The best face mask to wear when shopping: guaranteed CV-19-proof!


This morning, actual shock-horror news and tear-jerking articles about  ‘my pet mouse has died’ are temporarily absent in ‘Our MSM’. There are many ‘fine’ articles about how  ‘government did wrong’ on CV-19 past and present. There’s even a lovely puff-piece interview with Jeremy Hunt (link, paywalled) who used to run the Dept of Health for many years and is suffering from perfect hindsight.

However, there’s a clear lack of ‘government guidance’ which must be addressed urgently! We really need definitions by government – now! We must be told, immediately:  are restaurants = shops? Are pubs = shops? Gyms? Nail bars? Hair dressers? Surely supermarkets and department stores are shops – but are open-air markets? I ask because Johnson, according to the leading article in both the DT and The Times, is ‘poised’ to make mask-wearing “mandatory in shops” (link, link paywalled). 

This is quite astonishing. Johnson told us to get back to work, his Chancellor is even handing out vouchers to ‘eat out’, pubs are allowed to serve drinks – but how on earth is one supposed to eat and drink wearing a face mask?

This amazing piece of news came out during a ‘PM Facebook event’ where he answered questions from the unwashed mob. First, he advised us to go back to work, that staying at home ‘has outlived its usefulness’, that we should ‘live more normally’, and then he comes out with this:

“Guidance has stated that the [masks] were “marginally beneficial” and the evidence was “weak”. However, Mr Johnson said yesterday: “The balance of scientific opinion seems to have shifted more in favour of them than it was and we’re very keen to follow that.” He added: “Face coverings are nothing like as effective in stopping the spread of virus as washing your hands.” (link, paywalled)

Confused? Me too! We’re now going to be governed by ‘scientific opinion’ – not, you’ll have noticed, by new scientific evidence. The next quote gives the game away:

“SAGE has concluded that all available evidence now points towards masks reducing the risk of the wearer passing on the virus, particularly in confined spaces, telling ministers that it is up to them to decide how to encourage their use. They are not thought to help outdoors.”  (link, paywalled)

No masks outdoors – but by heck, put them one as soon as you enter a ‘shop’! This SAGE statement regards all of us as potential virus bearers, prone to infect the rest of the uninfected population. Note also that they talk about ‘confined spaces’! I wonder if mask-wearing will be made compulsory in all offices.

Perhaps masks also ought to be worn in the TV studios of our great TV stations? After all: these are confined spaces and surely our TV presenters aren’t exempt from being virus carriers, thus endangering all those helpers, the studio hairdressers, the cameramen, etc?

Of course it’s ‘government sources’ again who are keen to drive this latest ‘guidance’, regardless:

“A government source said it was a “fair assumption” that masks would become mandatory in shops and other indoor settings within a few weeks.” (link, paywalled)

It gets even better, i.e. more demented. According to the DT, Johnson wore a mask ‘for the first time’ as he visited his constituency because of:

“ […] days of criticism of ministers for failing to set an example by being seen in public wearing them.” (link)

Oh dear – government by Facebook-Opinion and photo-opportunities: how very democratic! The real reasons for this threatened new ‘mandatory’ policy seems to’ve been, firstly, this one:

“Scotland made masks compulsory in shops from yesterday. Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister, said that wearing them should become as natural as putting on a seatbelt. “The key here is for all of us as responsible citizens to do it because it’s the right thing to do,” she said. “It helps keep us and other people safe.” (link, paywalled)

Not wearing a mask makes you an irresponsible person endangering your fellow beings – well, at least if you live in Nicola-Sturgeon-Land! The other reason for this turn-around is this one:

“Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, urged Mr Johnson to make face coverings compulsory in “busy and enclosed public places”. He said he was “disappointed and frustrated” that the government had not done more, saying: “Face coverings are not only vital for public health. They could play an increasing role in supporting public confidence and our economic recovery.” (link, paywalled)

Khan doesn’t tell us why stymying the economic recovery by imposing another ‘compulsive’ measure, certain to scupper Sunak’s economic ‘stimulus’, is a ‘good thing’.

