We did it! We’re Out! We’re out of the EU, suitably celebrated by Big Ben bonging from loudspeakers In Parliament Square. Brexiteers partied everywhere and there was of course the Big Brexit Bash in Westminster, organised by TBP. There was also a speech by Johnson and some ‘Son et Lumiere’ for the occasion in Whitehall which nobody watched. 

Those of us who couldn’t attend the London Brexit Bash or indeed any other Party had to be content with watching it on a live stream. I did, in the company of friends, and while we were watching others checked our main TV channels – with some stunning observations. More on that below.

This morning’s papers have some reports, non-paywalled ones are here, here and here. Keep them for historical references, the photos published in those reports are amazing! But what about that spectacle we were promised from Johnson?

Well, if you thought that projecting red-and-blue light onto Ministry buildings, if you thought that projecting Big Ben onto No10 as the seconds ticked down was a dignified end to our EU membership because we’re good winners and weren’t going to rub Remain noses in, then yeah, that should’ve been sufficient. 

For us, it wasn’t! The crowds in Parliament Square, in town squares and pubs and clubs up and down the country showed that it obviously wasn’t. If you missed the live stream yesterday or couldn’t find one, here’s a link, for the history books. That one was watched in EU countries. A brief clip of the countdown celebrated in Parliament Square is here, from an Aussie TV Channel, and here’s a nice general summary:

“This was history in the making and as the clock struck 11pm (midnight in Brussels), millions of Leavers were not going to miss their chance to belt out the National Anthem, ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ or else ‘Rule Britannia’. Or all three. It was like a Last Night at the Proms where the EU flag was definitely banned. Welcome to a post-EU Britain. In Parliament Square, in the shadow of the House of Commons which had seemingly tried to thwart Brexit for so long, a jubilant crowd gathered in the shadow to sing, cheer and celebrate the return of national sovereignty. Britain may not have left the EU with a bong but it certainly wasn’t a whimper. In scenes of untrammelled joy more redolent of royal weddings than political schism, Leave voters turned out in force.” (paywalled link)

It was indeed an extraordinary sight, a joy to behold: a multitude of Union Jacks – not one EU flag in sight. A huge crowd, singing and waiting patiently. The official proceedings started with a fiery speech by Ann Widdecombe, followed by speeches from Tim Martin (Wetherspoons’ owner) and Peter Bone MP.

There was music – and there was Dominic Frisby who told us that he had to change the key expression in his famous song of what 17 million Brits told the establishment to do. He had been advised that using the ‘F’ word on stage was a public order offence … yes really! So he sang of the 17 million ‘fudge offs’.

And then there was Nigel, giving the last speech before the countdown. It was vintage! As the loudspeakers bonged Big Ben, many of us who watched found that there was suddenly quite a lot of dust around in our rooms …

While we watched the crowd and all those on stage singing lustily the National Anthem, friends reported from all over the country how fireworks in their neighbourhood, in their towns, were let off joyously. Of course, fireworks had been ‘verboten’ to be displayed on Parliament Square …

Not reported in today’s MSM was that our terrestrial TV stations did not show any of the speeches live – certainly not the vintage speech of Nigel Farage – and there was no mention of a certain segment of the population trying to disrupt the party in Parliament Square. Antifa tried hard, and the Police kept them well away, even using mounted police. That was shown in the live stream by RUPTLY which you can find on youtube. 

Meanwhile, some of the friends in whose company I watched kept their beady eyes on the BBC, SKY and ITV ‘shows’, informing us that all those channels had only arch-remainers in their studios, bemoaning and bewailing our fate. SKY showed the White Cliffs of Dover with a projection of the message ‘The UK has left the EU’ – framed by the Union Jack and the EU flag! Yes, the Remainers were governing the airwaves, again.

This churlish attitude surely must be the last straw for the BBC. They are no longer representing the thoughts and feelings of our Nation. Moreover, as a wise friend remarked, the parties up and down the country and in Parliament Square, organised by us, not the government, demonstrated yet again the deep rift not just between Remain and Leave but between the metro-elites, the Westminster bubble dwellers, and us.

Instead of using this historic event and do what they demanded from us, namely to “heal the divisions”, it was the metro-‘elite’, it was government and the Remain MSM who rubbed our noses in.  With their surly attempts to turn our, the people’s celebrations, into some irrelevant happening. It was they who reinforced that division they bewailed, live in our TV studios.

They still haven’t learned that we the people, the peasants they so despise, the plebs they’ve been smearing for the last four years, have told them and showed them again and again that the times have changed.

The niggardly attempts by government, by ‘the authorities’, to prevent us expressing our joy have failed. We celebrated because ‘we did it’! We did it on June 23rd 2016, we did it in the GE 2017, we did it in the EUParl elections in 2019, we did it in the GE in December 2019 – and by God, we did it yesterday – up and down the country!

Looking back, I believe that all these parties, big and small, organised by us the people, beautifully expressed this change that has taken place in our country: Brexit is our victory, not that of the ‘elites’, and so we had our celebrations, organised by us, not by ’officialdom’.  Who needs those Remain ‘elites’!

Let me paraphrase that famous quote by Wordsworth on the French revolution. Let me say instead ‘Bliss was it on that night to be alive’ – a night none of us who were there, none of us who watched from afar, none of us who partied and celebrated with friends, will ever forget! 



[Ed. note: The usual Brexit column will be published a bit later today, it’s not forgotten!]


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