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In March 2013 I upgraded from the Conservatives, a party I had campaigned for since boyhood, to a party led by an inspirational man described by Prof. David Starkey in lectures up and down the country as the most significant politician since Henry VIII and by Ken Clarke MP, although not exactly a fan of Nigel Farage, as the most successful politician since WW2.

My wife and I were greatly touched by the welcome I received by the Chesham & Amersham Committee Members.  We knew we faced an uphill battle in a Constituency so dominated by Conservatives that even with the local environment facing ruin due to hundreds of unwanted additional dwellings and HS2, voters have continued voting for donkeys wearing blue ribbons – as further proven by the crass state of Bucks’ roads and, incredulously, District Councillors wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds challenging the proposed arrangements for Bucks County Council becoming a unitary, by a Central Government of their own Party.

Even by the 2016 Referendum, there was concern about the UKIP brand locally, and so we didn’t use UKIP publicity, concentrating on the Vote Leave branded materials instead.

Following Nigel’s departure, UKIP has had Leaders who have proved themselves totally unfit for office, and unable to perceive what the majority of voters they needed to win over would make of their messages and actions.  The current leader appeared to start well, rescuing a situation which would have meant the demise of UKIP, but then he has sadly further poisoned the UKIP brand by allowing himself to be distracted, just as cameth the Brexit hour – by the fundamentalist Muslim issue and against the advice of the Party Chairmen he himself anointed, the NEC, and others, he appointed Tommy Robinson as his adviser – a man under current party rules precluded from membership of the party: a farcical scenario beyond imagination.  You might have seen that this source of great knowledge recently made headlines with a wild idea that there is no terrorism in Czechoslovakia because there are no Muslims there – in spite of their last census recording 3,500 and estimates of up to 20,000.  Some expert I don’t think!

The recent Newport West by-election was never going to be easy.  The correct analysis, which the UKIP hierarchy failed to deduce, was that basically, both Labour and the Conservatives lost about 8% of their share due to the anger of MP’s welching on their 2017 GE manifestos’ and personal address promises to implement Brexit with/without a Deal on 29th March.  Out of respect to an MP who obviously had a personal following, many Labour supporters, disapproving of the current Labour Party’s shenanigans, either stayed at home or voted Labour anyway not wanting the death of a locally popular sitting MP to alter their political representation.

However that having been said, Neil Hamilton, the UKIP candidate, spent all of the BBC interview not giving CONfraudulent and Labour MP’s a good bashing in front of MSM and the nation as a whole, for failing to action Brexit with/without a Deal by 29th March, but having to deflect all the TR stuff – so no wonder the CONfraudulent’s vote didn’t collapse further than it did.  I attended the last UKIP Conference, and had hoped that less emphasis was going to be placed on these issues, but fearing the worst from what I’ve since seen, even before this interview, I didn’t even bother this time applying to be a UKIP MEP candidate.

On Sunday, Gerard Batten tweeted that he would be on the Andrew Marr show discussing the local elections and Brexit, but once again the same happened – including having to defend his incredulous appointment of recently joined TR supporter Carl Benjamin also known as Sargon of Akkad, as one of UKIP’s MEP candidates.  Asked about Mr Benjamin’s vile comment to the Labour MP Jess Phillips that he “wouldn’t even rape her”, which Andrew Marr rightly pointed out would in most political parties lead to expulsion, GB thought it was satire.

I’m sure the majority of Brexiteers don’t share Mr Batten’s warped sense of humour or values, and so I do not see UKIP progressing under his leadership.  In fact, in spite of both Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin apparently each having close on a million Facebook followers (before the former was banned) I note that UKIP membership has increased from about 17K to 29K – only 75% of its peak of 40K between the 2014 Euro Elections & 2016 Referendum.  Yet after only a few days, The Brexit Party has over double UKIP’s current membership – which could collapse at a £4/month notice!

Richard Tice, The Brexit Party Chairman and co-founder of Leave Means Leave, announced at the Birmingham Rally that he had only resigned as a Conservative Party Member “yesterday [Saturday] morning“, so following hot on his heels I formally resigned as Secretary and from the Chesham & Amersham Committee on Sunday evening; my UKIP membership having already lapsed a fortnight ago, at the start of this month.

You know how when you’ve done something a bit drastic, even though well thought through you then get a niggling doubt?  So, I then watched ITV interviewing GB, but saw yet again the interviewer make mince-meat of Gerard Batten who didn’t even attempt to steer the interview, and then whinged afterward while the interviewer laughed in his face.  As Enoch Powell said: “Complaining about the media is about as pointless as a shipwrecked sailor complaining that the sea is wet, after he’s fallen into it.”  Three out of three hopeless interviews dominated by a self-inflicted TR own goal shows that UKIP is now seen as the BNP/EDL in blazers and so will be going nowhere; absolutely confirming my decisions.

The Brexit Party Birmingham Rally was upbeat and gave our fraudulently elected lying DIS-Honourable MP’s the whipping they rightly deserve.  I urge all genuine Brexiteers to see the light and once again unite around Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party.

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