There’s another little aspect not shared with the general public. In their zeal to be seen to do something as they are again being herded by ‘Teh Science’ as promoted by SAGE, ministers and ‘senior sources’ omit to tell us that enforcing these mask-rules will be done by fining the ‘orrible non-mask-wearing transgressors.

Anecdotal news has reached me that in Warwickshire PCSO and Police are riding on buses, enforcing the wearing of masks, having issued ‘fixed penalty notices’ to over 500 people so far. Making the wearing of masks compulsory will be a nice little earner for government while at the same time we can expect more control of us plebs because those who can’t wear masks for medical reasons will surely have to carry an exemption certificate from their GP.

There’s more – ‘Our MSM’ are already looking towards the winter with their latest scare stories, preparing us for more ‘fear & hysteria’ articles to come. According to the DT, SAGE is now focusing on that outbreak in Melbourne because there, it’s winter:

“SAGE  is understood to be increasingly confident that countries with temperate climates and with relatively severe flu seasons, such as Britain, will also be affected worse by Covid-19 in winter.” (link)

Me, I’m increasingly confident that they’re trying to dazzle us with more bovine excrement. SAGE’s ‘confidence’ is based on modelling showing that the virus survives longer on surfaces in the cold. And then there’s Germany from which we must learn, according to The Times:

“Germany was now preparing for mass flu vaccination, saying his aim for winter was “to get flu numbers down as [much] as possible to not have both coronavirus and flu around at the same time”. In Britain, health officials are increasingly concerned about winter for several reasons. Flu and other bugs pile extra pressure on the NHS while making it harder to spot cases of coronavirus, which often has similar symptoms.” (link, paywalled)

Aaand: we’re back in ‘save Our NHS’ country! Note the mention of flu – surely we’ve survived worse flu outbreaks without Lockdowns? – and of ‘cases of coronavirus’. The common cold is caused by coronaviruses, and I definitely recall reading that scientists believe previous infections with these viruses seem to confer what they call ‘cross-immunity’. Are we perhaps being prepared to accept compulsory flu vaccination in the absence of CV-19 vaccines?

Never mind all that, though – there’s only ‘one science’, and it’s the one perpetrated by SAGE and the WHO. Dr John Lee in his latest article for the Spectator – sadly paywalled – is scathing in his verdict on this version of ‘science’:

“Committees, containing diversity of opinion and inevitably being cautious, often issue compromise recommendations that are scientifically non-valid. Ministers talk about ‘following the science’. But the advice of Sage (or any committee of scientists) is the least reliable form of evidence there is. (paywalled link)

Dr Lee concludes his article with this description of how Lockdown was made to happen:

[…] An early maintained but exaggerated belief in the lethality of the virus reinforced by modelling that was almost data-free, then amplified by further modelling with no proven predictive value. All summed up by recommendations from a committee based on qualitative data that hasn’t even been peer-reviewed.” (paywalled link)

And government, herded and urged by ‘Our MSM’, is again going down that same disastrous route of ‘following the science’. We’ve learned yesterday that diverging reports from other, non-SAGE scientists, have been suppressed in ‘Our MSM’. We’ve seen that test results are used, uncritically, as ‘evidence for outbreaks’ while nowhere are we given information about how many of those infected have ended up in hospital.

We’ve been dazzled by our all-knowledgeable ‘science reporters’, first mentioning ‘pillar 1’ and ‘pillar 2’ numbers and then dropping them. Pillar 1 are numbers of hospital admissions, confirmed by tests. Pillar 2  numbers are based on general tests which are uncontrolled, not standardised and probably including people tested repeatedly.

Are those ‘science editors’ actually capable of connecting the dots? If so many people are apparently carrying the virus, possibly pointing to the fact that the general public is developing that dreaded ‘herd immunity’ – why should we be afraid of a 2nd wave in winter?

A people kept in constant fear and alarm is easier to govern and will accept all sorts of restrictions such as being forced to wear masks. However – is living in a constant state of anxiety, perpetuated by ‘Our MSM’, conducive to good health? I seem to vaguely remember that anxiety makes people ill, without being infected by any corona- or flu virus.

So – let’s wear masks because SAGE, Sturgeon, Khan and now Johnson tell us to. That’s ‘scientific’! That’s being ‘responsible’! Above all – follow the herd and don’t think for yourselves!




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