What are we living for? That song runs through my head a lot these days ..

Are we just government guinea pigs? They seem to think we are!

Lockdown, unlock, freedom day, cancel Christmas, boost the economy, eat out to help out, masks don’t work but wear them anyway, vaccines don’t protect you but may give you a blood clot,  it’s all our fault… sigh, I tuned out ages ago …

I guess we are to the government what they are to their globalist masters.. so we all end up acting like headless chickens.

The worst time for me was when I was ill at the beginning of the very first lockdown. I had to work from home and felt vulnerable and worried not just for myself but for everyone I know. Once I felt better I buoyed up but it made me wonder how many people would not have the strength to do that. 

One of the many real pandemics we now face of course is that of loneliness, closely followed by bankruptcy, broken relationships, domestic abuse and  neglected children … and that’s just for starters. 

How about a new list – not died with Covid but died of pandemic? 

Apart from the industries that are not allowed to open properly – travel, entertainment – furlough seems to have become a malaise in our society with people having become like statues unable to fathom a way to get moving again. And who can blame them. They didn’t ask for lockdown, for their jobs and way of life to be destroyed, to spend all day waiting to be told what to do. ‘Three weeks to flatten the curve’ seems like a lifetime ago.

And now our pensions are to be raided to clear up the mess? Time for more protests on just about everything you can think of.

Not only are the metropolitan elites totally detached from how the rest of us live and think but they seem to be morally corrupt. 

You and your family and friends must not see each other and will die alone, while they cosy up to a mistress or two. A 25 year long marriage (and four children) is magically dissolved by the Roman Catholic Church so our prime minister can ‘marry’ his latest bird.

What other religions will he plough for his next relationships?

And there is so much more we could dissect here – arresting old ladies, ignoring climate protesters climbing the cenotaph, kneeling for the BLM, endless dinghies of illegals being welcomed in to stay at nice hotels while we sit at home on our sofas banned from holidaying.

I gave up up listening or complying long ago. Use your own common sense and take care of your loved ones however you think best.

You can’t vaccinate to make up for lack of hygiene, overcrowding, lack of good food and education, and most of all – lack of good honest government. 

We’re tired, we’re bored, we’ve had enough. 

I ask again – what are we living for? Not for the benefit of our corrupt elite that’s for sure. The vaccine cannot change the moral bankruptcy running the world. And apparently it’s not even a real vaccine anyway but now they want to give it to children! Enough is enough!

Time waits for no one!

Throw off those lockdown shackles and live your best life – while you still can. The future will be hard won and we must start now.


(Photo courtesy of Janice North)

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