‘Tough on Denmark, tough on the case of Danish ‘mink covid’ … panic we must …!


I know I ought not to be surprised at how the Covid MSM report events but even so, the way in which they jump on bandwagons without doing any research is breathtaking. I don’t mean the way they’ve blatantly followed the proclamation by the US media that Biden is ‘the winner’ and ‘Trump must go’, I mean the resurgence of the Remainers who are trying to ‘bounce Boris’ into knuckling under because of Biden.

It’s not just Remain ‘political editors’ who are doing this, it’s Remain MPs as well. In an interesting change of roles, Remain Central has a gentle article on Barnier’s next talks with Lord Frost. Barnier, in his customary fashion, has:

“called on the government to compromise to unlock a deal and accused Lord Frost of delaying agreement of a legal text on subsidy control to build time pressure on the EU.” (link, paywalled)

He would say that … but next, see what Mr Raab is reported to have said:

“Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, who is regarded as a hardline Brexiteer, expressed confidence that both sides would meet halfway.” (link, paywalled)

How nice – and how dangerous. It’s an indication that even this ‘hardline Brexiteer’ (since when?) is apparently fine with some sort of compromise, i.e. a BRINO. The next snippet is even more interesting:

“Mr Raab said that he was confident that the government would allay the fears of Joe Biden, the US president-elect, that Brexit and the government’s controversial Internal Market Bill would damage the peace process in Northern Ireland. “We’ve been very clear we are absolutely committed to respecting the Good Friday agreement,” he said.” (link, paywalled)

This is interesting because the DT’s ‘political editor’ had earlier published what purports to be a report on just that issue. In the fashion we’ve now all become accustomed to, he starts his report with what can only be described as his opinion. There’s not even a ‘senior source’ mentioned to support his allegation:

“Boris Johnson will risk a rift with Joe Biden by pushing ahead with a Brexit law the US president-elect has said he fears will jeopardise peace in Northern Ireland.” (paywalled link)

There’s a supporting quote from a Tory MP, indicating that Remain hopes to scare BJ into compliance with Remain because: “Biden!” – see this:

“Tory MP Tobias Ellwood, the chairman of the Defence select committee, who knows Mr Biden, said Mr Johnson had to be “the first to clarify and offer assurances that the Good Friday Agreement will be honoured”. (paywalled link)

‘Tis a dream come true for Remain: No Trump, no Brexit – because even before this new president is legally installed, “we”, i.e. BJ, must obey the Big Brother across the Big Pond. Funny, isn’t it, how “we” were exhorted not to do so in anything ever since Trump was duly elected and inaugurated. 

Here’s another funny thing. Four years ago the MSM were full of accusations about “Russia” having interfered with the US elections, and thus Putin must’ve done so with the Leave win. Today, nobody wonders if perhaps China might have … Nah, China isn’t mentioned anywhere, but lo and behold, there’s an article in The Times about Russia – and vaccination. Do not throw hard objects at your PC screen when you read the following:

“GCHQ has begun an offensive cyber-operation to disrupt anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by hostile states, […] It is the latest move by cyberagents to counter activity linked to Moscow whose aim is to exploit the pandemic in order to undermine the West and boost Russian interests.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! Now we know: ‘tis Putin again! After all, we plebs couldn’t possibly think for ourselves! Not a word about China – of course not! They wouldn’t peddle their vaccine, they wouldn’t aim to boost China’s interests, would they! This report is so disturbing that it will be given our ‘From Behind the Paywall’ treatment later today.

