A saliva test kit – will we need to spit to be let out of Lockdown?


On Sundays I strictly abstain from politics and from ‘Our MSM’. Come Monday morning, when I look at the reports of what politicians have said on the Sunday TV shows, when I look at the articles in the Monday papers, I note that nothing has changed and that we, the people, are still being herded into accepting the curtailing of our civil liberties under the pretext of ‘saving lives’. At the same time ‘racism’ has become the one excuse for the MSM to disregard their own CV-19 ‘Fear and Hysteria’ campaign.

I note in passing that comments are disabled on any article in the broadsheets relating to the terrorist attack in Reading at the weekend. We’re not permitted to ask how come that yet again a terrorist killer ‘was known to MI5’ but was free to roam our streets and parks to commit his murderous attacks.

At the same time we read that the police is now asking ‘the public’ to help them identify a dozen ‘racial abusers’ at the BLM demos. More photos are going to be published to enable snitches to come forward and it must gladden the hearts of the police that they’ve already had ‘a really positive response’, with ten people having been charged already (link, paywalled). However, we’re not told if those ten people were all “far right counter demonstrators” or if some of them are BLM protesters who have committed violence. 

As our civil liberties are being curtailed because of CV-19 without protest one wonders why it is that the BLM demos are permitted – demos by that group of people who are ‘more likely to die’ with CV-19. That is, after all, what our intrepid reporters and certain doctors and scientists have told us. Do BAME people not want to ‘protect Our NHS’? Should they not cower at home instead of demonstrating? Or is hiding fearfully behind locked doors ‘a white privilege’? 

There’s more CV-19 hysteria on which to start the week. After ‘scientific reports’ last week that our moggies might be CV-19 spreaders, causing the local outbreaks in abattoirs and meat factories, we’re now being reassured by the Food Standard Authority that getting a CV-19 infection from food is ‘extremely low’ (link, paywalled). How reassuring! We’re allowed to eat! But don’t become complacent – ‘Our NHS’ has already begun a new campaign to protect itself:

“The NHS could be overwhelmed by a second wave of coronavirus infections in the winter, health chiefs have said. The government is being urged to continue to fund private care and the Nightingale hospitals to ensure there is capacity to deal with any second peak.” (link, paywalled)

Never mind that all those extra beds weren’t needed after all. Perhaps they’ll provide storage for all those new PPE clothing and masks and such? After all, PHE surely must now buy all that, as ‘precaution’?

No surprise that this is about securing more money for ‘Our NHS’! We don’t know if there’s going to be another outbreak, we don’t know if we’ll have this fabulous vaccine which will make us all safe, we don’t know if all those tests and trackings are actually working – but “we need more money for Our Sacred Cow” always works. Next, there’s a very worrying poll result which was run by the BMA amongst their own members:

“A survey by the British Medical Association found that 19 per cent of the 7,500 members who responded said they were “not at all confident” about their ability to cope if there was a second peak. Another 30 per cent were “not very confident”. The poll also showed that 44 per cent said they were trying to cope with depression, anxiety, stress or burnout related to their work. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the BMA chairman, said: “It’s clear that the NHS is in crisis and doctors are fearful and exhausted.” (link, paywalled)

Nearly 50% of our doctors believe they might not be able to cope with a 2nd wave? Words fail me! I’m certain that a nice chunk of extra money for those doctors and for “Our NHS” will help! Where that money is going to come from in the huge economic downturn – no, don’t ask such questions! We don’t want to be treated by fearful doctors, do we!

There’s a new test being tried which surely will keep us safe …. I can’t help but feel transported back to ancient times where sacrifices were the best way to avert misfortune, where it was one’s own fault if one were stricken by whatever bad luck because one’s sacrifice wasn’t sufficient. This is – a weekly saliva check! The reason promoted by ‘our health police’ is staggering. At first glance it looks all so rational, so scientific:

“The trial, which will be validated by comparing the results with traditional swab tests, will eventually include 40,000 people and provide the first concrete evidence of whether mass testing can be effective at scale in reducing infection rates. If successful, officials say, it could eventually replace throat and nasal swab tests that are difficult and unpleasant to take and are believed to return false negative results in up to 30 per cent of cases.” (link, paywalled)

Our scientifically illiterate Westminster dwellers and the hacks reporting from inside that bubble don’t ask what this 30% of nasal swab tests being false positive means for the CV-19 statistics. There’s more:

“Ministers admitted yesterday that only one in seven of new coronavirus infections was being identified by the government’s test-and-trace system. Official figures show that just over 4,300 people a week are being contacted by the programme, which aims to identify close contacts of an infected person and ask them to self-isolate. Office for National Statistics figures suggest that there are about 26,900 new infections every week.” (link, paywalled)

One might ask how come ‘Our NHS’ isn’t overrun if there are so many suspected new infections every week. One might also ask why this latest test will be any more successful than the others. The reason why we all must be tested, one way or another, is to test the assumption that 70% of infections ‘could have been’ – not ‘are’ – asymptomatic.

“It could also allow the government to introduce mass surveillance testing to catch asymptomatic cases, which could represent 70 per cent of all infections, figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest. This could be used to deal with local “flare-ups” without the need for extensive lockdowns. In the trial, test kits will be delivered to a participant’s home or place of work for them to complete every week. Samples will be collected or returned to an agreed location. By late July about 40,000 people a week will be sampled.” (link, paywalled)

And there you have the actual reason: mass surveillance – a dream come true for totalitarians! It’s so easy: a DIY test at home, no uncomfortable swabs.  Will taking that spit-test become a national duty? Forget that this will provide ‘government’ with a nice little national database should this wonderful test be rolled out nationally.  And here’s the next little government scheme for creating another national database:

“Pubs, bars and restaurants will have to take the names and contact details of customers before they are allowed in under plans being drawn up for the next stage in lifting Britain’s lockdown.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, words fail me again! What about all the privacy and data protection legislation? Where will those data be stored? On Local Council computers? Will police make sure pub owners comply? Will pub goers comply or would they rather stay at home, as they’ve become used to during the Lockdown? And will we be told that for our own safety we must prove that we’ve successfully passed the weekly spit test before we’re allowed to go to the pub or indeed anywhere else?

And finally, to really mess up the outlook for a ‘new normal’, post-Lockdown society there’s this cheerful announcement by one of the LibDem leadership candidates:

“Coronavirus is going to be a dress rehearsal for the consequences of the environment emergency if we do not put this issue front and centre of our minds. But lofty ambitions are one thing, we need a plan for how we achieve it. We have to act and together we can decarbonise capitalism.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, Ms Layla Moran (Libdem) really said that: ‘decarbonise capitalism’. I’m not sure, given that carbon is black, if there’s not some creepy, surreptitious racism hidden in that remark.

It looks as if we’re moving rapidly towards a real ‘1984’, this time for ‘health reasons’, aimed at turning our society into a giant NHS dictatorship where we all work to keep ‘Our NHS’ going. 

Perhaps that proposed weekly spit test might come in useful though. The authorities will assume that we’ll spit because we fear CV-19.  In reality we’ll spit on them and there’s nothing they can arrest us for – as long as they don’t have a brain test app to find out what we really think.




Photo by ninachildish

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