I recently posted a video in comments, just a Youtube video, but the points were so valid that I thought they were worthy of further discussion: “Warning to America…Ret. General Special Forces”

Here we have retired Lt. General and Green Beret, Jerry Boykin, talking about Marxist insurgency and I think we should listen.

Over the years I’ve known a number of current and ex special services soldiers. They never talk about their experiences and I never ask, just occasionally though I’ve picked up a little insight.

Some of these ex-soldiers, after leaving the forces, settle down with families. Others have trouble settling down and prefer a nomadic existence out sailing, diving, flying or hunting with people like me. Others, haunted by their experiences, turn to booze.

I once had a good friend who was such a man, he was a chronic alcoholic. One day he said to me: “I never want to have children, I’ve seen what the world does to children.” He’s dead now, the booze got the better of him, he was found in a gutter somewhere and died in hospital shortly after. His words though continue to haunt me.

In those few words he managed to convey to me the full horror of the things that he had been a witness to (I won’t tell you where he’d been), how he was haunted and the awful reality of the world in which we live. These men are realists, they have no illusions about the world, for if they did they probably wouldn’t be alive.

I have an old school friend, he’s a raving socialist, remainer and EU fan, every time I look at his Facebook page there is another snide, totally false and unrealistic remark regarding Brexit. In many ways he’s the very model of an ideal EU citizen. As teenagers I once chased a bully away from him in the street as he was a pacifist and refused to fight back.

We can see the stereotype emerging here: cowardly pacifists that cling to Utopian and unrealistic ideas, propagated by their media heroes and feeling so superior and cool in their Lefty, Socialist, Marxist world. I suppose that when they wake up to the lies and have to face the awful reality of the world, they’ll be looking for someone to help them out, like I did for my friend when we were teenagers.

Let’s have a look at the main points of Jerry Boykin’s video:

  • As Socialist / Marxist programs are progressed, they always seek to nationalise large areas of the economy.  

As Jerry says: this is what the bailouts were at the time of the Financial Crisis, banks have bought out assets with printed money. Not only is this unsustainable as are the finances of the EU and the Euro – politically motivated ideas that have no sound economic bases whatsoever – it also means that the Financial Crisis, far from being an unforeseen accident was actually very carefully planned.

  • Marxists will always seek to redistribute wealth

This is certainly happening, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. After the Financial Crisis bankers were soon back to paying themselves massive bonuses, while we were left with the interest on the debt. Also Marxist and Socialist policies are very expensive to maintain and we’ll never be able to pay enough taxes to sustain them.

  • Marxists will always attempt to discredit their opposition

We’ve certainly seen this since the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump. The Left, remainers, Democrats and Eurocrats have simply refused to accept the results of democratic elections. Any attempt to criticise the Marxist agenda is met with a wall of Political Correctness and the Nazi, racist slur.

  • Censorship

When the truth starts to emerge, ie: Social Media, the Internet generally, the malignant Mainstream Media and Left call for hate crimes legislation. Enough said!

  • To establish a constabulary force to control the population

I think we need look no further than EUROGENDFOR for this although here in Britain our Police seem to be fulfilling this role as they chase twitter posts as knife and other serious crime goes through the roof. Again, this is when Marxist regimes become Totalitarian, when people no longer believe the lies.

I’ve glossed over the above points due to word constraints, each one would merit an article or more in its own right. The point is though, when you look at the above, there can be little doubt that what we and the West in general are faced with, is indeed a Marxist insurgency.

Here in Britain our mainstream political parties have been infiltrated by these marxists, this article has recently appeared in Breitbart:

“Delingpole: Bombshell Claim — May’s Secret Brexit Betrayal Pact with Merkel”

It has been obvious to many of us for quite some time that Theresa May and her government haven’t been negotiating with the European Union, they have been collaborating. As we head towards a Commons vote on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, probably the greatest sell-out in the history of politics, it would be pointless to expect anything else other than more barefaced treachery and lies from May and her cohorts.

These insurgent Marxist political models always seem to bring widespread misery and poverty in their wake and our country is increasingly coming to resemble the Third World. We’re being asked to accommodate ever more Third World immigration, debt and taxes to pay for it and the model just doesn’t work.

As Sun Tzu says in his famous ‘Art of War:’ military conflict is only a part of warfare, only to be used at a specific time, for specific objectives. These Marxist insurgencies, once established are usually only ever removed by warfare and conflict, I would suggest that for us the war has already started and the conflict will come, whether we are prepared or not.

Time to face reality!   


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