When I was a schoolboy, I loved to read books by and about the early explorers and their adventures. My teachers were driven mad by their inability to hold my attention; I was always in a desert, up a mountain, at sea or in a jungle.

One particular explorer, his name I can’t remember, it was so long ago, wrote about a desperate survival situation that he faced on one of his adventures. He was facing starvation. His solution was to eat his donkey. The problem was, in the hot and humid climate that he was in, if he killed the donkey, most of the meat would rot before he could eat it. He decided that he needed to keep the donkey alive for as long as possible. He first ate its extremities, it’s ears, perhaps tail and I dread to think what else.

When the extremities were consumed, being a clever sort of explorer, he had to decide which internal organs and muscle groups could be removed and eaten but keep the donkey alive for as long as possible. The conclusion to all of this was that he was amazed at just how much of an animal could be eaten without actually killing it. In spite of my enthusiasm for adventure, even I was horrified by this. I convinced myself that it was some barbaric event from long ago. Perhaps I was wrong?

I recently walked past some protesters in a busy city center. There were an assortment of animal rights protesters in Anonymous masks, climate change protesters and so on. I eventually came across a group of Chinese people meditating while sitting in a circle. I was confronted by a sign with these words: “Chinese Communism has killed eighty million people, more than either the First World War or the Second World War.” Upon further enquiry, these people told me that they were protesting that day specifically about forced organ harvesting in China and they gave me some material to support this. I straight away knew this to be true, hence the reason for my discussion.

In my recent research to study Black Market weapons flows around the world – possibly the 10th largest illegal industry in the world but growing – I was forced to look into the Dark Internet. This is the place where these arms are traded by the world’s criminals and terrorists. The Dark Web is a depressing, evil place to visit and if you don’t know what you’re doing a very dangerous place. I would advise against going there. I always make sure that I stay focused on the aim of my research and won’t allow myself to be sidetracked. Alongside the criminals, terrorists, arms and drug dealers, hit men, pedophiles and other perverts on the Dark Web, are traders in human organs and most of these come from China. I can’t let you have Dark Web links but you may find this article a good starting point.

It seems that in China, if you are what is called a prisoner of conscience or protest against the government’s regime, not only are you imprisoned but your internal organs are harvested against your will, sold on the Black Market and other places.

Incidentally and perhaps something that I should also write about, the places where illegal arms dealers feel most confident about guaranteed delivery is in Europe and Great Britain. Frightening! All thanks to the EU’s open borders.

From Stalin in Russia to Cambodia to China, there have been too many of Communist regimes to list here but they are all associated with genocide. They are not just a part of history. Communism is going from strength to strength, see here.

I think that now, people are waking up to the fact that globalism and its associated organisations such as the European Union and United Nations are in fact an attempt to impose Communism on a global scale. There are many academic and media references to this but here’s a frightening article for you, I’ve never seen this source before but I’m very sure the article is accurate.

We can now see clearly that so many of our politicians from mainstream political parties, notably Edward Heath to Tony Blair to Theresa May and the list goes on, these people are evil. The Remainers and EU supporters that are so voluble on our media are deluded fools, morons, idiots; they are embracing an evil regime that so many millions of people around the world are so desperate to escape that they are prepared to risk their live to so. How evil or just plain ignorant and stupid must these people be?

The fight against Communism has lead to wars and genocide time and time again, unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be any different this time, all the signs are currently present. We have behind the scenes massive financial and economic instability, refugee flows, emerging totalitarian and ultimately Communist regimes in government.

This is a war that we must fight, the alternative for our children is a life where they’ll be treated little better than animals, they will be worked until they drop, their organs will be harvested, before eventually they will welcome death.

As for my Chinese friends that I met while they were sitting in a circle in a busy town center, I promised them that I would write an article to bring attention to the plight of their countrymen and women: here it is.

Photo by Jeremy Board

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