Sheep? Not to be messed with!


During these weeks of Lockdown a diligent observer of ‘Our MSM’ must have noticed that they were full with two different types of reports. One type proliferating were the “look at me!” tales from metropolitan middle-class ‘citizen reporters’ who told us in glowing terms of how to cope with the lockdown, by just doing as they do.

The other type was and is characterised by the incessant proliferation of ‘experts’, generally used to fuel “Project Fear&Hysteria”. This has worked so well that yesterday’s Sunday papers ran with several polls showing that the British had become so frightened that they clamoured for more Lockdown. Daniel Hannan even had an opinion piece in the DT yesterday blaming ‘the voters’: our dear politicians only did what ‘the voters’ wanted! Not a word about the preceding fear campaign in the MSM … no, the Lockdown was the fault of us fearful peasants outside the M25. 

So, at the start of yet another Lockdown week allow me today to disregard the CV-19  articles in ‘Our MSM’: we’ve heard it all before. I’ll just draw your attention to a new ‘number’ which reporters have dug out and which, according to them,  must influence government’s decisions. It’s called the ‘z’ number – and you can read all about it here, but if you do, I recommend you first have a look at this report in facts4eu.

Instead, let’s begin the week with a trip down Memory Lane … Twelve or so years ago a few blogs started to demonstrate that the ‘man-made global warming science’ had not just feet but legs of clay. These blogs taught many of us that scientists were activists, that their advice was biased if not totally wrong, that they abused statistics in their models for their own activist ends.

Many of us still remember ‘Climategate’ which ought to have been the death knell for this whole political – not scientific! – scaremongering. Sadly, there’s now a new generation so dumbed down that they prefer to ‘follow’ a schoolgirl because she waffles about “Science”. All that took place as social media was in its infancy – videos and podcasts, weren’t yet available to the masses. During that time many of us learned why we shouldn’t accept the utterances of those ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ as cast in stone. We learned to compare their models, their ‘scare’ projections, to real life.. 

Next came another event. This was political rather than about science and involved all of us here in the UK: the EU Referendum Campaign four years ago. The full might of the establishment was directed against those who wanted to Leave the EU. Videos and social media started to play a role. It was, looking back from today’s vantage point, still relatively innocent. We know how this ended – we know where we now are, and we well remember the relentless ‘Project Fear’ campaigns run by Remainers in certain papers, availing them nothing.

We ‘thick, stupid, xenophobic Little Englanders’ learned another lesson: that the Establishment thought they had the upper hand, that they believed their polls and focus group, leading them to assume that we peasants would be cowed. However, in the secret of the polling booths we voted as we saw fit. Johnson’s GE victory in December showed that yet again. We’ve learned from that experience – our ‘Westminster Elite’ patently hasn’t.

Thus the current ‘Project Fear&Hysteria’. It didn’t come as surprise to many of us who had seen it all before. What was and is surprising though is the proliferation of unknown ‘experts’ being given their say in the MSM. These ‘experts’ are a careful selection of scientists who support the Lockdown line. Other ‘scientific experts’ were rolled out to tell us that the Johnson government was and is wrong, regardless.

That many are abusing this pandemic to demand we Remain is no surprise to us hard-boiled sceptics either. What is very much surprising though is that the voices of dissenting experts who believe the Lockdown and the whole fear mongering about the COVID-19 pandemic is unscientific, are also proliferating.

In contrast to the Man-Made Global Warming times, they have a presence on social media. The links to their videos are handed around as soon as they’re published. It’s a bit reminiscent of the dark times in the Soviet Union where forbidden books were hand-copied and distributed secretly and privately. This was called ‘samizdat’.

Now people are doing the same via email chains because the voices of those dissenters – mostly practising clinicians – are censored by the all-powerful social media CEOs who are removing those videos and their producers right left and centre. None will be allowed on youtube if they do not toe the line of the discredited WHO, said youtube’s CEO this weekend. 

It’s irrelevant that the WHO doesn’t have ‘a line’. First they praised China, then they praised Germany as the one country who got it right, now it’s Sweden which is the best. Also never mind that the WHO first said this virus was not transmitted human-to-human, nor that it took them nearly two months before declaring this was a pandemic. The Party, ahem: the WHO is always right …

As I wade through all the links so many of you kindly send me, reading the Lockdown sceptic blogs, chatting with my neighbours while keeping our ‘social distance’, and as I read reports from friends across the country, I cam across one noteworthy observation in an email newsletter – they’ve also proliferated to an incredible extent.

I quote from this newsletter because the experience of the author – a doctor in an A&E department – shows beautifully that the polls for the Westminster Establishment, published gleefully in ‘Our MSM’, do not reflect the mood of the country. 

This doctor’s A&E department has been split into two: one half is dealing exclusively with COVID-19 cases, observing all the rules. The other half is dealing with bread-and-butter A&E cases, and while this half was practically empty, things have changed. As Lockdown went on during our glorious weather at the weekend a week ago, this happened:

“The other [non-CV-19] side of the department was a grand assortment of injuries. The public are voting with their feet when it comes to lockdown, increasingly deciding to enjoy the sun shine. […] The gradual breakdown in the lockdown is also noticeable as I travel to work with a lot more traffic. We are seeing a lot more of the usual A&E fodder – injuries to ankles and wrists… especially from mountain biking. As doubt about the lockdown and its length are building, the British are quietly practising civil disobedience in the understated way that only the British can. Although the British have no constitution (apologies for the controversial view), they simply assert their rights and dare the government to disagree.” [my emphasis]

So while the pollsters and some politicians tell government that the Brits are frit, the reality is different. While ‘experts’ and SAGE are unable to find a way out of Lockdown without losing face, we peasants are making Lockdown crumble, the British Way. When a government loses the consent of the people who are no longer willing to support measures shown to be futile it is on very shaky grounds. 

This generation of ‘veterans’, hard-boiled from the ‘Global Warming’ scams and the ‘Project Fear’ Remain camping, has noticed with disbelief that government relied on modellers whose models have been shown up as shining examples for how to dazzle with bovine excrement – by actual experts, clinicians working at the coalface, statisticians who didn’t take the numbers produced by government agencies at face value. That’s why we no longer ‘believe’ even as we give lip service to pollsters.

I’ll mention in passing that suddenly some MPs who have been very quiet are raising their heads above the parapet, demanding Lockdown changes. Also, more ‘elderly’ celebs are suddenly heard criticising the Lockdown of the over 70s. The reason? There’s a debate in the HoC this afternoon on the legality of these measures. 

Meanwhile, keep asserting your rights, keep writing and emailing your constituency MPs. They won’t answer, but any critical email will count because they need your votes, their Party will need your votes in next year’s local elections. So use the time wisely and make yourselves heard – on restrictions of Free Speech to local Lockdown issues.

Never forget:  the activists on social media, the ‘experts’ in the MSM, the politicians rely on our docility. Instead, let’s practise civil disobedience in our understated British way! 




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