Our government is taking that vaccination very seriously indeed. That’s why they took the harshest possible measures against Denmark when that story about minks infected with a new version of ‘the Coof’ came out over the weekend. There’s no proof, there’s only the ‘suspicion’ that this new variant could be resistant to vaccines – vaccines which haven’t even be used yet – but the doors to Denmark have been slammed shut and ‘guidance’ has been given:

“Hospital patients who have recently returned from Denmark must be treated in isolation because of fears about a mutant strain of the coronavirus caught from mink. Guidance from Public Health England and the Department of Health also says people who test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of arriving from Denmark must be isolated and sent to a specialist “infectious diseases centre”. (link, paywalled)

It’s good to see, isn’t it, how strict our Covid ‘authorities’ can be, how fast, how decisive! It’s the precautionary principle in full flow even when there’s no evidence:

“It is understood that no cases of the mink-related strain have been identified in the UK, but world health authorities are concerned that the mutation could lead to a new Covid-19 wave. At the weekend borders were closed to all non-British travellers coming from or via Denmark. From 4am on Saturday planes and ships from Denmark were denied permission to land or dock. British people who have been in Denmark within the past 14 days must self-isolate with their entire household.” (link, paywalled)

Don’t panic! There have been no cases – but there could be! Anyway, ‘tis only affecting between 300 and 500 British travellers, and surely we can get bacon from somewhere else, right? While the Danes are now killing off their 17 million minks there’s this piece of information which somehow has made it past the covid censors in the DT:

“Danish authorities have revealed that the mutated coronavirus has not been found in humans since September. “Either it is in circulation without us having discovered it… or otherwise it may have died out,” said Tyra Grove Krause, the head of department at the Statens Serum Institut.” (paywalled link)

That however doesn’t matter one bit to our panicky, scientifically illiterate Covid Authorities. They’d rather be on record as treating patients who’ve happened to’ve been in Denmark with the utmost severity, regardless of their having the virus or not. Don’t for a moment believe this is about ‘protecting’ the vaccination programme – just don’t! GCHQ will have you if you do!

Let’s also not ask about where those ‘specialist infectious diseases centres’ are. Don’t mention ‘Nightingale Hospitals in that context either – we know they were hardly used at all, and the reason is that ‘Our NHS’ has no staff … see this:

“Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers [said] there are “not the hundreds or thousands of NHS staff waiting to be deployed into those hospitals. In effect, you would have to take them from existing hospitals. […] But as soon as you start doing that, you will start drawing staff from existing hospitals, so the patient-to-members of staff ratio will start dropping, which will mean more pressure on quality of care.” (paywalled link)

Ah! So do we need to give more money to ‘Our Sacred Cow’ to employ more staff – or is there something else going on? Perhaps there is – see this:

“Sir Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, revealed that about 30,000 NHS staff are self-isolating or off work owing to Covid-19.” (paywalled link)

Now isn’t that interesting …! Toby Young, in a cracker of a Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter, writes this morning that he’s received material from an NHS whistleblower and that:

“the thing which jumped out after a brief perusal was the figure for “regional Covid-related staff absences” in Yorkshire and the North-East – a whopping 37%! As the whistleblower says, “This has to be due to false positives, no way can over 1/3 of staff all have Covid.” (The figure is even higher in the Midlands – 40%.)” (link)

Yes, it’s due to the constant testing of NHS staff and their constantly following the T&T quarantine rulz. Who could have predicted that! I urge you to read the whole thing – as I said, it’s a cracker.

Also take a look at Sir John Redwood’s Diary entry for today, under the enticing title “When the evidence changes the policy should change” (link), although he’s very careful in what he says.

I leave you with news about that “hunt for the leaker” who ‘bounced’ BJ into prematurely declaring Lockdown. It’s totally and utterly hilarious because there were only four people involved: BJ, Sunak, Gove and Hancock. Of course none of them did it, of course not! According to the DT, Sunak’s spokesman declined to comment, Gove’s spokesman said they’re happy to comply and hand over all their smartphones etc. If we exclude BJ from being the leaker, there’s one left standing, and the comment of his spokesperson made me very suspicious:

“A spokesman for Mr Hancock declined to comment on the inquiry itself but added that claims he was the leaker “are categorically untrue and this will be demonstrated by the investigation”.” (paywalled link)

Looks a bit like overegging the pudding, no? Looks a bit like ‘protesting too much’, no? And when one asks who profited most from this lockdown … hm, who could that have been, I wonder …!

We’re in for more of those ‘interesting times’ we’ve been cursed with. While ‘Our MSM’ are still more concerned with Covid than with government changes, the signs are there: we’re also being bounced into a MSM ‘democracy’. So take care but do




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