Well here we are, after almost three years of total nonsense, obfuscation and downright lying to the British public – this week should see the final decision taken upon our divorce from the EU.

Like in any divorce the initial agreements about money, who gets the CD’s and the dog have been agreed, this withdrawal agreement is the Decree Nisi. In the so called following two-year transition period we will negotiate (that’s so funny, isn’t it) our future trade agreements and relationship with the EU. Then we will have the Decree Absolute delivered unto us.

Or will we?

I do not believe or trust anyone involved, do you? How can we be expected to, bearing in mind the loss of Brexit ministers and their subsequent use of language that clearly spells out for the public that there has been betrayal by those in charge in the background.

How can we when our own British Prime Minister has clearly given the perception that she is not only weak but that she has also lied to the public. The Chequers plan, it is now alleged was, in fact written with the conspiring of one Mrs Merkel the German Chancellor in meetings earlier last year. If that is true it is a betrayal of staggering proportions.

This week is also going to be difficult if you are a fan of National Hunt Racing as it is the Olympics of jump racing at the Cheltenham Festival. New batteries needed for the remote as much clicking between the channels will be called for.

Will the PM put her head on the block and offer her scalp in June as is reported to save her ridiculous deal? We will see. One thing for sure anyway though just has to be the proposition that, as our premier she is toast. She cannot in all sense hold onto the keys for number 10, certainly beyond the May 2nd local elections, where I truly believe the Tories will be seriously damaged. They can only rely on the apathy and total fatigue of the voting public to save any face in May.

Geoffrey Cox the Attorney General with his booming basso voice has been sent into battle over in Brussels on the clear belief that his booming, larger than life persona will win them over and get them withering into a submission. But alas and as almost anyone with a modicum of common sense would have told him: you are wasting your time. He has come back as those before him with his tail between his legs and empty sheets of A4 paper. He has nothing new to offer, nothing more whatsoever from the Brussels obstinates.

So where does that leave us?

Well apart from now being viewed across the world as total nincompoops and weak idiots that are rudderless, we have no option it seems but to have to rely on the 650 lunatics in charge of the asylum. They will firstly vote on the May deal which it is anticipated she will lose by three figures. Secondly, they will vote on leaving with no deal (exactly what 17.4 million voted for). If that is voted against then thirdly, they will vote for an extension to article 50, this amendment has no end date to it so it will be an extension ad infinitum.

Of course, to get an extension the other 27 members of the club have to agree. It only takes one to veto and that will not fly either, we could therefore be left in limbo. Neither in nor out.

What most people have conveniently forgotten and often fail to mention is that, set into law and statute, we must leave on the 29th March at 11pm. If the Commons takes the bold but ruinous step to legislate to change that default position, then the damage to democracy and the inevitable fallout will come about. Woe betide they do this. The British People will never accept bullying and being told what to do.

So the horses from Ireland cross the metaphorical border and come here to the wonderful Cotswolds followed by hordes of Irish men and women, pockets bulging with cash to do battle with the English in the Sport of Kings.

At the same time the other battle, years in the making will be fought out, not by the people that were given the mandate to decide, and decide they did, no: it will be decided by the men and women voted into Parliament of whom the majority have taken the decision to ignore those people who exercised their free vote, because “they know best”.

Let battle commence, one thing is for sure: it will be exciting, fast and furious, the strongest fittest and most enduring will prevail.

The racing will be good too.

[Ed: and the rugby in Cardiff!]


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