I recently posted a comment where I mentioned some Dark Internet research that I’d been doing and it seems that some people were quite interested about it. I have to be careful about what I say because there is so much opinion and speculation regarding events at the present time, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chafe.

Now however the first trickle of news has started to emerge from the Mainstream Media, we’ll start there and join the dots.

This just in from Sky News Australia:

‘This has all the hallmarks of the world’s next major military drama’

Tensions between China, Taiwan and the US are coming to a head over China’s claims to the island of Taiwan and can no longer be ignored. I have heard rumour that there have already been air skirmishes between, Chinese, Taiwanese and US fighters but it’s all been for now brushed under the carpet.

China gave a much longer timeline in its efforts to completely control Taiwan but it may have brought these plans forward as it did with its plans to squash democracy in Hong Kong. This just in from New Zealand:

“Thousands flee Hong Kong as UK opens new visa pathway for British citizenship”

I suppose this begs the question: just how many people are we expected to accommodate on our crowded little island as by some estimates hundreds of thousands of extra people turn up, all needing somewhere to live, jobs and social service support?

It seems that the Chinese Communist Party is close to collapse and as all of these regimes seem to do when in this situation, they lash out blindly in their efforts to survive. The situation in the United States is not much better, most of us that follow these kinds of events would probably regards the Biden administrations as an extension of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This is a weird situation, the US could be about to go to war with a country that already has a foothold in and much control of its government.

In Britain, we’ve supposedly left the European Union but not quite, we’re still bound by a pesky Withdrawal Agreement and there are still plenty of politicians and others that still support the EU and would dearly like us to rejoin. This at a time when the EU is forming closer ties and trade agreements with China, indeed EU philosophy underneath all of the rhetoric is more closely aligned with the CCP than that of any democratic nation. When push comes to shove, the EU will probably support China in one way or another, it is doubtful if all EU members will tolerate this though.

I’ve been watching this strategic alignment for the last few years. Firstly we had countries like Russia, China and Iran moving away from the US dollar for trading purposes and threatening the petrodollar. The good news but it’s just an opinion formed from some of my readings, I think that when TSHTF, Russia will side with the West as will Modi of India. Yes the world seems to be preparing itself strategically for war and the fault lines run through the US, Britain and Europe. This from The Times of Israel:

“Top Israeli think tank warns: Potential for war with Iran is growing”

There is even some speculation that China would like us to start a major war in the Middle East to keep us occupied while it invades Taiwan: we will see.

All of this is happening at a time when most Western countries are broke, have a look at this World Debt Clock (https://usdebtclock.org/world-debt-clock.html).

The US is nearly 28 trillion dollars in debt and rising exponentially, its public debt to GDP ratio is over  101% and again rising. Britain has a national debt of well over 3.5 trillion and again rapidly rising, more than enough for a little island with nowhere near the population of the US but our public debt to GDP ratio is worse at approaching 109%.

The same sorry story is being repeated worldwide as global debt is now higher than it was after World War Two. There is trouble on the stock market, this from The Independent:

“Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian says GameStop stock market war is ‘seminal moment’ for finance.” 

The same squeeze is playing out on the silver markets with many predicting that this could crash the stock markets. I myself don’t think that this crash is ready to happen but probably will later this year as the world succumbs to the effects of excess, eye watering debt and an economy destroyed by coronavirus.

We can see then that all of the ingredients for a world war are in place, bankrupt nations, power crazed politicians and dictators and the need to deal with rebelling populations.

Western countries have been gutted by decades of globalisation, our institutions infiltrated by I suppose Communists. In the event of another major war, we in the West, Britain and the US are going to be fighting in the streets and in our governments, it won’t be a simple case of just defending borders this time around.

Events in the next few weeks will determine whether we can dodge a bullet or whether we will soon face another major conflict globally. 2021 is already shaping up to be ominous, 2020 may well be just a warm up and it was bad enough.

As for coronavirus, I’ll leave you with this video by an Italian priest, he talks about COVID-19, money, war and corruption. Maybe some of you won’t recognise this man a a reliable source but the reason that I’m posting it is because I agree with much of what he has to say and if nothing else, it is food for thought:


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