mr Varadkar added: “But some may need to take place near the border.”


There’s been little progress in talks, reports the Telegraph.

European hopes of negotiating a new Brexit deal have been put on hold after a “disastrous” week of talks in Brussels in which it became clear that both sides were moving further apart, EU sources have warned.
The gloomy outlook formed after two rounds of talks in Brussels last week at which EU negotiators said that the British team had still failed to table any concrete or workable proposals to deliver an alternative to the Irish backstop.
With more than half of the “blistering” 30-day timetable set last month now expired and the political situation in London in chaos, both diplomats and officials briefed on the talks warned that nascent optimism after Boris Johnson’s summer visits to Berlin and Paris had now faded.

Air travel

Heading abroad?  Check with your airline says the Times.

Pilots at British Airways are preparing for a long-term campaign of disruption that could continue until the Christmas holidays, starting with strikes tomorrow and Tuesday that will bring the airline virtually to a standstill.
Air crew have drawn up an internal crowdfunding-style strategy, financed in part by the wealthiest pilots, to prolong industrial action over the coming months in one of the most acrimonious pay disputes that BA has ever seen.


Health tourism is to be targeted, reports ITV News.

Ministers have started a crackdown on health tourism by announcing a £1 million drive to reclaim outstanding debts from visitors.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has handed the seven-figure funding boost to the team tasked with recovering money from overseas visitors who have failed to pay for their healthcare while in the UK.
The Department for Health and Social Care said a “significant proportion” of visitor debt remains unpaid.

‘Surveillance state’

Free doorbells?  Or ‘Big Brother?  The Times reports:

Amazon’s camera doorbell company Ring has linked up with police forces across the country to hand out thousands of free doorbells, leading to allegations that it is creating a “surveillance state” on private property.
The tech giant has given the recording devices to at least four forces to pass to residents. At least five other forces have promoted the all-seeing doorbells with money-off vouchers or discount codes. Yet others are in talks with Ring.
The company and the police claim the video doorbells, which start at £89, deter intruders and capture evidence that helps crime investigations.

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